Do we all have ESP abilities?


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Tonight we’re talking about, do we all have ESP abilities?

Well, everyone knows about people who claim to have ESP, many of them become famous because of their predictions becoming facts. What is ESP extrasensory perception? Many refer to ESP as having a sixth sense which includes claimed perception of information not gained through.

Dies physical senses. But since through the mind when it comes to ESP, Edgar Cayce remains one of the most talked-about people and Modern History. Edgar was born in 1877 and died in 1945 Edgar died. 76 years ago, but is still talked about because of his

His abilities Edgar’s abilities. We come after he would go to sleep when Edgar was a child. His father was upset because he was having problems at school. He just couldn’t focus on the lessons. His father once gave him a spelling test and Edgar failed. It was miserably and then something very strange happened Edgar slept.

His spelling book and when he woke up, he could spell every word in the book.

That was when Edgar learned that he could sleep on a book and then know its contents. After learning this trick, Edgar started becoming one of the best students in school Edgar went on, to predict many things, they became true, he would also help people who are suffering from health-related problems by diagnosing their ailments. And then prescribing cures for

He would do this in his sleep. Now, the way it would work is Edgar, would fall asleep and talk while he was sleeping, his wife would write down things that he would say. And then there was the case of Jeane Dixon born in. 1904 Gene was one of ten kids.

Dixon claimed that while growing up in California, a gypsy gave her a crystal ball and read her poem predicting that she would become a famous sear and advise powerful people Dixon reportedly predicted the assassination of President John F Kennedy, in May 13th volume 1956, issue of the parade.

Magazine, she wrote that the 1960 presidential election would be dominated by labor and won by a Democrat. She also predicted that he would be assassinated. Now, not all of Jean’s predictions came true, but enough did, which made her a very popular person. Jeane Dixon was the author of seven books including her

Biography is a horoscope book for dogs and an astrological cookbook. Hmm, she gained public awareness through the biographical volume, a gift of Prophecy. The phenomenal Gene diction written by syndicate, columnist, Ruth Montgomery published in 1965 this book, sold more than 3 million.

Appease her influence went all the way to the top as President. Richard Nixon followed her predictions, through his secretary Rosemary, Woods Nixon met with her in the Oval Office. In 1971, the following year, she predicted Terror attacks in the United States and the wake of a Munich Massacre. Spirit Nixon to set up a cabinet.

The committee on counterterrorism. She was one of several astrologers who gave advice to Nancy Reagan.

Well, that’s all and fine. But what about the rest of us? Do we have psychic abilities? Well according to Jean Ruffles, that answer would be. Yes, we do know Gene is the author of a popular book named psychic abilities. We all have the book talks about the powers that we all have. Have you ever thought about somebody and you haven’t heard from them in a long time?

I’m and then while we’re thinking about it, the phone would ring and it would be them on the other end. Now according to Jean Ruffles, some of us know how to use these abilities and some of us need to be trained. Well, maybe it’s time to grab a book and sleep on it, who knows? You might be like, Edgar Cayce now? Wouldn’t that be nice? The real question is, what book would you sleep in?

Bond the Bible or maybe how to make millions of dollars on the internet?

Have you ever consulted with a psychic? A recent survey found that one in five. In other words, 22 percent of u.s. adults have consulted with a psychic or a medium. And many of these people claim to have had other world experiences on their own. For example, one-third of the respondents, another words 34

Percent believe that they have had some sort of psychic episode such as correctly, predicting the future. Now, this phenomenon seems to occur more in women than men. In other words, 29 percent of men claim they have had psychic abilities. While 40% of women can make the same claim. Now, my advice to you is don’t believe everything the

You dream. Now January of this year, a Mississippi woman was accused of stabbing her husband because she dreamed, he was cheating on her with another woman. This happened in Jones County, Mississippi, and she was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She reportedly told investigators that she had had a dream that her husband was messing around with another

Woman. And so she woke up and she stabbed him seven times.

