Government admits, UFOs are real


Finally, after decades of coverup, the United States government is admitting that UFOs exist. They are not going so far as to admit that the UFOs are other beings from other planets, however, this is a step in the right direction.

Why now? After all this time of discrediting anyone who ever claimed to see a UFO

Now our government concedes the coverup and is releasing new information about the UFO problem. It’s a problem because it usually takes place over military installations and important government buildings. Maybe the government realizes that we are discovering other planets that could possibly harbor life. In fact, we have found four other planets in nearby solar systems.

It seems that the only reason some scientists cast any doubt about other beings is because of the time and distance hurdle. Just because our maximum speed in space is around 157,000 miles per hour, we assume that other beings would have the same results.

I know that seems very fast, however in space, that would be considered a slow school zone. In order for UFOs to reach earth from nearby solar systems, they would have to travel closer to the speed of light, which is about 670 million miles per hour. We are nowhere near that level of speed, and some believe that obtaining that kind of speed is impossible.

Some doctors claimed that running a 4-minute mile would cause your heart to explode under the pressure.

These are the same kinds of people who believed that running a 4-minute mile would also be impossible. That is until Roger Bannister proved them wrong in 1954, in Oxford, England at the age of 25.

So now we have scientists who say that obtaining near light speed is impossible, but hold on. New studies on solar wind sails are turning some of these skeptics into believers. Some believe that we could build a solar wind sail to power a spaceship close to the speed of light. Maybe it’s just a matter of time before more scientists see this new wave of possibilities.

Let’s play a little game of “What If”

Let’s travel back in time 200 years to the year 1821. What do you think people would say to the following statements? In the future we will be able to:

  • Cook a meal super fast by using radio waves (Microwaves)
  • Send men to the moon and safely return them.
  • Fly like a bird, faster than the speed of sound.
  • Everyone would have a device able to talk to anyone else in the world, and even send images (Smartphone)
  • Build ships that could travel underwater (Submarines)

If you were to tell these things to someone living in the year 1821, they would have you locked up in the loony bin. And yet we now have all of these things, plus a lot more.

My point is, look how far we have come in the past 200 years. Going from the impossible to the ordinary. Now just think, what will life be like in the year 2221? Things that we can’t even imagine will also be ordinary.

So what if we encounter other beings that are 200 years ahead of us in technology? What if they were 2000 years ahead of us. Maybe these beings have already solved the problem of space, distance, and time. Something that seems to be the only unbreakable bond that keeps us from exploring other solar systems.

I understand the fear of some people

There are those who don’t want to know about other beings. The fear of change is real. If we are visited by other beings from another planet, we no longer are at the top of the food chain or the smartest creatures on earth. In fact, as a species, we could easily become one of the dumbest creatures in the galaxy.

Just like we compare ourselves to earthworms, other, much smarter beings, could see us in the same light. I’m not trying to put down the human race, but if we compare ourselves to beings from another solar system, that are 1000 years ahead of us, then relatively, we would seem pretty dumb.

Then we have the religions of the world, each one with its own beliefs. Do you ever ask yourself, why are there so many different religions? Is it possible that our ancestors might have been visited by beings from different planets? maybe several thousand years ago? What would their influence look like today?

Wouldn’t they seem like gods to us? A being with unearthly powers. Someone who could do seemingly impossible tasks. An interesting question to ponder: What if you could go back in time about 1000 years ago, how would you be received? Knowing that you possessed knowledge that is unimaginable to someone back in that day.

Some people might revere you as a god, while others would want to kill you because of the threat of your power. Your popularity could cause followers to change their allegiance, which would end the political careers of some world leaders Just look at what they did to Jesus.

Don’t misunderstand me on this, I am not claiming that Jesus was a being from another planet or a person from another time. I am just making a point. If you went back 1000 years in time, you would be very popular, but would most likely be murdered at some point.

Are you a member of Amazon Prime?

The reason I ask this question is, if you have Amazon Prime, you have access to a ton of UFO documentaries. These are very popular right now and have a lot of people asking our government a lot of questions. There is just so much information and evidence available to anyone who is looking, it’s hard to not believe that UFOs are real.

