Funerals for the undead

Do you remember that movie with Tom Hanks, where he was stuck on an island, and everyone thought he was dead?  His wife got remarried. …

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lady luck not tonight

Lady Luck Not Tonight

Eddie Newell was a blackjack dealer who worked at the four queens in Las Vegas back in the mid-70s. Eddie was an experienced casino dealer …

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group of clowns

Clown terror

The fear of clowns, known as “coulrophobia,” is a relatively common phobia. There are several possible reasons why some people may experience fear or anxiety …

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Gray wolf

Gray Wolf eats Bounty Hunters

It all started in Dawson City in the Yukon Territory in Canada. Dawson City is about 50 miles east of the Alaskan border. The year …

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Emily's Bend

Emily’s Bend

Emily was born on a ranch near Mono Vista, California in the mid-’60s and graduated from high school in 1980. She was just a farm …

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The creepy future of Chat GPT

Before I dive into this episode, I need to explain exactly what Chat GPT is, which will be very challenging because I still don’t fully …

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