A ghost turns a relaxing camping trip into a nightmare.


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A relaxing camping trip turns into a run for your life ghost experience. A child’s imaginary friend becomes a nightmare for the entire family. If you’re going to go camping, don’t forget to pack your running shoes.

We don’t have a lot of money, so when it comes time to take vacations, we usually go camping. We have a son named Paul, but we just call him PJ last year. We decided to go to a place called cult Creek State Park in Florida. Now, Cold Creek State Park is one of our most favorite places to camp.

We have been there many times you can hike in and Camp. Plus they have several good fishing ponds Cold Cream. Cheek is a place where they used to harvest Limestone. So, there were several pits that have filled up with water and they stock them with fish. When we reach the park, we went into the main office and a very old creepy. Looking for a stranger told us did all of their

Our campsites were booked.

He said there was a new section that was under development and didn’t have complete Road access. We could stay there but we’d have to hike a little bit. I’m sorry we’re all booked up but I’ll tell you what you guys look like. You’re pretty experienced campers if you’re willing to walk a couple of hundred yards well that you camp here over here, this is a new area that we’re developing. You just park your car here where I got it on the map here and

Across the field. It’s coupled a hundred yards here, you’ll see some tractors and it’s going to be Camp number to see it’s LL 376. That’s one if you’ll just promise to keep it clean when you leave, I think it’d be okay if you can’t there we talked it over and decided to go ahead and book the camping site. The forest ranger gave us a regular map but didn’t have the new sections printed on it yet so he took a pencil.

And he drew a path from the main road to show us how to get to the undeveloped area. He said to ignore all the keep out signs and just look for the campsite numbered LL 376, we followed the map and finally found the new undeveloped area. They still have a few tractors, parked in the field and you could tell where the new camping sites were being built. We

And our side, LL 376 and started to go back and forth from the site to the car, which was about 300 yards away after several trips. We got all of our tents in gear, at the campsite and started setting up our tent. The first day, pretty much wore us out. I was surprised at the rest of the campgrounds was booked solid yet, the Old Forest ranger.

Let us camp in the undeveloped area. No one else seemed to be anywhere. Near us that night, I told ghost stories around the campfire. Something that I always have loved to do with my wife. Linda said, maybe you shouldn’t tell these kinds of stories to PJ. Remember he’s only 5 years old. We seem to have the entire camp area to ourselves. The next day I took PJ

Boring. We found a great place to fish, so he went back to our campsite and got our fishing gear, PJ loves to fish, but he has a very short attention span Linda stayed back at the campsite to read a book. She isn’t a big fan of camping but she does like to get away from work, relax and read after fishing for about an hour. PJ wanted to go back and play with some of his toys.

Sighs. I knew he wouldn’t last very long and fishing because he just gets to board. I took PJ back to the campsite which was about 200 yards from the pond. I decided to go back by myself and do more fishing. I took a lantern. So when the sun goes down, I could stay at fish a little at night. Our plan was to stay at the campsite for an entire week. We considered it, and our annual vacation.

On the third day, I got up early and went to the fishing pond balloon. I fished all morning long and caught a few fish. When I came back to the campsite I could hear PJ talking to himself, in his tent. He had his own little tent, right next to our tent. I poked my head into his tent and asked who are you talking to? He said it’s Billy.

I said, oh, that’s nice. Will y’all have fun now? I know that PJ has a great imagination. So I wasn’t too concerned that he had an imaginary friend named Billy. The next morning I asked PJ if he wanted to go on a hike, he asked, what can I just stay here and play with Billy? So I went on a little hike by myself. Just me and my camera, I enjoy wildlife.

Sophie and I were happy to get out on my own and take a few photos after a couple of hours. I circled back into the camp to check on PJ and Linda.

I was surprised that PJ was still talking and playing with his imaginary friend, I was getting a little more concerned that PJ was spending so much time with this imaginary friend. So I decided to sit with him for a few minutes and talk to him. I wanted to find out what was going on in his head. He said Billy was his ghost friend and that’s when Linda reminded me, see, this is why you

Don’t tell ghost stories to children.

