Government Conspiracy

Government admits, UFOs are real

Finally, after decades of coverup, the United States government is admitting that UFOs exist. They are not going so far as to admit that the UFOs are other beings from other planets, however, this is […]

Government Conspiracy

Robots are replacing humans

What if you could have a robot for the perfect wife or husband? Someone you are attracted to because you were able to build it from scratch. You determine the color of the eyes, the […]


Men who kill their families

So why would a man kill his family? It seems that there is always another woman in the picture and his family is the only thing that stands in the way of his new life. […]


Bigfoot Spotted In The City

What the hell is going on? Bigfoot in the city? I thought he was only found deep in the forest, and yet we now have several eyewitnesses that claim that Bigfoot is living in an […]