Ceramic Twin Haunted Dolls Throw A Tantrum


Rose Blackburn was in the middle of her Las Vegas vacation when she got a text from her brother. It seems that her Aunt Viola has passed away. Rose wasn’t too surprised because Viola was living in a retirement center and she was in her mid-nineties.

For the past 5 years, Viola was bound to a wheelchair and almost completely blind. Rose didn’t have a very active relationship with her aunt but was still sad to discover that she had died. Rose and her brother were the only living relatives, so they inherited all of Viola’s possessions.

Viola owned an old house in Rutland Vermont that had been vacant ever since she went into the retirement center. So Rose and her brother Rodney, her brother were now the new owners. After the funeral, they decided to visit the abandoned house and clean it up so they could sell it and split the money. It should be worth about $350,000 including the 4 acres of land that went with it.

Rose and Rodney both took off a month from work in order to fix the old house up and put it on the market. Rose lived in Syracuse New York, and Rodney lived in Boston, Massachusetts so Rutland was right in the middle. They both moved into the house and started fixing it up. Painting the walls, repairing the trim, mowing the grass, and those sort of things.

Rose finds the haunted dolls

They also had to clean out all of Viola’s stuff, old furniture, rugs, lamps, dishes, boxes of photos, and stuff like that. Most of it was just junk, however once in a while, they would come across something of value. Rose noticed two boxes that were exactly the same size, about 16″ tall X 6″ wide.

These were not cheap cardboard boxes, these boxes were hand-crafted, made out of wood. At first, she thought, this must be some kind of rare wine, or special crystal vase, or perhaps silverware. These boxes were very old and had a hinged lid.

She opened up one of the boxes and found a vintage ceramic little girl doll with red hair. She opened up the other box and found another doll. They looked identical, except the dolls were dressed a little differently. Rose thought these must be worth a small fortune. She showed the dolls to Rodney and they agreed to call in an expert to determine their value.

Rose did some research and discovered that ceramic dolls could be worth some serious cash. Currently, the most expensive porcelain doll ever sold was a bisque doll sold by Theriault auctions, which specialize in dolls. The doll sold for $300,000 in 2014. The doll was from a set of 100 created by French sculptor Albert Marque in 1916.

Rose and Rodney decided to just hold onto the dolls and get them appraised at a later date. They were both too busy just trying to get the house ready to sell. It would be a huge mistake to make any quick decisions regarding the dolls at this point.

After several weeks, the house was looking a lot better and was placed on the market. It sold very fast for $333,000. Of course, this made Rose and Rodney very happy because they each received a check for $157,500 after all the real estate fees were paid. Plus, they still had the dolls.

The haunted dolls were separated

Rose took one of the dolls home to Syracuse, and Rodney took the other doll home to Boston. They agreed to not sell the dolls because they perceived the value to be much higher if sold as a pair.

A week after the funeral some very strange things started happening at Rose’s house. Unexplained noises in the middle of the night. It sounded like someone was tapping on the plumbing pipes in the basement. It was more like metal scraping on metal than a solid tap.

This continued for several days before Rose called a plumber to check out the water pipes. The plumber came and looked at the pipes, but couldn’t find anything wrong with them. Rose decided to investigate on her own.

That night the scraping started again, so Rose grabbed a flashlight and went down into the basement. The sound was coming from a pile of stuff that she brought back from aunt Viola’s house. She saw the doll case and noticed a kitchen knife beside the box.

Rose noticed that it was one of her steak knives from the kitchen. Then she looked up and saw a water pipe that seemed to have new scratches on it. Rose took the knife and scraped it against the pipe, and sure enough, it made the exact sound that she had been hearing for the past week.

The hair stood up on the back of her neck, and she felt a cold wind rush by her. What the hell is going on? Is someone living in her basement? How did this knife get down here? While she was in the basement, the door between the basement and the house slammed shut with a loud “BANG”

Rose screamed and ran for the door. She went up the basement stairs and opened the door and went back into the house. Maybe it was just the wind? After an hour she calmed down, then later that morning, after the sun came up, Rose went back down into the basement.

Rose discovers the dolls are were haunted

Rose started going through aunt Viola’s stuff and found a journal. She started reading the journal and noticed that aunt Viola was into paranormal investigations. Then Rose started reading about the dolls, and how aunt Viola purchased the dolls from an estate sale from one of her friends who were also into paranormal studies.

It seems that these two dolls were haunted, and had caused a lot of trouble for their previous past owners. The dolls were sold as a “haunted doll collection” and they came with a warning. “Do Not Separate These dolls”

Rose thought, well now you tell me. One doll was in Syracuse while the other one was in Boston. It’s a good thing I don’t believe in this kind of stuff. Still, she wondered about the scraping sound that was going on at night. It stopped when Rose removed the steak knife from the basement and put it back into the kitchen.

The next day Rose called her brother, Rodney, just to see how he was doing. She asked him about the other doll. Rose said, “Did you know these dolls are supposed to be haunted?” Rodney said. “What? Why didn’t you tell me before?” Rose said, “I just found out yesterday when I read aunt Viola’s journal.”

Rodney said, “well now it all makes sense. There have been some very strange things going on since I got back home from the funeral.” Rose asked, “What’s been going on?” Rodney said, “Lots of noises at night, lights coming on by themselves in the middle of the night, drawers being opened in the kitchen, and last night the water faucet opened by its self in the bathroom.”

Rodney was already a true believer in paranormal activity and he was thinking aunt Viola was trying to get his attention. Maybe she was trying to warn him about the haunted dolls. Rodney said, “I don’t know if this is aunt Viola or the dolls, either way, it’s freaking me out.”

Rodney asked, “how about if I send you my doll, you would have both of them and maybe they will calm down.” Rose said, “Oh Hell No, I am done with these creepy dolls, lets just get rid of them. At this point, I don’t even care about making money on them, I just want them gone!”

Rodney takes control of the haunted dolls

Rodney said, “Ok send your doll to me and I’ll take care of them, at least they will be back together. I will find a buyer and split the money with you.” Rose agreed and send Rodney her doll. As soon as the doll was sent, Rose’s problems came to an end. No more creepy sounds at night, no more paranormal activity.

It took several days for the doll to arrive, and during that time Rodney had to endure many sleepless nights as his doll was acting out. His phone would ring, and when he answered it, there would only be white noise static on the line. One morning he woke up and went into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and found a large kitchen knife stuck in the wall.

The other doll finally arrived and Rodney decided to sell the pair on eBay. He decided to disclose the fact that these dolls were haunted because he didn’t want to be responsible for hurting someone else. He was surprised to learn that because the dolls were reported to be haunted, they were actually worth more money.

The pair dolls sold quickly for $850 and Rodney split the money with Rose. Both of them were relieved that the dolls were gone. Rodney asked Rose, “What would make aunt Viola buy a pair of haunted dolls in the first place?” Rose said I guess she was into that kind of stuff.”

If there is something to be learned from this story, it’s that you should be very careful when to accept someone else’s stuff when they die and trust your inner instincts. Especially when it comes to creepy dolls.