Bigfoot tries to break into our cabin

Bigfoot Cabin

My name is Leonard and I love to go fishing. I owned a small plot of land just outside of De Queen Arkansas, near De Queen lake. In 1984 I built a cabin from a kit to have a place to vacation. My cabin was just a small one-room cabin with a kitchen area and a living area. It was about 600 Square Feet. It had a tall roof and I have a sleeping area in the loft.

I didn’t have electricity or running water, so we had to use lanterns, and we brought in our own water. I had an outhouse about 40 yards away from the cabin.

The cabin had windows on three sides of the house, a front door, and a small fireplace. I also built a great looking covered porch off of the front door. My house faced west so I would often sit on the front porch, drink beer, and watch the sun go down.

I also owned a Jon Boat that I kept in a covered shed close to my cabin. My cabin was very close to Lake De Queen, but I couldn’t launch the boat at the cabin, so I had to drive about 3 miles away to a boat ramp.

Adding power and water to my cabin

In 1994, ten years after I built my cabin, I had the opportunity to have electric power, and running water added to my cabin. This was going to be a major expense, but I decided to go for it.

The electric company agreed to put in a power pole and outside light on the pole, but I had to do all of the electrical work inside the cabin and get it inspected before they would hook my cabin up with electric power.

I decided to spend an entire month redesigning my cabin to run electrical and water pipes under the floor.

A good fishing buddy named Steve joined me, and it just so happened, Steve was a licensed electrician. I had Steve come out to the cabin over a weekend to help install a power circuit breaker box and do the wiring.

I was really looking forward to getting running water and electric power to my cabin. A bathroom was added, so I had to expand the cabin by another 100 square feet. I remember telling Steve, I could live here if I wanted to.

Steve and I go fishing and spot Bigfoot.

After making all of the improvements to my cabin, I invited Steve to come down for a week of fishing. We took the boat to a local boat ramp and decided to drive the boat back to the shore close to my cabin.

As I got closer to the shore, Steve shouted “Look, A bear!” We do have a lot of bears around my area, most of them are smaller black bears. I looked up at the bear which was about 100 yards away. This bear was scratching his back against a tree, so he was standing up on his back legs.

The I saw the bear do something that bears just don’t do. He walked from the tree where he was scratching his back, down a trail, and disappeared into the woods, but he never went down to all four legs. He walked like a person, not like a bear. Upon two legs.

That’s not a bear!

Steve asked, “Are you sure that was a bear?” I said. “What else could it have been?” It was so strange that he didn’t go back down on all four legs.

I pulled out my binoculars and focused on the area, then I saw the bear return to the tree. he was still standing on just two legs. This was the largest black bear I have ever seen, he must be standing eight feet into the air. I focused on the bear’s head, then I saw the face. “That’s not a bear” That looks like a giant hairy man. Then I noticed his hands, those were not paws.

“That’s a bigfoot,” Steve said, “What?” I gave Steve the binoculars and he took a look and said “Holy Shit!” At this point, the Bigfoot looked our way and saw us, then he took off in a flash into the woods.

We pulled the boat on shore and walked to my cabin.

Steve said, “You know, that thing was pretty close to your cabin, and I said, “yeah.” I do have a gun, but I usually don’t carry it around unless I am going into the woods looking for firewood. I said, “I think I’ll start carrying my gun.”

Steve asked, “Do you want to go look for this thing? We need to at least get a picture” I said, “Are you serious? Did you see the mouth on that thing?” Steve said, “well lets at least go see if there are any footprints.”

Steve and I walked back to the lake and over to the area where we saw Bigfoot. We never found any tracks, but it was pretty dry and the ground was hard. We did find an area where there was a dead deer, and it looked like something had been eating it.

The sun was starting to set, so we decided to go back to the boat, take it back to the ramp and put it back on the trailer, and call it a day.

We get a visitor in the middle of the night.

After the sun went down, Steve and I cooked some beef stew and had a few beers. We went out on the front porch and talked about fishing, told a few jokes. We mostly talked about seeing a bigfoot. Steve said, “you know, no one is going to believe us.” I said, “I don’t really care, I know what I saw.”

I we decided to go inside and go to bed. Steve slept in the living area on a couch, and I had a bed in my loft. About two in the morning, I woke up to the sound of someone walking around on my porch. I climbed out of the loft and Steve was already awake.

Steve said, he heard someone trying to open the front door. I grabbed my gun and yelled, “Who’s there?” All I could hear was something really big breathing. It sounded like a large grizzly bear, but it was walking around like a man.

Steve said, “I think our bigfoot is trying to break into our cabin.”

We stood in the center of the room and listened as this thing walked around the outside. I could hear him trying to get into each window, then back on the front porch again. He was breathing very hard and starting to make sounds, like he was frustrated.

I was scared to death and didn’t know what to do. I fired my gun up at the ceiling just to let him know I had a gun. Steve didn’t know I was going to do that, and he let out a scream and ducked his head. I think I scared Steve more than our bigfoot.

Then I heard bigfoot open my shed and I could hear him going through my boat. Everything got quiet and after about ten minutes I carefully unlocked the front door and stepped out onto the porch with my gun in my hand.

I came face to face with bigfoot

I noticed a big black hairy bigfoot standing between me and my shed, about 20 yards away. He was enormous and had yellow teeth. His eyes were piercing and he was focused on me. I didn’t shoot him because at the time I thought that I would just piss him off.

I thought Steve was behind me, but Steve had bolted back into the cabin and slammed the front door. Now I was stuck on the outside with Bigfoot, and he wasn’t too happy that I was there.

He yelled the most terrifying scream that I have ever heard in my life. Then he turned and ran back into the woods.

I was so scared that I could hardly move. I ran back toward the front door and started screaming for Steve to open the door. “Open the door, it’s me!”

Steve opened the door and later apologized for locking me out of my own cabin. I never got a picture, but I can this, “When you come face to face with bigfoot, believe me, getting a picture is the last thing on your mind. I was just happy to still be alive.

Waiting for daylight.

By this time it was 3:30 AM, both Steve and I were too worked up to go back to sleep, so we stayed up and waited for the sun to rise. After it was light, we went exploring around the cabin and found where bigfoot took our ice chest down a small trail and had opened it up. We did have some food in it, but of course, it was gone.

Steve and I went into De Queen and visited the Sevier County Sheriff’s office to file a report. We talked to an officer who said that he had several reports of things like this happening before. He said, unless there was an actual attack where someone got hurt, then he couldn’t really delegate any recourses to find bigfoot.

Looking back on this, I am not sure the Sherriff took us seriously. Maybe he thought we were just a couple of guys who had too much to drink. We didn’t have any evidence to show. No pictures of bigfoot, nothing was broken, except for a window screen and an empty ice chest.

Steve is still one of my best friends and fishing buddies.

Steve and I get together several times a year to go fishing, but we don’t go camping anymore. I ended up selling the land and cabin just because I was too scared to sleep there overnight. Of course, I didn’t tell the new owner about my bigfoot encounter. maybe that was the wrong thing to do, but I had the feeling that he wouldn’t have believed me anyway.