Area 51 UFO Conspiracies Come To Life

Area 51 UFO Conspiracies Come To Life

Area 51 has been a highly classified top-secret Air Force base since 1955. Originally known as Homey Airport, or Groom Lake, named after a salt-flat area next to the base. This base is well known for its testing of futuristic aircraft and weapon systems. It was believed that the Lockheed U2 Spy plane used Area 51 for testing and developing our ability to spy on other countries.

Area 51 became the focal point for UFO conspiracy believers.

Since we had already built Area 51 for developing our aerial spy program, it was the perfect place to hide evidence of any UFO discoveries from the general public. Back in 1955, our government could easily hide secrets from citizens. There were only a handful of news outlets and they were easily controlled.

Nowadays it is almost impossible to keep anything a secret. With the Internet, cell phones, and social media platforms, the only way to disprove UFOs exist is to discredit the person, or organization making the claim.

So it’s really just a battle of perception. Want to be known as a crazy person? Just mentioned that you have seen a UFO, or discovered anything controversial. It seems that the real truth doesn’t matter. Only the perception of truth sees the light of the day.

A simple question, where would you hide evidence of a UFO?

Would you go out of your way and build a secret hanger at an airport, or would you just use whatever you already had? Introducing Area 51, the perfect place to hide UFOs from the general public.

First of all, it’s about 83 miles north northwest of Las Vegas and out in the middle of a non-populated area, surrounded by a desert-like landscape. It’s a detachment of Edwards Airforce Base, but Nellis Airforce base controls the air traffic.

Area 51 already had the best security available, and the ability to keep the general public out. It is restricted by air and land. Even today, just try to walk onto the base and see what happens.

Area 51 was where foreign aircraft ended up.

From time to time the USA would get its hands on foreign aircraft, from places like Russia. They would take these aircraft to Area 51 and test them, and eventually dismantle them for reverse engineering. Basically, we wanted to know if the Russians had technology that we didn’t have.

With all of the small wars breaking out around the world, there were lots of opportunities for the USA to acquire Russian aircraft that have crashed, or sometimes a Russian pilot would use a jet fighter to defect to the United States.

July 2013, the CIA acknowledged the existence of Area 51

Following a “Freedom of Information Act” inquiry in 2005, eight years later the CIA finally admitted that there was an Area 51. Of course, by then it was already well known. The CIA stopped short of describing everything that went on in Area 51, which is a good thing. We need to have national security. The problem occurs when a citizen reports a UFO, and our government tries to discredit them. They want to discourage reporting future sightings by making the person seem like a nut case.

However, it becomes a problem when those who report UFOs are airline pilots, astronauts, popular public celebrities, and even certain politicians. For example, Jimmy Carter and Harry Truman, Richard Nixon, and Jackie Gleason.

On November 12th, 1963, John F. Kennedy wrote a memo with the idea of the United States sharing UFO information with Russia to prevent an apocalyptic mistake. Kennedy was shot dead 10 days later in Dallas.

John F. Kennedy wrote a memo with the idea of the United States sharing UFO information with Russia to prevent an apocalyptic mistake

I guess it’s pretty hard to cover up something that presidents of the United States admit to being a real concern.

Another problem is the fact that countries now have satellites, now there are actual photos of area 51 from space. Officials can lie all they want, but it’s pretty hard to discount an actual photo.

Many conspiracies surround area 51

More than a dozen books have been written about Area 51. A few people who worked there admitted that something out of this world was going on. Including reverse engineering of spacecraft that has crashed, and even stories of aliens beings being examined.

Our nuclear program was based next door to Area 51 and there were lots of tests going on, so of course, our government was going to cover up and restrict news coming out of the area. It is estimated that about 1500 people work at Area 51, most of them fly in from Las Vegas on a daily basis.

Anytime you have secrets you will have conspiracies. The CIA had many names for Area 51, including Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, and Restricted Area 4808 North.

Many people are just now accepting the fact that our government is capable of hiding and altering facts to suit their agenda. Just take a look at our recent FBI, DOJ, IRS scandals involving politics. More and more people are losing trust in what officials are calling facts.

Some believe that we are using alien technology and experimenting with new weapons based on information attained from spacecraft.

What happens when you try to visit Area 51?

Several people, photographers, you-tubers, and social media personalities have tried to get past the gates at Area 51, only to have a gun pointed at them. These people aren’t kidding around here. If you think that you can just walk onto the base, you are mistaken.

Area 51 visitors try to storm the area.

Some people have crossed over through the desert and found out the hard way that Area 51 is locked down and guarded continuously. Time magazine did a story published in June 2019, about several people trying to get access to the base. (See Area 51 article)

There was also a Facebook event named “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us.” this took place on September 20, 2019. This was Matty Roberts’s idea, but he claimed that it was intended as a joke. The problem is, more than 2 million people responded as “Going to the event” It was reported that about 150 people actually showed up, and were turned away without an incident.

