Rex does tricks for a ghost

Rex does tricks for a ghost

I had dogs growing up, but Rex was my favorite dog. Rex was a really big golden retriever, weighing more than 100 pounds. He lived to the ripe age of eighteen years old.

I didn’t raise Rex from a puppy. When I got him, he was already three years old. I remember seeing an ad about a really great dog who was looking for a new home because the owners were moving from their Texas farmhouse to an apartment in Oklahoma City.

The owners didn’t want Rex to have to go from being an outdoor dog to an indoor dog, cooped up in a little apartment. They posted a Craig’s List ad in hopes of finding a great new owner. Someone who maybe had a little land so Rex could roam around and be happy.

I called the couple and met them. They were looking for a good home for Rex. Rex seemed to be very friendly. The couple wasn’t was selling Rex, they were giving him away to the right person.

I guess I made a pretty good impression, because they gave me Rex. I opened up my car door and Rex jumped in like he had done it a thousands times before.

Rex has a new home

I drove Rex to his new home in Midlothian Texas, where we he lots of land to roam around. Rex loved being outdoors, and it was nice to be able to just let him roam without a leash, or even a fence.

New home for Rex

He spent most of his time just sitting on the front porch. At night he would join the rest of the family in the living room to watch TV. Yes, Rex loved watching TV. He liked the fact that the entire family was together each night. He was definitely was part of the family.

Rex was the friendliest dog I have ever had. I would take him to the lake and he would bolt out of the car and run full pace, and jump into the water. He loved playing fetch with just about anything you could throw. Sticks, balls, rocks, even larger tree limbs, if you threw it, he would bring it back.

Not only was Rex friendly, but he was also very smart. He learned to do lots of tricks. He had his own bed, a large padded area where he used to sleep. I could say “Rex, time for bed,” and he would walk over to his pad and lay down. He usually gave out a long big sigh, as to say “What a day.”

Rex meets a ghost

While watching TV at night, every now and then our front door would swing open, and shut again because of the windows being open, and the wind building up pressure in the house. We pretty much ignored the door because it was a regular occurrence. Our door had a spring hinge, so when you opened it up, it would close all by itself.

You might be saying “Ok where are we going with this story?” Well, here’s what happened. One windy night in October, about 10 PM, we were settled down on the couch and started watching TV. This time of the year it can still be hot in Texas, so we had our back windows open to let in the breeze.

Suddenly without warning, our front door swung open, but this time it didn’t immediately swing closed again like it usually does. It wasn’t really that strange, but it was noticeable. For a brief few seconds, I remember thinking: “I wonder if the spring broke?”

Rex Creeps us out

Then the door finally closed itself, and everything was back to normal. But not really. This is where the story gets very creepy.

Rex gets up and starts wagging his tail, something he does when someone is talking to him. He stood up facing a blank wall about 4 feet away and started to shake hands, except no one was there. At first, I thought he must be sleepwalking.

I talked to him: “Rex what are you doing?” He looked over at me, then back to the blank wall. Then he started some of his tricks, like roll over and sit. Just like someone was giving him commands. He went through his entire routine of tricks. Everyone was freaking out at this point. We turned off the TV and started watching Rex. “Rex, what in the hell are you doing”?

Rex and the ghost put on a show

It creeped me out because I could tell that Rex was reacting to somebody, but no one was there, at least that was what I thought. All I could see was a blank wall.

It got more creepy, Rex started walking into other rooms, and looking up as though someone was leading him around. Rex would stop and sit, and do his handshake trick, again to a blank wall.

Rex cocked his head from left to right, like he does when someone is talking to him. He was wagging his tail and seems to be very happy that someone was paying attention to him, yet no one was there.

Then Rex did something that he had never done before. He walked into a tiny closet, just barely enough room for his body to fit in. He sat there for a few seconds and let out a little bark like he does when someone tells him to “speak.”

Rex has a red ball that’s his favorite toy. He ran back into the living room and picked it up, and brought it back, and dropped it in front of the small closet, just like he does when he wants to play fetch.

Up until this point, we were convinced that Rex was hallucinating, but then we all gasped and screamed when the red ball bounced from the small closet, out to the middle of the room, on its own.

We ran out of the house yelling and screaming

Of course, Rex thought this was fun, and he chased the ball. We, on the other hand, were yelling and screaming and ran out of the house into the front yard. My wife was angry at me because. She was convinced I had somehow rigged this as a practical joke.