I asked PJ won’t tell me more about this ghost named Billy. PJ started telling me things that made a chill. Go through my spine, he said Billy is hiding from his dad. I said what PJ suggests Billy’s dad is a ghost too and he’s really mean I said okay

Can I talk to Billy PJ? Does Sid know? He doesn’t like grown-ups and I asked PJ, doesn’t Billy. Like grown-ups, PJ said, because his dad is a grown-up and is dead, killed him.

At this point, I was more than ready to put an end to all of this. I told PJ, I don’t want you playing or talking to Billy or any other ghost anymore? Do you understand? And PJ said, yes, sir.

PJ could tell that I was getting mad. I talked to my wife about PJ and his imaginary ghost friend. Billy, I asked her if she knew that PJ imagined that Billy said his father had killed him and she was stunned. What? Yes, I said. And I think we need to maybe get to the bottom of this right now and she agreed. So we had a little family meeting in our tent

To talk to PJ about Billy and the ghost I told PJ that he shouldn’t make up things that were bad. I asked him where did he get the idea that Billy had a bad father, PJ insisted? That Billy was real and that Billy had told him about his father. I asked, PJ, how did you meet Billy? PJ said I woke up and he was just sitting in my tent so I asked

Well, what does Billy look like? PJ said, well, he’s brown and he has on really dirty clothes and he has dirty here. The more details that PJ gave to me, the more upset, I got what I really wanted. Most of all are to understand why PJ would make up a ghost friend, like Billy that night, it was raining PJ wanted to sleep in our tent, we had a much

Larger than. So we moved to a sleeping bag and caught into our tent about three o’clock in the morning. PJ woke us up and he seemed very scared. He said we need to get out of here. I turned on the Lantern and I noticed that it seemed to be very cold in the tent. In fact, it seemed to be at least 20 degrees colder in the tent than it was outside. PJ said, we

Need to get out of this place because Billy’s dad is coming. PJ was on the verge of crime. I could tell that he actually believed that Billy was real and I have to admit, I was a little scared too, because of the way PJ was acting. I tried to calm, PJ down. I said look, this was probably a bad dream and this is why you shouldn’t make up imaginary friends like Billy in the first place.

I told PJ to just go back to sleep. PJ said, yes, sir. And he crawled back into his sleeping bag and I turned off the Lantern. And we tried to go back to sleep, but we talked a little bit in the dark.

We finally got PJ to calm down and as we drifted off to sleep and the distance, I heard something that I will never forget.

I could tell this person was completely deranged, it felt like someone was pouring ice water down my spine.

His voice scared me to a new level of fright. All three of us, heard this man yelling. We flew out of our sleeping bags. We ran as fast as we could toward the car and total darkness running through Briars and sticks and small trees. My wife was crying PJ was crying.

I was just too scared to cry. We reach the car and started it up and drove out as fast as we could. To the main road, we didn’t stop until we reached home more than three hours away. By the time we got home, it was starting to turn light. We went to bed and slept till about 5:00 in the afternoon. The next day, I drove back to the campgrounds to read.

Reeve my tents, my camping gear, and my fishing gear. And most of all my camera, we ran out of there. So fast it all we had were our clothes and I was lucky to have my car keys in my pocket. Otherwise, I don’t know what I would have done.

I stopped off at the campground’s main office to let them know that I was driving back to get my stuff and I was surprised to see that they had already had my stuff at the office. The construction crew is working on the new campsite found our stuff. They were confused and perplexed who and why would someone leave all of their stuff in the middle of the night and most puzzling? Why would they be camping in the undeveloped area?

It was supposed to be closed to the general public. Well, I told them that the Old Forest ranger gave us a map of the campsite and told us that it was okay to camp at LL 376. He asked me to describe the forest ranger and I told him, well he seemed to be pretty old in a little creepy and grumpy and the person at the camp office said, we don’t have anyone like that working here.

Here, and furthermore, there’s no such thing as campsite LL, 376, we don’t number our campsites like that.

I was glad to get my stuff back, especially my camera and my fishing gear. As far as the tents and sleeping bags were concerned, I didn’t care much about those items anymore because we talked it over as a family and made the decision to never go camping again.

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