Quietly Going Insane

Quietly Going Insane

Brad was a loner, his family was gone, brothers and sisters, mother and father. His father was the last to die, leaving Brad more than a million dollars.

Bead was a 54-year-old factory worker who never got married. In fact, he never even had a serious relationship. He was contented with living his life alone. He didn’t need anyone.

Brad owned a small two-bedroom house in Pueblo Colorado where he spent most of his time watching cable TV and arguing about politics with complete strangers on social media. He developed a bleak outlook on life, but was a little on the lazy side and never did anything to change his situation.

Brad’s only companion was a cat named “Virgo” who he found outside of his door one day. Virgo was just a stray cat that started coming to his backdoor for food. Brad let the cat in, and he stayed.

Brad quit his job at the factory the day after his father left him more than a million dollars. He didn’t even attend his father’s funeral, but he did cash the check. There was no reason for Brad to go to work anymore since the inheritance money was more than enough to last him for the rest of his life.

Brad made changes to his home

Using some of the money from his father, Brad upgraded his home. He purchased a large walk-in freezer and had it installed in the basement of his home. He also bought a generator just in case the electric power ever went out. He told the contractor who installed everything that he was into survival and wanted the freezer to freeze food.

Brad also purchased a brand new twelve-foot van, the kind of van that didn’t have any windows in the back, or sides. He made changes to the van to create a prisoner transport vehicle, the same kind police use to arrest small groups of people at riots or bar fights. He installed shackles and chains in the back of his van, which was bolted to the floorboard.

He also installed video cameras in the back of the van so he could watch what the prisoners were up to while he was driving. So what’s going on here? Brad wasn’t a cop, and he didn’t need a prisoner van.

What the hell was Brad up to?

Brad also purchased lots of video equipment, he had cameras placed all over his house and even his front and back yard. He made and kept recordings of people coming and going into his yard, such as the postman, the paperboy, and of course his online purchases that were delivered on his porch.

He seemed obsessed with the comings and goings of other people who entered his space. He even kept their schedule and knew about when the postman would come each day and would watch him live on video and record him.

Brad was into disguises

He bought a rubber face mask of an old man. Then he would use makeup to complete the look. He bought a walker so that when he went out into public, he was always disguised as an old person who needed a walker to get around.

It would have been obvious to anyone who was paying attention to Brad that he didn’t have both oars in the water. Yes, he was a few French fries short of a happy meal.

However since no one paid any attention to him, all of his strange purchases and hobbies went unnoticed.

Brad kept a video diary, but no one ever saw it. He would record his beliefs and random thoughts.

Brad would go out on his back porch every day and drink beer.

He would watch the sun go down, mumbling to himself, then go in and add to his daily video log. This guy was a car wreck looking for an intersection, but again, no one paid any attention or even noticed.

The authorities later learned that Brad went out on his porch to listen to the wind. In his video logs, there was evidence of Brad claiming that the wind was talking to him, and giving him instructions.

It was the wind that told brad to install the freezer in the basement and to buy a van and convert it into a prisoner transport vehicle. The wind told Brad to install video cameras all over the house and yard.

This was starting to sound like maybe Brad is a danger to society.

If you were to think this, you would be correct. Each day Brad would slip a little more into the crazy zone. He made videos that claim the wind was telling him to start to collect human body parts.

Brad would put on his old man mask, then drive to other small towns and hang out at the bus stop. He would find people who were in desperate need of money, then offer them a job. He would agree to pay them in cash for simple chores.

Once in his van, he would pull a gun on them and have them go into the back of the van through a sliding door between the front seats. He would have them handcuff themselves to his van’s floorboard chains, then he would drive them back to his house in Pueblo.

He would open the garage door using his remote. He would drive into his garage and close the door behind him. He would leave the van running, and go into the house, leaving his victims in the back of the van, exposing them to running engine fumes.

It would usually only take about 20 minutes for his victims to die in the back of the van. He would then use a wheelbarrow to roll them to his basement door and dump their lifeless bodies down the basement stairs.

Brad started collecting bodies

Brad would take the bodies he kidnapped and murdered, cut them up into sections, and deep freeze them in his basement freezer. His freezer started looking like a human meat market, with several heads, arms, legs, hands, and feet. He kept all of the heads in one section, and he had a section for arms and legs. Each body part had its own section.

The day that Brad got caught.

It had to happen someday. No one is perfect, including Brad. Since he had already killed more than seven people, Brad had his routine down pat. It worked every time. In fact, Brad considered, kidnapping and murdering as “easy to do”

He would have never been stopped except for the one day his van had a flat tire on the freeway. A state trooper pulled up behind Brad’s van on the side of the road. The trooper put on his emergency lights so that Brad could change his tire without getting hit by the passing traffic whizzing by him at 70 MPH.

The Trooper got out of his car and asked Brad if he needed any help, and of course, Brad said “No Thanks” I can change the tire. Here is where the problem escalated. You see, Brad’s spare tire was in the back of the van, where his latest victim was chained and gaged.

Brad couldn’t just open up the back doors to the van because the cop would see someone chained to the floor, so Brad had to open the side door of the van and try to get to the tire, which was under his chained victim.

This meant that he had to unchain his victim for a few seconds in order to get the spare tire out. At this point, the police started getting suspicious that something wasn’t right about this guy.

The officer yelled out, “Why don’t you just open up the back of the van, I’ll help you get your tire out.” As the officer was talking, he reached for the backdoor of the van and that was when Brad panicked.

Brad quickly jumped over a guard rail and ran into the woods nearby. The cop knew something was wrong and quickly called for backup.

The police discover Lorrie chained in the back of the van.

Lorrie was on her way from Great Falls Montana to Amarillo Texas. She was riding on a bus that stopped in Colorado Springs, where she met Brad. It seems that Brad convinced Lorrie to cash-in sell her remaining ticket and he promised that he would take her to Amarillo if she would work for him for one day.

Lorrie was a foolish 22-year-old that fell for the trick. She later said that Brad seemed like a really old man who couldn’t hurt a flea, but once she entered the van, he pulled a gun on her and chained her in the back.

Backup arrived and a man-hunt was on.

It only took about 30 minutes for the police to find and arrest Brad. After all, Brad wasn’t exactly in the best of shape for running through the woods. Police dogs had him cornered fast.

Brad didn’t even try to fight back. He simply gave up and was taken back to Colorado Springs where the crime occurred. The police took possession of the van and noticed that it had been heavily modified, with the video cameras and chains. It was obvious that this van was built to kidnap people.

The police learned the truth.

During the questioning the detective noticed that Brad was a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic, so they brought in a psychiatrist who got Brad to spill the beans about his crimes.

A search warrant was served on his home in Pueblo where they found all the dead victims’ body parts. They started trying to identify everyone who was killed and discovered his video diary.

They learned that Brad was completely insane and believed that he could construct a new person using all of his body parts. His plan was to construct a girlfriend companion who would never nag him, or leave him.

Brad claimed that the wind told him how to accomplish this task step-by-step and that Lorrie was going to be his last victim.

If it wasn’t for the flat-tire Brad’s killing spree would have never been discovered, and you wouldn’t be hearing about this on The Creepy Show Podcast.

If you ever find yourself at a bus stop and a complete stranger comes up to you offering you a job. Do yourself a favor, get back on the bus.