Robots are replacing humans


What if you could have a robot for the perfect wife or husband? Someone you are attracted to because you were able to build it from scratch. You determine the color of the eyes, the height, color and length of hair, shape of the body, including sexual parts.

What if this robot could talk, but never argued with you. Never disagreed with you on anything. This robot never gets a headache or isn’t in the mood for sex. What if this robot is so realistic that most people wouldn’t even notice that it wasn’t a real person.

Who wants to buy a robot?

The question is, how many of you would rather own a robot like the one I described, over the option of having a relationship with an actual human. You might be surprised, especially when you consider how many divorces are filed each year.

There would never be a reason for a divorce because your robot would do exactly what you ask of them every time. What if in the near future, everyone had a robot like this, just like everyone has a car.

Did you know that there are companies that are working on this project right now? As crazy as this sounds, there are several dozen companies pouring tens of millions of dollars into research and development to come up with the perfect spouse.

The question is, “how much would you be willing to pay? The price would probably be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Very few people could afford to own one of these robots, however, that wouldn’t stop companies from building them.

Most people don’t own yachts, yet companies still build them and make a profit. Just like everything else, the price would start falling as more robots become available, then everyone who really wanted one could afford one.

Just like cars, some people buy Jaguars and BMWs while others buy Fords. Maybe you are thinking, who would have sex with a robot? Apparently millions of people would. Have you ever been to a sex shop? Have you seen what is available?

Then consider putting one of those sex toys into a robot, then you have a sex partner that could also make the bed afterward. Never talk back, never disagree, plus you never have to please the robot, it only pleases you. No more birthday, or Christmas gifts, no expensive wedding rings, no more Valentine’s day gifts. Your robot won’t even mention that you forgot your anniversary. Also remember, your robot will never look old, or get fat and lazy.

Let’s play a little “What if”

What if:

  • Robots became so refined that you couldn’t tell them from real people?
  • The price came down so more people could afford one. (Maybe even cheaper than a wedding ring).
  • You could upgrade your robot as new features become available.
  • Your robot could hold down a job, and you get paid for its efforts.
  • Your robot could do household chores, and even drive you around, or run errands.
  • Your robot could provide security for your house since they don’t need to sleep.
  • Your robot could develop a personality, and if you don’t like it, you could erase it and start over.

All of this sounds great, but here is the problem.

If robots could do all of this, then there would be no need for people to even exist. All jobs would be held by robots, in fact, you can already see this starting to happen. Keep in mind, robots don’t actually need to look like a person to do a particular job. In fact, we already use robots for just about everything being made today.

Take a look at an auto factory, who is making the cars? Robots do most of the work, with humans directing them. In fact, now they even have robots watching and directing other robots. Pretty scary stuff when you take the time to consider where this is all going.

Keep in mind that robots don’t ever call in sick, they don’t need the weekend off, they can work 24/7 without even taking a break. And if they ever do break down, another robot could fix them.

Now let’s add another level of complexity

Let’s assume that robots had the ability to develop artificial Intelligence. In fact, that is one of the main goals of robot builders right now. They want to develop a robot that is “human-like” with all the possibilities that humans can provide, especially problem-solving.

How long do you think it’s going to take before these robots figure out that WE are the weakest link! If and when they turn on us, they will become the most advanced beings, completely dominating all other life forms, including us. I wouldn’t want to be around the day the robots decided to take over.

Maybe you should start being nicer to Alexa! She is taking notes you know. All those times you yelled at her for giving you the wrong information. Or belittled her by telling her that her father was a cheap calculator, or her mother was a transistor radio. You can expect that those conversations are going to come back to haunt you.

Maybe if you are nice to your robots, they will show pity on you when they take over, and let you live, if you stay out of their way.

Of course, there are going to be those people who reject robots and insist on maintaining human on human relationships, but even these people will be forced to use robots as they become more prevalent in the workplace. When our government finally reaches the point where they force companies to pay an extremely high rate of minimum wage, companies are going to do what companies do. That means replacing people with robots that can perform your job at a lower cost.

Maybe you say, “this will never happen.” I say. “it’s already begun.”

Last week I went to a Renaissance fair. Of course, I had a great time. I Ate great food, drank wine, and watched as people created things by hand. Clothes, leather goods, glass blowing, coin minting, and entertainment. I thought about all of the things that people use to make by hand. I noticed that the prices were, on average, about five times higher than products and goods that are sold at stores.

Also, hand-made products have a unique charm to them, unlike production items. Hand-made items are always one-of-a-kind with no two items being the exact same thing. It’s the small imperfections that tell you, “This was made by hand.” People are willing to accept these imperfections as a testament to the effort and skill it took to make them.

When robots take over, there won’t be any imperfections. Everything will be exactly the same. Any robot that doesn’t perform flawlessly would be considered unusable and would either be upgraded or discarded.

So what would the end of humans look like?

What would cause robots to kill people and take over? It would probably be the result of a war between countries. Robots would be created as soldiers and would be sent into battle. Since they are so effective, they could kill every human on earth, because that was what they were programmed to do.

If, during a war, the leaders and generals were killed, who is going to order the robots to “Stand Down?” The robots would continue to roam the earth killing their perceived adversary without any remorse, or conscious objection. Those who had control over these military robots would be dead as a result of the war, and the “Stop Codes” would be lost.

As long as we are talking about robots, here’s another thought.

Let’s assume that life on other planets exists. Let’s assume that life forms that are much more advanced than we have the ability to travel great distances in space, and a very high speed. Doesn’t it make sense that these advanced life forms would also have developed robots?

Doesn’t it make sense that if you were going to send a spaceship to another planet for discovery and research, plus you had robots that could do this for you without needing any food, air, or water, wouldn’t you send the robots instead of living beings?

That just makes sense. Why risk life when you don’t have to? let the robots do the work, and take all of the risks. So what about all of these UFOs that are being reported lately? Maybe they are being controlled by robots from another planet. That could explain how they can move so fast and change directions without killing the beings inside the craft.

Some of these UFOs change directions and move so fast, that if a human were inside the craft, they would be dead. No one could survive a G-Force that would be produced by some of the lighting fast direction changes that UFOs have reportedly been observed.

Maybe we aren’t dealing with alien life-forms, maybe they are robots. Look at what we did. Did we send a human or a robot to the planet Mars? We sent a robot, right? Of course, it just makes sense. Maybe our government has already shot some of these crafts down, maybe we are already in possession of alien robots.

The real question becomes, “Can you trust government?” We already know the answer to that question.