Paranormal Voices in the Basement

Paranormal Voices in the Basement

It was late winter in 1996 and we were in the market for a new house. My name is Dave and my wife is Suzanne, but I just call her “Sue.” We got married just a few months before and received enough money from our parents to put down on a home of our own.

We wanted to get the best deal that we could, so we weren’t in a big hurry. In the meantime, we living with my wife’s parents in a small home they owned in the back of their property.

We lived in a small town in Georgia called Monroe, which is about an hour’s drive from Atlanta. I work in Atlanta and my wife, Sue is staying at home and learning to become an interior decorator.

She is planning to start her own business just as soon as she finishes her course. I work as a medical lab assistant at Emory School of Medicine in Atlanta.

We wanted to buy a home that was close to my work, and live in a bigger cist so my wife could start her business and become successful.

We decided to move to Atlanta and that is where our paranormal story begins.

After looking for several weeks we found an older home that was built in the 1960s. This house was bigger than what we were looking for, but the price was so low we couldn’t resist it.

Our home was one of the largest homes on the block, and yet it was about twenty thousand dollars less than the other houses. We found out that the home was on the market for nine months and wondered why someone else didn’t buy it.

Our home was all wood, two stories, three bedrooms with an office downstairs. It also had a basement that I planned on using for my photography. I love taking pictures and developing them, so I planned on making the basement a darkroom.

This was a very noisy home

One of the first things I noticed after moving in was this was a very noisy house. This house had a lot of wooden shutters, decorative trim, and a large front porch with wooden columns, so when the wind would blow, the house would make a lot of noise. We didn’t have any shrubbery which often buffers the wind, so our house sounded like a haunted movie. This was just something that we were going to have to get used to.

It wasn’t just the wind, when the heater comes on, our house would creak and pop. Sometimes it sounded like someone was walking around the house. Several times I would wake up in the middle of the night and think that someone was in our house, but it was just the noise.

I found a box in my basement

I started putting together my photography studio in the basement when I came across a strange-looking box. The box was made out of wood and had hinges holding on the lid. It was a little larger than a regular shoebox.

I opened the box and found photographs, newspaper clippings, and a few pieces of jewelry. After going through the box, I determined that it was probably left by the people who lived in the house before. I found a name on the back of one of the photos.

Since I worked at a medical hospital, I had access to medical records. I looked up the person in the photo and got their current phone number and gave them a call. Sure enough, they had accidentally left the box and were happy that I had found it and called.

I made arrangements for them to meet me at home so I could give them the box. That night a couple came by our house to get the box and we started talking.

I find out that my house is haunted

It turned out that the couple who moved into the house only stayed there for thirty days. They were renters. I asked, “Why did you move out after only thirty days?” They seemed very reluctant to talk about it, but after a few minutes they loosed up. They mentioned that the house was very noisy.

Yes, I agree, this is the nosiest house I have ever lived in, with all of the wind and creaking, cracking and popping. They said, “it wasn’t the wind noise that drove them out, it was all of the arguings.” I said, “What do you mean?” They said, “We heard people arguing all the time.”

I asked you have neighbors who argued? They said, “No, it was coming from inside the house.” It was like whispering, but you could tell that they were mad at each other. It would start in the basement, and when we went down to check on it, the whispering would start upstairs in one of the bedrooms.

The wife said, “at first I thought I was hearing things, but my husband heard it too.” Then she asked me a question, “do you believe in ghosts?” I said, “No not really.” She said, “Well you will.” and with that, they were gone.

I started listening for ghosts.

After they left I started listening for ghosts, or signs of an argument. Maybe it was just my imagination, but, You know what? When the wind picks up, it does sound like people are arguing. Maybe I can hear it because I am looking for it now. It’s very vague and I can’t really follow the discussion, but it does sound like a whispering argument. I still didn’t believe in ghosts.

I talked it over with Sue, my wife, and asked her if she can hear a whispering argument, and she said yes, but it wasn’t really scary, and it could just be the wind.

Then one night my wife shook me away and said “Did you hear that?” I said “What,” and she said, “listen.” Someone is downstairs and it sounds like they are having an argument, go check it out.”

I went downstairs with my wife close behind me, and as soon as we reached the bottom, the sound stopped. My wife asked, “what in the hell was that?” At this point, we were both wide awake so we went into the kitchen and had some hot chocolate and talked about the house and the fact that the other couple had moved out because they heard voices.

Sue said, let’s call Ken, my brother, and let him visit, he is very sensitive about these kinds of things. He is a believer in unsettled spirits and he even has some kind of equipment that can detect paranormal activity.

Ken showed up with his paranormal detection equipment.

Ken agreed and drove up from Hot Springs Arkansas to spend the weekend with us. He brought some sound activated digital audio recorders with him and placed them around the house and just waited.

Ken said, “maybe we should do a séance,” I said “What? I’m not really into that.” Ken said, “If we can make connections, we can find out why you keep hearing voices.”

I talked to Sue about this and she said, “Ken has a lot of experience with this kind of stuff.” So I reluctantly went along with the idea.

That night Ken set up a few candles and turned off all of the lights. The wind was blowing and there were a lot of noises in the house. The house seemed louder than before. Ken started chanting and went into some kind of trance and started shaking and moaning.

We heard very strange noises coming from the basement. Ken finally started coming back around as he had been in some kind of dream. Ken looked at me and Sue, just like he was looking right through us, and he said “We need to get the hell out of here right now!”

We can talk about this later, but for now, we need to leave. He scared me to death, and I was more than willing to leave. We gathered up all of Ken’s audio recorders and left the house. We checked into a motel a few miles from the house.

Ken describes his connection with an evil paranormal spirit.

After we checked into the motel, Ken came over to our room and we all sat down and talked about what had just happened. Ken said, “You need to sell this house and move out. This isn’t going to end well.”

He said these are very evil spirits and they are locked into this house, they are never going to leave it. Whoever lives in this house is going to be in constant danger. These are very unstable spirits and they could rob you of your soul.

We started listening to the audio recorders and sure enough, there were some very strange voices coming out of them. The words didn’t make any sense, but just from the tone of the voice, you could tell it was a violent argument taking place.

I asked, “what kind of language is this?” Can you understand a single word they are saying? Ken said, “that’s because the voices are in reverse.” Ken went on to explain that sometimes paranormal connections will speak in reverse.

What we heard on the audio recorder scared the hell out of us.

Sue said that she was never going back into that house again and that we needed to sell the house. She didn’t even want to go back into the house during the day to move, so we needed to hire movers.

I wanted to know why these paranormal spirits were living in our house, so I went to the newspaper archives and looked up my address, and sure enough, there was a story.

A story about a man who killed his wife then committed suicide, in our home. This information sent ice water down my spine. I continued to read about the husband. He was known to be a violent unstable person and had a history of hurting people. He ended up killing his wife with a knife, then he shot himself.

Now I know why the house was so cheap. It seems that we were not the first owners who bought the house and out in the middle of the night. I researched the tax records and found out that the house was sold eight times during the past twenty years.

It took us another four months to sell the house while we moved back into my wife’s parent’s house. Sometimes a low price house means they are hiding something. The next time I buy another house, I am going to do a thorough background check.