A Coma Mysteriously Unlocks Prodigy Skills


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Tonight’s story, a coma mysteriously, unlocks Prodigy’s skills. My name is Bob and I teach High School in Lincoln Nebraska. But that was before the accident, which left me in a coma, My Story begins during the summer of 2008. I was in the middle of a one-month vacation complete with a site scene.

Going to the beach during the day and going to clubs at night with my new wife. Shelly, I met Shelly, two years ago while teaching math. Shelly is teaching history, being a school teacher, and being married to another school teacher has its benefits. We both make pretty good money, and we get three months off during the summer Shelly, and I got married after just four months of dating.


Shelly had a son from a previous marriage. So I became an instant dad, Shelly. And I am in our mid-40s and Jack our sun which 13. We went to LA to visit a friend of mine and while there I got into an accident, we were in Long Beach and I ran across the street to buy some sunblock. I wasn’t paying attention and I stepped out in front of a couple of teens.

It’s those who are racing their cars up and down East Ocean Boulevard. I don’t even remember being hit but the next thing I remember I was waking up at Long Beach, Memorial hospital with tubes coming out of me, my wife and son were hovering over me, and shall he was yelling. He’s awake. He’s awake. I remember being in such great pain, especially in my head.

I look down on the bed and I saw that I was in a total body cast now. They could remember the doctor coming in and talking to Shelly about my condition and then I just faded into darkness. I learned later that I had entered into a coma but I woke up to the sound of the phone ringing and I reached over to answer it was Jackie my manager yelling at me,

What in the hell? Are you still doing in bed? You were supposed to be here over an hour ago. I’m sending the car over to pick you up in 20 minutes and you had better be ready. I jumped out of the bed and it took a fast shower. I noticed that I was in a fancy hotel room. I got dressed. And then there was a knock at the door. It was a limo driver. He picked up my suitcase. I grabbed my two guitars and we left for Nash.

Bill International Airport. When I drove up, the other band members were already waiting for me, we boarded a private jet with Kyle Miller experience. Painted on the side. Kyle was my boss, I was in the Kyle Miller band I played the guitar and I saying, we were leaving Nashville heading for Seattle for another sold-out performance. This was the beginning,

Meaning of a 12 day. Non-stop tour of West Coast venues starting in Seattle and ending in San Diego.

We got back to our home base in Nashville, for a three-day rest. Then it’s off again, this was just part of our thirty-two-week tour playing worldwide more than a hundred and fifty-eight gigs. Promoting our new album. You see, I was in the Kyle Miller Band. The hottest country, the western band in the world. Everywhere we go. It’s first-class all the way we stay at the best hotels.

We eat the best food and just about every night there was an after-concert party Kyle’s business partner was really a smart, dude. We actually make money from our parties, fans pay more than $1000 each just to be invited to one of our parties in most cities we invite about a hundred and fifty people. So we were making an extra hundred and fifty thousand dollars a night. In addition to our

Concert Revenue. I usually only stay at the parties for about an hour and then I go back to my room. Some of the other band members party almost all night, I started having strange dreams sometimes. When I sleep I have a reoccurring dream and it’s not visual. It’s more like a voice in my head.

This dream has been going on for a few weeks now over and over again. I hear this strange message in my sleep. I can’t seem to get this voice out of my dreams after one of my concerts. I went to the party and skipped out after about an hour. I was very tired. So I went back to my hotel room and I went to bed while started having that same dream again. But this time, it seemed

Louder and more clear. Wake up, Suddenly in my dreams, my eyes popped wide open. There are several people staring down at me, there you are. How do you feel? This is where the dream ended the next morning, I woke up and I started thinking about the dream that I had who were those people? It seemed like they knew me.

Now, we are flying to Dallas, Texas, and playing at the American Airlines Center. It’s another sold-out event and an after-concert party. For about 200 people, I left the party after about 90 minutes and went back to my hotel room, to go to bed, as I was falling asleep. I wondered if I was going to have that strange dream again and sure enough, as soon as I got to sleep, the voices, came back again. Wake up.

Bob, Bob, wake up.

My eyes popped open and again people were standing around me a girl said he’s awake. She seemed to be overjoyed and started crying. He’s awake he’s going to be okay wait a minute. Is this a dream? No wait I am awake and then I started to recognize the girl who was talking to me why it was it was Shelley, my wife. She was holding.

My hand and hugging me. She said, oh my God, he’s back.

It took me several minutes to understand that this was not a dream. This was really my other life as a band member was actually the dream. All of this time I had been sleeping huh? Wow, what a trip. Well, I spent the next month in the hospital recovering from a few broken bones and a coma. I went through a couple of weeks of rehab walking up and down the halls of the hospital.

Biddle getting my strength back. We’re finally on the road back to Lincoln Nebraska. I told my family about the crazy dream. I had while I was in a coma. I talked about being on the road and being in the Kyle Miller Band, I talked about the parties and what it was like playing gigs every night.

After a while, I finally got it, all figured out now that my head is cleared, what happened was? That was vacationing, The Long Beach California, and I was struck by a car that was racing. In another car, I had several broken bones and a head injury and I slipped into a three-day coma. It was during those three days while in a coma that I live the life of a celebrity band member and it seemed so real and for some unknown

The reason I am now aware of the music industry, I remembered all of the concert venues that I played at all of the back rooms, and the after-concert parties I knew what a band call was and what pressure was I know what a 360 deal is. The reality was I was never very good at playing anything musical. I tried to play the drums once, but I sucked at it. Let’s face it. I am.

Really not a musician. In fact, I have a hard time just playing a stereo back to my old life. Now it’s been a year since my accident and I’m back to teaching math and our son jack mentioned, that he wanted to learn how to play the guitar Shelly and I talked it over and decided to buy Jack. A guitar and pay for lessons. We went to a music store to look at guitars Jack said on a stool.

Tried out several of the guitars. He picked up a used, beautiful Martin HD, 28 guitars and it was priced at $3,200 Jack played the guitar for a few minutes and said, wow this one really sounds good. What do you think? And I said yeah, that sounds pretty good. But you know what do I know Jackson? Well, it’s between this one and that one and he pointed to another guitar. He knows.

On the lawn Jacks it here. Hold this one while trying that one out.

When he hated me the Martin it felt like an electric shock went off into my head. It seems so familiar. This was the kind of guitar I played in my dreams when I was in a coma. As I held the guitar, I just couldn’t stop the urge to try to play it. Wait a minute, I don’t know how to play the guitar, but I said on the stool and I borrowed a pic from Jack and Jack said, what do you want with the

I said I’m not really sure. I just want to try something out and for some reason, I felt like I could actually play, and then this happened.

I went into a complicated musical melody. Like I have been playing my entire life now, who is it just good? It was great. In fact, everyone in the music store stopped and turned around and watched I looked up and I saw Jack and Chile in total shock with their mouths. Dropped all the way to the floor. And disbelief Shelly said, what in the hell? And I just shrug my shoulders, I mean, what was I going to say?

Somehow during my coma, I acquired music skills. This was a complete mystery or maybe I crossed over into a parallel Dimension. Well, I guess our son won’t be needing those music lessons after all.

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