A warning from Beyond the Grave


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Tonight’s story is a warning from Beyond the Grave. It was August 1st, 1985, and I was living in Dallas, Texas. I was extra tired that day. So I went to bed early around 10 p.m. that’s early for me because usually, I stay up past midnight, I remember this date because of a vivid dream that I had that night.

I don’t remember most of my dreams, but this dream seemed so real. It’s stuck in my head, in my dream. I was driving on a country road when I noticed some road work. Activity up ahead. There were several construction workers, and one of the construction workers was holding up by a yield sign. And as I got closer, the person with the sign. Spun the

In around and it said, stop.

That is when I realized that, I knew this person. Why that was Coral, my best friend in junior high school.

Carl was killed in an auto accident on Tuesday. September 2nd, 1969, but in my dream, Carl was telling me to stop and pull over to the side of the road. I did and call approached the driver’s side of the window and started talking to me.

I was expecting Carl to say, hi. How have you been or what’s new? But Carl wasn’t interested in small talk. He had a message for me. Carl said you are close to death, you should slow down or better yet. You should stop.

And then Carl turned around and walked back to his construction. At the site, my eyes popped open and it was still dark except for my digital green alarm clock which read 137 am. I realized I had just been dreaming but now I’m awake. I set up in my bed and I thought about what Carl has just said to me.

Something about being close to death and how I needed to slow down or stop. I wondered, what was he talking about? Am I sick or something? I feel. Okay, this dream seemed so real and Vivid Carl looked young just like I remember him more than 15 years ago while he was only 15 years old when he died.

I went back to bed and slept for another five or six hours as soon as I woke up. I remember the dream along with all of the details, just like it really happened. I set up in my bed and I wondered again, what was his message about? Why should I slow down? What does all of this mean? And then I wondered if Carl was really trying to give me a message or maybe this

I was just all in my head, I got up and I made a cup of coffee, and started thinking about all of the things that I had to do that day. It was Friday, August 2nd, 1985 and it was going to be a very hot day in Dallas, Texas. I finished up work about 5:30 p.m. and started back home. I noticed that a huge storm was brewing from the north, a large black looking Cloud was

Was inching into the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the wind was starting to blow I got in the middle of a regular traffic jam, which happens every day in the DFW area except Fridays. The traffic jam is extra bad. I stopped off at a convenience store and picked up a Coke for the drive back home, but by then it was around 6 p.m. and the big storm was entering the Metroplex.

There were high winds, strong rain. And a lot of lightning I was traveling eastbound on Highway 114 and the traffic had died down a little bit. We were able to move at about 50 miles per hour. By this time, the storm was on top of me and everyone on the highway had to slow down again. Visibility had gone from being several miles down to just a few hundred feet in a matter of a few minutes.

It’s the cars on the freeway that went from 50 miles an hour, down to 40 miles an hour, then 30 miles an hour. And then 20 miles an hour, we were all at a crawl and some cars started putting off to the side of the road, coming to a complete stop. I was by myself and the car and I said out loud. Maybe this was Carl’s message, maybe this is what it was all about.

I’m usually the last one that stopped driving because of the weather, but I thought about Carl’s message so this time, I did stop, I’ll pull over and came to a complete stop on the side of the road on Texas Highway 114 along with several other cars. At this point, visibility was very low and the wind was blowing so hard. It rocked the car back and forth about a minute after I stopped.

I heard a very loud crack. This was the loudest Thunder. I have ever heard in my life. In fact, it almost sounded like an explosion, a few minutes later, the storm, slowed down, and I decided to move on. I was at the North End of DFW International Airport and I noticed a car wreck. Just ahead of me.

This is the strangest car wreck that I’ve ever seen. There was only one car involved in. It was as flat as a pancake. I passed the car on the right side and slowed way down and noticed that no one seemed to be in the car. This car was only about 10 inches tall. I assumed this wasn’t an accident. This car must have fallen off. One of those trucks that carry flattened cars to the

recycling junkyard. I continued driving eastbound on Texas, 114. When I noticed, dozens of police cars with their lights flashing and Sirens blasting racing past me on the westbound Lanes. What the hell is going on? A few seconds later, another line of police cars. Firetrucks and ambulances went by it. Look like every police car in town was rushing by

I figured something big was happening so I turned on W be AP radio and they were talking about a local emergency a plane went down just north of the runway and it turns out that I was at the scene of the accident.

The car that I saw was not recycled, it was a car that had been flattened by Delta l-1011 as it slid across the highway, just about a thousand yards where I had stopped as I passed the flattened car. I was looking at it, but I did not realize it. On the other side of the road was Delta flight 191 that had just crashed.

Had I known? I would have stopped to help. Now, I realize that Carl’s message in my dream actually saved my life. I remember the dream being so real, that it woke me up. I remember looking at the clock at 1:37 a.m. and now looking back on it. I realized that a hundred and thirty-seven people had died in that. The crash that loud thunder wasn’t Thunder. It

At all. It was Delta flight 191 crashing about a thousand yards in front of me. I was probably the first person at the scene of the crash, but I didn’t know it. I never saw it because the visibility was so low.

Delta flight 191 crashed and killed. 137 people, Delta flight 191, flew into a microburst while trying to land the plane. Hit the ground about 200 miles per hour. About a mile short of the runway. It struck a Toyota, Celica driven by 28-year-old William. Mayberry killing him, instantly the aircraft.

I won’t on to collide with two water tanks, and exploded the accident killed, a hundred and thirty-seven people and injured 28 others. The only reason that I am alive today is because of Carl’s message. Carl, my best friend growing up, died in an auto accident on September 2nd, 1969,

Exactly 191 months to the day of the Delta flight 191 crash.

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