One documentary called “The Secret, Evidence We Are Not Alone” talks about a flying saucer crash in 1941. They found an official government report that speaks of flexible glass rods being used for wiring, in other words, Fiber Optics, which wasn’t invented until 10 years later in 1952. I highly recommend watching this documentary.

I’m sure that other movie platforms such as Netflix, IMDB, and others have UFO documentaries as well. I’m sure you have seen a surge of news outlets talking about UFOs lately. What do they know that we don’t know? Is there some reason that our government is finally admitting that UFOs exist?

You have to wonder if we are being tested with bits and pieces of information that are being released. Maybe they are trying to gauge our reaction to the thought of beings from other planets are among us. Maybe they did capture a being from the Roswell incident, back in 1947, that so many have claimed.

The government has always had the problem of distinguished people, world leaders and celebrities who have claimed to see UFOs in their lifetime. People such as:

  • President Jimmy Carter
  • President Ronald Reagan
  • Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell
  • Actor Kurt Russell
  • Actor Russell Crowe
  • And Dozens more.

Politician John Podesta said: “This used to be a career-ending kind of thing,” He generally kept his interest in UFOs to himself when he was President Bill Clinton’s chief of staff. “You didn’t want to get caught talking about it because you’d be accused of walking out of an ‘X-Files’ episode.”

Congress is going to receive a lot of information this week!

As you probably know, an omnibus spending and coronavirus-relief package were passed by Congress in December of 2020. Did you know that a stipulation requiring the Department of Defense and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to deliver an unclassified report on unidentified flying objects to Congress within six months, compiling what the government knows about UFOs rocketing around over American airspace?

The report — which comes after a slow, four-year drip of reporting and government admissions on UFO sightings — could be delivered to Congress as early as this June 1. (Tomorrow)

It will be very interesting to find out what the government knows after all of these decades. However, I still believe that our government won’t release everything. the real question becomes, American citizens, “Do you trust your government?” That’s a question that only you can answer. As for me, That answer would be “NO.”

It’s not just the United States, other governments are ramping up their disclosures

Ufologists across the pond and beyond are all abuzz with recent news from The Telegraph that the U.K.’s Ministry of Defense is preparing to release a massive treasure chest of classified UFO documents into the public domain in 2020.

France’s space agency is opening its “X-Files” to the public, putting years of UFO research and tens of thousands of documents on the Web. The archive includes police and expert reports, witness sketches (some are childlike doodlings), maps, photos, and video and audio recordings. In all, the archive has about 1,650 cases on record and 6,000 witness accounts

Throughout the world, many countries have secret government agencies dedicated to UFO research.

Why are governments spending so much time and money researching UFO’s

It’s like a government leaders game of poker, whoever ever makes contact with aliens from another planet is thought to have a military advantage over everyone else. Every major country in the world has an agency dedicated to the UFO phenomenon.

During WW II the German Nazi was thought to have possessed UFO technology. They were developing several UFO flying saucers that were under development at the end of the war. Their craft didn’t get finished in time to help them win the war, but it seems that they were guided by some kind of “out of this world” technology.

Perhaps they discovered a crashed UFO and were trying to reverse engineer the craft in order to learn how to advance their military agenda of world dominance. Who knows, if they had a little more time, they might have achieved their goal.

What happened to Germany’s experimental craft?

Aeronautical engineer Roy Fedden remarked that the only craft that could approach the capabilities attributed to flying saucers were those being designed by the Germans towards the end of the war. Fedden (who was also chief of the technical mission to Germany for the Ministry of Aircraft Production) stated in 1945:

I have seen enough of their designs and production plans to realize that if the Germans had managed to prolong the war some months longer, we would have been confronted with a set of entirely new and deadly developments in air warfare.

Fedden also added that the Germans were working on a number of very unusual aeronautical projects, though he did not elaborate upon his statement. Where did these flying saucer plans come from? I’ll let you speculate on that question.