Do we all have ESP abilities?

Everyone knows about people who claim to have ESP. Many of them become famous because of their predictions becoming facts. What is ESP? Extrasensory perception or ESP. Many refer to ESP as, having a sixth […]

Government Conspiracy

Robots are replacing humans

What if you could have a robot for the perfect wife or husband? Someone you are attracted to because you were able to build it from scratch. You determine the color of the eyes, the […]

Mystery of 427

The Mystery of 427

At exactly 4:27 AM every light in the house came on. Everyone was sleeping and the sudden light was an abrupt wake-up for the entire family. “Dad yelled out while still half asleep “Who turned […]

A Little Help From A Ghost

A little help from a ghost

Jimmy and his mom and dad lived in West Virginia in a small town. Little Jimmy was only 9 years old and was struggling in the 2nd grade. This was his second time around because […]

Dancing To Death

Dancing to Death

This story starts in the Holy Roman Empire (Modern Day France) during July of 1518 when a person by the name of Frau Troffea had an uncontrollable desire to start dancing. She danced continuously at […]

Airport Blue Taxi lights

The Blue Taxi Light Mystery

A blue taxi light souvenir turned into a complete mystery. When I was a teenager in 1972 I was eighteen years old and living in Texas. I had just finished flight school and got my […]

Rex does tricks for a ghost

Rex does tricks for a ghost

I had dogs growing up, but Rex was my favorite dog. Rex was a really big golden retriever, weighing more than 100 pounds. He lived to the ripe age of eighteen years old. I didn’t […]

The Kennedy Assassination dollar bill conspiracy
Government Conspiracy

The Kennedy Assassination Dollar Bill Conspiracy

The Kennedy assassination dollar bill is either a coincidence or a conspiracy. The bill accurately predicted the future assassination of a United States President. So many details of the prediction come to pass that it […]

Delta 191

A warning from beyond the grave

It was August 1st, 1985 and I was living in Dallas Texas. I was extra tired that day so I went to bed early, around 10:00 PM. That is early for me because I usually […]