Scared wife

I reasoned with her, “how the hell could I rig all of that?” We continued to watch Rex from the outside of the house through the window, playing with his newfound friend.

Rex wasn’t creeped out, he was having fun.

After about 5 minutes. We could see Rex through the living window, and he was laying on his sleeping pad, just like nothing had even happened.

I volunteered to go into the house first, so I looked around and nothing seemed out of place. My wife and kids made me take folding chairs out into the front lawn, so they could sit and talk about this.

I joined them, and we sat there for about two hours just talking, comparing noted, and wondering what the hell just happened. We were all in shock.

Finally we all went in together, and all slept in the living room until morning. It took several days before everything to get back to normal.

I have always thought the people who claimed that ghosts were real were just crazy, now I know better.

While we are on the subject of Rex, I have another short story:

A dog, or a bigfoot: You decide

As you already know, we lived in Midlothian Texas on about 10 acres of wooded land. The trees and undergrowth were so thick that it was very hard to walk through the woods.

During early spring and into summer we would burn lots of wood that had falling during the past year. We had a large opening next to the road that was perfect for burning wood. It was close enough for the firetruck to have access to the fire if needed, and also close to the wooded area, when the dead wood was located.

We always practiced safe precautions when burning wood. A water hose was going all the time and we had cleared out all of the grass surrounding the firepit area. We only burned wood when the wind was low, and we never left the fire, or even hot coals unattended.

Also, a wheelbarrow full of loose dirt and a shovel was ready to put out any small blaze that escaped the main firepit. In all the years we have done this, we never had a mishap.

We only had ten acres of land, but our land backed up to another ranch which had several hundred acres. There was no fence to separate our properties, just a thick forest of trees and of course wild animals.

All kinds of wildlife called our land home

We had all the regular small wildlife you would expect, such as possums, raccoons, armadillos, rabbits, foxes, and the like. We also had other larger animals such as coyotes, wolves, bobcats, wild boars, and wild dogs.

Mountain lion was in the area

At one point we even had a notorious mountain lion which was responsible for killing local rancher’s livestock. The mountain lion was never captured or killed but was thought to have died of natural causes because the attacks stopped after a severely cold winter.

One day I went out to burn wood at the fire pit, and of course Rex followed me. He would usually follow me anytime I went out the front door. The fire pit was about a hundred yards from our house.

I had previously gathered a large pile of wood, ready to be burned. I would start the fire nice and small, then add wood as needed to keep the fire manageable.

Rex was off looking for small animals like he always did. He would usually find a turtle, or an armadillo to play with. He would never hurt the animal, but he loved to chase them and bark at them. It was a form of entertainment for Rex.

It usually took me four to five hours to burn a pile of wood. I would bring an ice chest with drinks, and I would sit on the ice chest and tend to the fire.

Rex has a mean sounding growl

I could hear Rex rustling through the woods casing small animals, growling and barking. After a while I would just ignore Rex and let him have some fun. I would hear Rex in the woods behind me, then I would hear him chasing something to the right of me, then to the left. This went on for hours at a time.

The funny thing about Rex is the fact the he had a growl that sounded like a grizzly bear. He sounded ferocious, but the fact was he wouldn’t hurt a flea.

Time to go home

Burning dead wood on our land

After burning the wood, and putting out the coals, I was ready to go back home. I had been there for about 5 hours. Rex was still twenty or thirty yards away in the woods, and he was growling ant something.

Except this time the growls seemed to be louder than usual. It actually sounded like he was growling at me, because when I moved around, the growles seemed to be moving with me.

That’s strange I thought. I yelled out, “come on Rex, let’s go home.” Usually when I would say that, he would instantly pop out of the woods and be ready to follow me back to the house.

But this time was different. I yelled to him again “REX, LET’S GO!” Still nothing, no sign of Rex. Just a steady deep growl. “OK Rex, find your own way back, I’m going home.”

I went home, rolling the water hose up as I walked. Rex is growling at something, Sounded like he was growling at me because the growls got louder as I left the area. They seemed to be following me.

When I got home, I walked through the front door, and there was Rex, laying on his sleeping pad. “What the..” I asked my wife: “Hey, how long has Rex been here?” She said: “He’s been here for more than three hours.”

I realized that I was probably the target.

That was when I realized the growling animal was growling me! I was the prey! What the heck was that? Maybe that mountain lion didn’t die after all, or maybe it was a Bigfoot.

Whatever it was it was certainly creepy and belongs right here on the Creepy Show Podcast.