Government Conspiracy

Government admits, UFOs are real

Finally, after decades of coverup, the United States government is admitting that UFOs exist. They are not going so far as to admit that the UFOs are other beings from other planets, however, this is […]

Government Conspiracy

Robots are replacing humans

What if you could have a robot for the perfect wife or husband? Someone you are attracted to because you were able to build it from scratch. You determine the color of the eyes, the […]


UFO Lands On My Farm

My name is Jamison Southworth and I was visited by a UFO about 19 years ago. Most of my own family members think I am crazy, but I know what I saw. I own a […]

UFO Coverup
Government Conspiracy

Why governments coverup UFO information

In 1962, I remember as a kid, seeing a UFO in person. I was living in Dallas Texas and I was visiting the South Land Life building. There was an observation deck, and my mother […]

Area 51 UFO Conspiracies Come To Life
Government Conspiracy

Area 51 UFO Conspiracies Come To Life

Area 51 has been a highly classified top-secret Air Force base since 1955. Originally known as Homey Airport, or Groom Lake, named after a salt-flat area next to the base. This base is well known […]