There were also two music festivals that were coordinated with “Storm 51.” One in Rachel Nevada, and the other in Hiko Nevada. More than 1500 people attended. Local authorities kept the event from getting out of hand.

Are we using technology discovered in Area 51 alien research?

The reason I ask this question is that it seems that during the past 60 years, we have had enormous advancements in technology. We went from looking up at the moon, to visiting the moon. Was it just a coincidence that technology seemed to explode right after the 1947 Roswell alien spacecraft discovery?

Our government is sticking to its “weather balloon” story. Most people, especially people who were eyewitnesses to the alien craft say, “that was no weather balloon.”

Did we really discover our new technology on our own, Or Did Area 51 have a role in our advancement?

For example, if you could go back to the 1950s and tell people that your car is guided by satellites from space called a Global Positioning System and that you have a phone that doesn’t need a wire, and it can make and send personalized movies all over the world.

Or that you have a little box in your home named Alexa. She can answer any question known to mankind. Alexa can tell you what the weather is on the other side of the world and give you any fact in world history. She can tell you the square root of 5,348.6 is 73.1341 without even thinking about it. They would lock you up in the loony bin.

Yet we have this and more. It took us thousands of years to go from riding horses to motor-powered vehicles, then just a few decades later, we are exploring space. It doesn’t seem too far-fetched to ask “Did we have help?”

The Obama administration Defunding NASA was a big mistake.

In terms of trying to hide alien discoveries and new technology, our government has lost control over exclusive information. Now the private sector is building space ships and sending people into space. Private sector companies are putting satellites into orbit. The government had the advantage when NASA was responsible for all United States space exploration, but now it’s different.

Private companies are going to be almost impossible to control when it comes to exposing exactly what is going on in outer space. Especially since social media empires have such a large investment in new technology.

Look at Google Maps. Anyone can go and look down on Area 51 without any restrictions, and our government can’t stop them. Google owns the satellites. Test it for yourself, just go to Google Maps and do a search for Area 51. Now the only way the government can hide activity is to build underground facilities.

And according to several news outlets, Area 51 has tunnels hidden from the general public. See for yourself, just do a search for Area 51 tunnels and you will discover several pages of reports.

Social Media makes hiding UFO’s much harder to do.

About 15 years ago, if you wanted to know what was going on in the world, you tuned in to your favorite news outlet. Nowadays, social media has replaced the news. When something happens, one of the first-on-the-scene reports comes from Twitter or You-Tube. Since just about everyone has a Twitter or You-Tube account, and everyone has a smartphone, most people can get first-hand information regarding any notable event.

In fact, many people learn about something from cable news. Then go to Facebook, Twitter, You-Tube, and get the real story from actual eyewitnesses.

A tribute to Art Bell and Area 51

I remember listening to Art Bell one night when a person claiming to be flying a small plane called in on his satellite phone. He was headed toward Area 51 when some lights rose from the ground and started coming at him.

This was all happening live on the air. This caller described what was going on, then suddenly his phone line went dead. I never heard another thing from this person. I remember Art getting upset on the air because it seems that this person was either abducted or shot down.

Was this real, or made up for the radio show? I don’t know, but I do remember it was pretty exciting at the time.

I remember listening to another caller who claimed he worked at Area 51 and he was fired. This guy talks about who was very upset and calling from the desert near Area 51. He said that they are after him and will probably triangulate on his position. He didn’t have much time. Art said “Tell us what you have” then the entire uplink to his radio station went down. He took the call live to over 400 radio stations all over America. The Washington Post has a story about this. (The outer limits: A lone voice in the desert lures 10 million listeners)

New social media platforms that protect your opinions.

Since I was talking about social media platforms, I want to take this opportunity to express my thoughts about several of these platforms. Such as Facebook and Twitter. I have noticed over the past 5 years that Facebook and Twitter have started limiting users who voice a different opinion. Some people even call this Facebook Jail or Twitter Jail.

In the case of Facebook, they have a system that can stop you from posting for several days, or even an entire month. If you happen to say something that their so-called “Fact-Checkers” don’t agree with, then you are shut down. Twitter does the same thing.

This is one of the reasons I started The Creepy Club. This is a forum that allows people to post about the paranormal, UFOs, Bigfoot, True Crime, conspiracies, and other content without the fear of being shut down. I do charge a nominal fee to keep the site up, and this site is for producers of content only. So if you produce a podcast or blog, or maybe you are a You-Tuber, then go and check it out.

For everyone else, I would recommend several sites:

Let me know if you have ever visited Area 51.