The Ghost of White Rock Lake

Lady of White Rock Lake

The ghost of White Rock Lake is also known as The Lady of White Rock Lake. Back in the late 1800s, Dallas was having a water shortage, a few years later, about 1910, they decided to dam up, White Rock Creek. It took them an entire to build the dam. This was the beginning of White Rock Lake.

White Rock Lake is a small, shallow lake consisting of about 1200 acres. The deepest part is only 18 feet deep. The dam has a spillway that regulates the depth of the lake. When there is rain, the extra water flows over the spillway and attracts many viewers.

People start seeing a ghost.

Anne Clark wrote the account of the Lady of the Lake legend published in 1943. “The Ghost of White Rock.” This was included in the Texas Folklore Society’s publication, “Backwoods to Border.”

It was in the mid-1930s when a young couple was parking at the lake. They started their car and turned on the headlights and noticed a girl standing in front of the car a few yards away.

This girl was very pale and wearing a white dress. The couple also reported that the girl was soaking wet. She walked up to the driver’s side of the car and asked for a ride home. The soaking wet girl explained that she had been in a boating accident, and wanted to go home.

The girl said that she lived in Oak Cliff, which was an area of Dallas several miles from White Rock Lake. She got in the backseat of the car and they started toward Oak Cliff.

As they got closer to the address, the girl in the front seat turned to talk to the girl in the backseat, but she was gone. She had just vanished in thin air like she was never there. The only thing that was left was a puddle of water.

The young couple continued to drive to the address that was given and knocked on the door and a man answered. They told the man what had just happened, but he didn’t seem to be surprised about this, in fact, he said, “you are the third person knocking on my door with a similar story this month.” He informed the couple that his daughter had just drowned in White Rock Lake a few months earlier in a boating accident.

This became the Lady of the White Rock Lake

If this had happened only once, the story would have probably faded away, but it kept happening over and over again. From time to time local newspapers would have articles about this happening again. Even radio stations, like KLIF, would report the ghost.

People would turn out by the thousands and spend the night on the shores of White Rock Lake looking for The Lady of the Lake. This continued throughout the 60s and 70s.

A well-known respected Dallas family encounters the ghost.

In 1953 a story was written by Frank X. Tolbert. His book was titled “The Story of the Proud Dallas Store.” This is the story of Neiman-Marcus. One of the sections deals with the ghost of White Rock Lake. This book was published in 1953, but this version of the Lady of White Rock lake happened in 1943.

Guy Malloy worked at Neiman-Marcus as the window display artist. He would arrange the windows at Neiman-Marcus to display new clothes. His wife often worked by his side. It was not unusual for the Malloy’s to work past midnight dressing up the windows, then they would go home together about 1:00 AM.

One night after work, Guy Malloy and his wife were driving back home which included a trip down W. Lawther Road that runs the west side of White Rock Lake. They were stopped in the middle of the road by the lady of White Rock lake.

Guy Malloy said the ghost asked for a ride back home, and she entered the back of the car, only to disappear, leaving a puddle of water. What makes this story different was the fact that Guy Malloy was well known and respected by Dallas socialites. He would have no reason to report something that wasn’t true.

There are many ghost spirits associated with White Rock Lake.

For some reason, White Rock Lake is the location for several suicides, all well documented. November 24th, 1942, a woman named Nora Rose Stone, 37 years old from Mansfield Texas committed suicide by drowning herself in eight feet of water near the municipal boathouse. She was discovered by Johnny Williams who was assisting the fire department. She was wearing a sweater and a skirt, she had a note pinned to her. Many people consider Rose to the Lady of White Rock Lake.

Another ghost sighting in the late 1970s

A girl who was 13 years-old was driving home with her father one night after a Christmas party when they took the wrong turn at the water treatment plant on W, Lawther Rd. They accidentally turned right when they should have gone left. The road they were on went under an old bridge that deadends into a park.

This young girl looked up and saw a ghost standing up on the surface of the water. It looked like a cloud, but it was a person moving toward their car. She screamed, “let’s get out of here!” Her father didn’t see the ghost, but he did reverse the car quickly and drove out. He asked his daughter why did you scream like that, and she just replied that it was very spooky back there. She never actually told her father what she saw.

It was years later when this same girl (Now an adult) stumbled across an article about the Lady of White Rock Lake. Until then, she didn’t know there were previous sightings.

In addition to ghost wanting rides, local residents have reported front door visitors.

There has been more than one occasion where people who lived around the lake got a knock at the door at night. When they answer the door, there is nothing but a puddle of water. Of course, this could just be kids playing pranks on people, however one time a man answered his door and reported seeing a ghost standing, then quickly disappearing, leaving just a puddle of water.

I live near White Rock Lake and wanted to make a video.

On May 6th, 2019 I went out to White Rock Lake and shot a video for a few minutes just to give you an idea of what it looks like. I uploaded this video on my You-Tube channel (See the video). I have to admit that it’s a little spooky there at night, and I can imagine what it must have been like 90 years ago when the first sightings happened. Back when W. Lawther was just a dirt road with no lights.

Who is the ghost Lady of White Rock Lake

Is it the girl who died in a boating accident? It is the Nora Rose Stone who committed suicide in 1942? Or perhaps several girls who have lost their lives throughout the years at White Rock Lake.