A Lincoln Continental is Possessed by Satan

A Lincoln Continental is Possessed by Satan

Charlie Spencer a 43-year-old salesman from Elk Springs, Colorado gets behind the wheel of a car possessed by Satan. Charlie traveled to several states selling medical equipment to hospitals.

During the summer of 1971, Charlie was looking for a good deal on a used car. While going through Salt Lake City, Charlie found a great deal on a Lincoln Continental Mark III with very low mileage. This car was solid black, and super clean with no body damage. It had all the bells and whistles on it.

The lady who was selling the car said it belonged to her son, who was in a mental hospital. She said her son was having some real serious issues and would probably never drive again.

Charlie unknowingly purchases Satan’s Car.

Charlie drives about 50 thousand miles each year and he goes through cars pretty fast. He likes buying late-model used cars because they are less expensive than new cars. Charlie also prefers larger cars such as Cadillacs or Lincolns because they provide more comfort on long drives.

Charlie was also known to be very thrifty with his money. He would often pull into truck stops, or rest areas and sleep in his car, rather than spending money on a motel room.

He would often turn off the motor but would turn the ignition key to the first position so he could listen to the radio. Charlie tried to attend church but was often out of town, so he enjoyed listening to stations that included sermons and gospel music.

Charlie noticed that his radio wasn’t working properly.

He would find a station he liked but within a few minutes, his radio would mysteriously wander off the station and tune in 1710 on the far end of the AM dial. Nothing was on 1710 AM except static and white-noise.

Charlie would tune his station back in, and within a few minutes, it would wander off again. He got tired of messing with it, so he simply stopped listening to the radio.

To his surprise, the radio turned itself back on again. He turned the volume all the way down and it would turn itself back up. This was crazy!

When Charlie returned home from a week of traveling, he took his car to his mechanic and was told that it would be a lot cheaper to simply replace the radio than to try to figure out what was wrong with it.

Charlie has been using the same mechanic for more than a decade because he always gave straight answers and was honest. A new radio was installed and the problem was gone.

More problems with the car.

Charlie drove to New Mexico the next week. While he was just north of Albuquerque New Mexico when his accelerator slammed all the way down to the floorboard. His car took off and quickly passed the 80 MPH mark. Charlie applied the breaks, and using his foot, he pulled the gas pedal away from the floorboard and finally got the car to stop. What in the hell was that all about?

This was something that had to be fixed right away. Charlie took the car to a dealership and told them about the problem. He was told that it might take a full day to find the problem, so he walked down the street and got a room at a motel close by.

The next day he went back to the dealership and his car was parked out front. The mechanics said they couldn’t find anything wrong with the car. It was in great condition without any problems. They even questioned Charlie with such accusations as maybe you accidentally thought the accelerator was the break, or maybe you were driving while tired. Obviously, the mechanics were trying to help, and since the car was in 100% working order, they believed that the problem was with the driver, Charlie.

Charlie started questioning himself, maybe he was the problem.

Charlie took his car back home and decided to take a couple of weeks off. He was starting to question himself. Did he accidentally apply the gas, when he thought it was the breaks? Maybe he just dreamed that the radio was changing stations after he did sleep in his car a lot. Maybe he was working too hard.

Charlie lived on a small farm with his wife and kids. His parents also had a house on the farm and his father was still actively farming for extra money. Charlie believed that he had to get his life back together. At this point, he was blaming everything that had happened in his car on himself. He convinced himself that he just needed to work less and spend more time with his family. maybe even help his father with the farm.

Charlie parked his Lincoln Continental Mark III and took the next two weeks off.

Charlie was ready to go back on the road again.

Refreshed and rejuvenated, Charlie packs up the car and set out to sell more medical equipment. He planned on going to Amarillo, Texas to make sales calls. Charlie liked the drive to Amarillo, especially at night because you can see the city from more than 40 miles away, on the high planes with all of the city lights. It looked like a jewel reflecting off clouds in the sky.

Charlie had a great week in Amarillo and was on his way back home. He made several sales and was in great spirits. He quit sleeping in his car and started checked into motels, so he was getting better sleep.

