Bigfoot Spotted In The City


What the hell is going on? Bigfoot in the city? I thought he was only found deep in the forest, and yet we now have several eyewitnesses that claim that Bigfoot is living in an abandoned warehouse in Salem Oregon.

A warehouse that is scheduled to be demolished has been vacant for many years. Most of the windows are broken out and the main truck bay doors have been boarded up. This is a two-story warehouse at the edge of town and had been used by homeless people for several years.

Bigfoot is eating homeless people

Lately, with all of the riots and transit homeless people moving through the area, several people have reported seeing Bigfoot going in and out of the abandoned building late at night. He seems to be going through trash dumpsters looking for food. Maybe he is feasting on homeless people, after all, who would notice them being missing?

According to Maxine, a homeless woman in Salem Oregon, she claims that bigfoot has taken several of her homeless friends, right out of their sleeping bags. It seems that bigfoot is tired of going through dumpsters, and now has a taste of humans.

especially the ones that are a little overweight. Maxine claims that she was awake that night when she saw bigfoot enter the room she was sleeping in an abandoned warehouse. He sniffed at her while she pretended to be asleep. Then he grabbed the legs of the person who was beside her.

It was “Traveling Charley,” at least that’s what he called himself. Charley yelled and kicked as bigfoot dragged him out into the main warehouse area and started slamming him into the ground until he stopped screaming. Maxine said, he was probably dead at that point.

Bigfoot dragged Traveling Charlie out of one of the side doors and into the nearby woods. We never saw Charlie again. Several of us went to the police and they just laughed at us and told us to stop doing drugs. The police refused to even look for Charlie.

The next night, all of the homeless people left the abandoned warehouse because they didn’t want to be bigfoots’ next meal. A few reporters are the only people who took us seriously. Charlie isn’t the only person to go missing in Salem Oregon.

There is even a website called Missing Persons Report ( and currently as of today, May 8th, 2021 there are 33 people missing in the area. This number represents known residence and does not include all of the homeless people that have been abducted reportedly by bigfoot.

Maxine said in an interview that she was getting ready to hitch her way out of the Oregon area and move south where she says it’s safer. She said, “I think I’ll go to San Francisco, or maybe even LA.” The problem is, being homeless is never a safe way to live. The fact is, there are a lot of crazy people living on the streets.

Maxine said, at first we thought it was just a prank when people started going missing. We thought that a person dressed up in a gorilla suit was playing jokes on us. But the night that bigfoot was hovering over Maxine when she pretended to be sleeping changed her mind.

Maxine reported: This bigfoot smelled terrible and had the strength of ten men. When he grabbed Charlie’s legs, it seems to be effortless on his part. I watched with my own eyes as bigfoot swung Charlie over his head and slammed him into the floor of the warehouse. Charlie hit the floor so hard, I knew that he must have been dead after the first blow.

Why is a bigfoot going into the city in the first place? Isn’t there enough food in the forest? Maybe it’s because homeless people are such an easy catch, and no one seems to be looking for them. Maybe bigfoot is smarter than we think. He seems to have the awareness of a human, and the power and instincts of a wild animal. That makes bigfoot very dangerous.

But Salem Oregon isn’t the only city that bigfoot hunts in. There are a lot of other reports in different parts of the world where bigfoot has been spotted within city limits. After decades of possible unconfirmed sightings, Bigfoot also referred to as Sasquatch, has been captured on camera by Santa Clara Television (SCTV) roaming around Central Park in the City of Santa Clara.

Bigfoot has been sighted in the city of Bishop Georgia by James Morris, who claims that bigfoot was been living on his land for several weeks during August 2020. In Roundrock TX, a grainy video issued by city park officials shows a large, dark, Bigfoot-shaped figure lumbering along Brushy Creek Trail.

People often wonder why there aren’t very many pictures of bigfoot. You need to realize that bigfoot is a master of stalking. He can, and often does catch deer with his bare hands. We know this because of the tracks he leaves and the deer bones found next to the tracks.

I think some bigfoots are getting used to eating humans. This would explain why so many homeless people go missing, and why sightings are now being reported in various cities. Usually cities next to the forest.

If you are going to talk about towns and bigfoot, you can’t leave out Willow Creek California. Known as the Bigfoot Capital of the world. There are so many sightings around this area that people come from all over to do bigfoot research.

There is even a festival called Bigfoot Daze Festival in Willow Creek. This festival has been held for the past 60 years, usually taking place on the labor day weekend. Several businesses cater to the bigfoot reputation, such as the “Bigfoot Motel”

According to a Berkeley California Magazine article written by Krissy Eliot who attended last year’s Bigfoot Daze Festival in Willow Creek, she interviewed Daryl Owen, a member of the NorCal Squatchers, a group dedicated to bigfoot research.

Daryl recounts one of his ventures when he and Scott Herriot ventured up a mountain in Klamath, California, came across a log that had fallen, and saw a pair of shining eyes beneath it.

Owen moved quickly to the right of the log and saw that about three meters away there loomed a hairy, beige beast, eight feet tall, staring down at the log as if to guard it. It turned its face slowly to look at Owen, and according to him, its gaze seemed to “stall time.”

Owen said, “I wet my pants. I mean, I lost it, I dropped the camera and I stood there and cried. I mean, it was brutal. It was just more fear than you could possibly imagine.”

Bigfoot in Alabama

Evergreen, which is designated as the Collard Green Capital of Alabama, is also now officially the Big Foot Capital of Alabama.

According to Evergreen City Councilman Luther Upton, this all started the second weekend of January during the city’s annual Collard Green Festival.

During the festival, Donald McDonald, the host of Killing Bigfoot, and others, spoke with officials and residents about the sightings. McDonald says there have been numerous reports of Big Foot sightings within a 20-mile radius of the city. Following the festival, Upton brought up the idea to have the city named the official Big Foot Capital of Alabama. The council then decided to take a vote on the name, and it passed unanimously.

Bigfoot in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma City, there is a bounty on bigfoot. The rule is, you must capture bigfoot unharmed, without breaking any laws. Good luck with that! I would add a recommendation, try not to get eaten in the process. Oklahoma State Rep. Justin Humphrey’s original plan suggested lawmakers set aside a $25,000 bounty for Bigfoot’s capture.

State tourism officials are now developing a Bigfoot promotional campaign that includes license plates, decals, an annual commemorative tracking license, and “Bigfoot checkout stations.” The current plan is to allow businesses along State Highway 259A to sell annual Bigfoot tracking permits. The profits go to increase the bounty.
This has been so popular that the bounty is now up to 2.1 million dollars.

If you do decide to try to capture bigfoot and collect the bounty, please let me know so I can buy an insurance policy on you, making me the beneficiary of course. Not that I would wish any harm to another person, but if you are going to seriously capture a bigfoot, my money would be on the big hairy guy.

Bigfoot in Littleton North Carolina

The most recent Bigfoot sighting in and around Littleton happened when a man named Jesse Walker was taking out his trash on March 20th. Walker, who appears in the video below, shot by Barcelo, who is also the local commissioner, appears to be visibly shaken by his encounter with Sasquatch, which he says took place just 20 minutes prior to the discussion.

Maybe you don’t believe in bigfoot, as for me, I do because of all of the personal stories and reports. Many of these people don’t really want the attention, but still, they report what they saw.