Officials said he underwent surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. Wow-what a way to wake up one minute you’re reading a book and falling asleep. Only to have your wife, wake you up in the middle of the night by stabbing you in the chest just because she had a dream.

I’m sure you’ve heard of John Edward, McGee jr. He’s got a show called crossing over. Well, he’s an American television personality, and an author, and a psychic medium. And I’m sure you’ve seen his show and if not, I would recommend going to YouTube and search for John Edwards. John was born in Glencoe.

Covid-19 York in 1969 and he was convinced at a young age that he could become a psychic after writing. His first book on the subject in 1998, Edwards became a well-known and controversial figure in the United States with his shows broadcasted on the Sci-Fi channel beginning in July of 2000 and we TV

Since May of 2006. So how did John Edwards get started? Well, according to John, he was 15 years old and a huge doubter. He did not believe in this stuff at all, but that was before, he was read by a New Jersey woman, who convinced him that he could become a medium.

According to John, she told me things that there is no way that she could have known. She informed John that he was supposed to be on a path that was to become a teacher and to help people, of course, John thought that she was crazy. She went on to tell John that he would be known internationally for his psychic abilities, through lectures and books radio.

Even a TV show, of course, at that point, John thought that she was nuts, but she went on to tell him things that no one else even knew about and the details were unbelievable. I recommend going to YouTube and doing the surcharge on Edwards. You’ll see lots of different videos that he’s done in the past one in particular that I thought was interesting was when John Edwards was reading doctor.

Phil at his home. And in fact, I’ve got this video on my website at creepy show You can go and see for yourself the surprised. Look on Robin. That’s dr. Phil’s wife looked completely shocked. You could tell that she was going from a non-believer into a Believer now.

I understand there’s a lot of skepticism around John Edwards, but you should see their faces when he does a reading. Do you witness the disbelievers turning into Believers as John starts, talking about people who have died, especially when he reveals information that? Nobody else could possibly know.

You know it’s a well-known fact that law enforcement agencies have used psychic readings to solve cases. These people are called psychic detectives and yes the police use them to solve cases. The FBI has reached out to psychics remote viewers and mediums for information about unsolved crimes on the books and it’s not just the FBI

I police all over the world have sought the help of psychics and some of their most challenging cases. The US Army project Star Gate from 1978 through 1995 United States Army. Secretly Enlisted, the help of Psychics called remote viewers in both domestic and foreign intelligence operations,

This covert military program was coded name Stargate project. Now while the Stargate project no longer exists, there are plenty of modern-day examples of us, the government’s and psychics working together. The Stargate Project was terminated and Declassified and 1995 after a CIA report concluded that it was never useful in any intelligence.

And now information provided by the program was vague and included ill, relevant, and erroneous data.

Now, this program was featured in a 2004 book and a 2009 film, both titled, men who stared at goats. And I remember seeing that movie, I recommend that you go and look at it. Now, the question I have is this, let’s suppose that there was valuable information obtained. Do you really believe that the CIA would

At least this information. I mean who’s to say if this is still going on? Now, I’ve asked this question before but I’ll ask it again. Do you really trust the US government? Now I’m going to end today’s podcast with some incredible, disheartening news.

It’s about Nostradamus his predictions for 2021. They include apocalypse famine and asteroids over four hundred and sixty-five years ago, French profit and philosopher Michael D. Nostradamus made predictions about the future of humanity and he wanted to tell you that after surviving the

The coronavirus that the year 2021 is going to be much worse. This trouble will come in the form of global famine. According to Nostradamus, this famine will be the worst the world has ever faced and will ultimately end the change of social hierarchies, state of power, and worldly status. Now this prediction does have some

It is based on what the world is seeing today. The pandemic has already forced millions of people to food banks, and the depletion of Food Supplies by even the United Nations was warning that we are going to have a Famine of biblical proportions in 2021.

Well, that’s one prediction. I hope that is wrong. But just in case you might want to stock up on that top ramen noodle and bottles of drinking water. Thank you for listening to the creepy show. Don’t forget to tell your friends and subscribe.