Charlie had about a twelve-hour from Amarillo Texas back to his farm in Elk Springs Colorado. On his way home he had to go through a tiny town called Craig Colorado, just off Interstate 40. Craig Colorado was also known as the “Elk Hunting Capital of the World.” This was just about 90 minutes from home.

Charlie determines his car is possessed by Satan

As Charlie was entering Craig Colorado, his car started acting up again. This time the problems were more pronounced and it seemed that the car was possessed.

The car started accelerating on its own again, but this time it seems like someone was trying to take over the steering. His car was trying to turn off into a ditch. The radio turned itself back on again at full volume. Charlie had to fight to keep the car on the road. When another car was passing going the other way, Charlie’s car would try to deliberately turn into oncoming traffic. It was obviously trying to crash.

Charlie barely kept the car under control. slowing down to only 20 miles per hour. He would have to pull off the road to let other cars go by. He had to constantly apply the breaks to keep the car from speeding.

The Satan car’s radio started talking to Charlie

Charlie turned the radio off, but it would come back on again, over and over. He turned the volume all the way down, and it would turn itself back up. Charlie decided to try to ignore it. The radio kept tuning to 1710 AM. The radio was blaring white-noise and static. Charlie started hearing Satan’s voices in the white-noise, telling him to do horrible things to his family.

Charlie started praying out loud which seemed to make the car-mad. When Charlie would pray, the car would act up and try to run off the road or turn into oncoming traffic.

It took Charlie more than 3 hours to drive 50 miles. Charlie fought for control of the car all the way home, he was exhausted. He parked the car in the barn and swore to never drive it again.

Charlie was afraid to tell his family about the haunted car.

He believed that if he said anything about the car, his family would think that he was losing his mind. Charlie didn’t want to admit that he was having any problems with the car, but his family could tell that something was wrong.

He would borrow his father’s car to go into town for groceries. Charlie finally talked to his dad after being confronted about his car being parked in the garage for more than a week.

His father was very religious and believed that his son was telling the truth. He told Charlie that he should destroy the car. Don’t sell this to someone else, because it could kill its next victim. We need to completely render this car into a pile of useless metal.

How to kill a car that is possessed by Satan.

Charlie and his father used a bulldozer to dig a hole on the farm large enough to bury the car. They picked an area of the farm that wasn’t used for planting crops and dug the hole. Using the bulldozer, they pushed the car out to the hole. It was getting dark, so they stopped and decided to finish the job the next day.

That night, as Charlie was putting his kids to bed, he heard the car’s horn. His wife asked, “Who was honking the horn?” Charlie said “Satan.” Charlie went out to the car, and his father was already there. His father said, “I see what you mean, this car is possessed by Satan himself.” They proceeded to disconnect the battery which rendered the car silent.

About three in the morning, the horn was blasting away again. “How is this possible? We disconnected the battery, this is impossible” said Charlie. The next morning Charlie met with his father and they pushed the car into the hole and poured a couple of gallons of kerosene over it and set it on fire.

The noises coming from the car were absolutely demonic. As the car burned, the voice faded away. Several hours later, Charlie and his dad pushed dirt over the smoldering pile of rubbish, that used to be a car.

His father said a prayer out loud and the car, and Satan were eliminated from their lives.

Charlie lost money on his haunted car.

Charlie lost everything that he put into the car, including the price. He was just glad to see it gone. At least no one else would face the problems he had, and Charlie felt fortunate that he was still alive after fighting for control of the car while driving home.

Charlie decided to reach out to the person who sold him the car. He was curious to see if that lady had any problems with the car. After all, she sold the car pretty cheap, even though it seems like a great deal at the time.

He remembered her saying this car was owned by her son who was in a mental hospital. Charlie called the lady and told her about the car, and she said “You mean to tell me that my son was telling the truth? He really did hear Satan’s voices?” He was still in the mental hospital because he claimed that his car was telling him to do horrible things. Charlie said, “It’s not your son’s fault, it was the car, it was possessed by Satan.”