The Bigfoot UFO connection

I hear stories about Bigfoot all the time, yet no one has ever captured one or even presented evidence that they are real.

Skeptics are quick to point out this fact as proof that they are just imaginations running wild. In fact, they are just stories to sell books, movies, and the like. 

Entire towns have profited from these stories, such as Willow Creek California. It’s to their advantage that the bigfoot phenomenon continues to draw interest, and money to the town.

Bigfoot and UFO's have a lot in common

It seems that UFOs and Bigfoot share the same type of skeptical evaluation. They are quick to point out that no absolute proof has ever been provided. They are quick to make judgments and scoff at those who disagree. Yes, it’s true that a lot of money has been made from these types of stories, however, that are also a lot of reports that have come to the light from people who have nothing to gain by claiming to see them. 

In fact, usually, the opposite is true. People have lost their jobs, respect, and even their dignity by coming forward to tell things they have seen. So much so that most people who see these kinds of things keep it to themselves.

Especially military and commercial pilots, who share the skies with UFOs. No one wants to lose their job by reporting a UFO.

Most of this information comes out much later after they have completed their career and cannot be harmed by releasing their stories. 

People - God - Bigfoot - and UFO's

Don’t you find it a little hypocritical for people to pass judgment on the validity of Bigfoot and UFOs because of a lack of physical evidence, while at the same time embracing God based on a book called “The Bible” and faith alone?

I am not putting down Christianity, and I am not suggesting that God doesn’t exist, but at the same time, I would give consideration that UFOs, Bigfoot, and other such things are also valid entities.

Simply put, if you can believe in God, having never actually seen him, then why wouldn’t you give other beings the same consideration?

UFO spotted with Bigfoot

This is starting to make some kind of sense. Just maybe Bigfoot is connected to the UFO sightings. That would explain how a big hairy beast can live in the forest without ever being captured.

I listened to a story that was brought to my attention by one of my listeners, and I started researching this subject.

If there were some kind of connection between UFOs and Bigfoot, then he might have the ability to simply disappear whenever needed.

It all began in the autumn of 1972 in the High Sierras, close to Lake Tahoe.

Each year in the early autumn workers start clearing out small brushes and trees that have popped up on ski slopes. They only have a few months to clear the land before the seasonal snowfall covers everything up for the skiing season.

These small young trees and brushes are unwanted and can cause injuries to skiers if they are not cut back.

This is where our story begins.  David and Bryan were riding together up a ski lift. (The ski lodge didn’t want to be part of this story, so the mountain and ski run will remain anonymous.)

The ski run groomers, such as David and Bryan use the ski lifts during the autumn months to gain access to the ski slopes before the annual show fall.

They take all of their equipment, including chainsaws, shovels, and rope up the lift.

They cut down small trees and then move them to the middle of the ski area to burn them. This is a lot faster and cheaper than trying to transport them off the mountain.

A team cuts and gathers the small trees, while the other team is in charge of burning them down to ashes, and making sure not to set the entire mountain on fire.  This job usually takes several weeks, and the fires glow all night long and are tended by workers.

This means that workers are setting up camps and living on the side of the mountain for several weeks at a time. 

Anyway, while riding up the lift, David spotted a big brown bear making his way toward a group of workers on the ground. He got on his walkie-talkie and started alerting the cutting crew on the ground.

“Look out, you got a big hairy one making his way toward your cutting area.  Everyone knew that when you mentioned “A big hairy one” you were referring to a bear. Bears can be a real problem for the grooming team because they are searching for an area to hibernate for the coming winter.  They often run into each other on the ski slopes.

David continued to watch the bear using his binoculars when he noticed something different.  This bear was standing on his hind legs. Bears usually only do this when they are standing still, to smell the air, but this bear seemed to be walking on his hind legs. 

Wait! That’s not a bear – What the hell is that? I think it’s a bigfoot!

David got Bryan’s attention and said, look at that, what do you think that is? They both watched the hairy beast walk several yards, then seemed to stand behind a group of trees. He was only about 200 feet into the treeline, and he seemed to be stalking the ground crew.

David and Bryan had a bird’s eye view from the ski lift.  Bryan go on his radio and warned the ground crew. “You got a big hairy one, but it doesn’t look like a bear.”

Several workers jumped on the radio and immediately started mocking David and Bryan. “You know you shouldn’t show up to work drunk.”

“Maybe you should get into another line of work.” Then you could hear groups of workers laughing on the radio.

David returned the ridiculing remarks by saying “OK, just forget it.” 

After David and Bryan got to the top of the ski run, and off of the lift, the sarcastic remarks continued throughout the day.

It's dinner time at the camp site

After a long day’s work, it was finally time to settle down and eat dinner. This is when the work crew gets to socialize and talk about worldly things, such as football teams, politics, jokes, and more.  Of course, the entire camp was chattering about the reported Bigfoot that David and Bryan made while coming up the lift.

David finally said, “It was just a joke OK? So let’s just forget it.”  You see, this is often the case when a person sees a bigfoot, then reports it. Most of the time they live to regret it.

One of the other workers said, “next time you tell a joke, make sure it’s funny.” Then the entire campsite broke out laughing at the pair.

About an hour later something strange happened.  One of the workers said, “look!” He stood up pointing at the treeline about 100 yards away. There seemed to be a light in the woods. What the hell is going on? Someone was playing a joke on them.

Several workers got up and started walking toward the light. It looked like there was someone using a flashlight in the woods, but why? Was this part of David and Bryan’s ongoing joke?  Several of the workers confronted David and asked “What is this? What’s going on?”  David said, “I don’t have anything to do with this.”

As the group got closer to the light, they noticed that it wasn’t coming from the ground. It was a beam of light coming from an aircraft.  Was this a helicopter? No, it wasn’t making any noise, and it seemed to be much larger than any man-made aircraft. Then in a flash, the beam stopped, and the craft zipped away in a flash.

The group wasn’t laughing anymore. For the first time all day, David and Bryan felt a sense of relief, because the jokes about them ended. The joking and laughing were replaced by a serious discussion about UFOs and Bigfoot.

Now it was time for the group to feel the same ridicule and mockery that they had just dished out to David and Bryan. David said, “Paybacks are a bitch, right?” “So now I bet you can’t wait to run down the mountain and tell others what you saw, right?” “So how does it feel?” “Do you just expect people to believe you?” Now it was David and Bryan’s turn to dish out the verbal punishment  

The work crew spent the entire night talking about Bigfoot and UFOs

For the first time, the work crew believed David and Bryan’s reported Bigfoot sighting. Was it just a coincidence that Bigfoot and a UFO sighting happened just hours apart at the very same location? I bet not! 

Obviously, there is a connection. When you think about the combination of Bigfoot and UFOs, then just about anything is possible. It would explain why no one has ever killed a Bigfoot or has any credible proof.  It could be that Bigfoot is nothing more than a scout for aliens. Or maybe a test for humans. After all, if we simply kill a Bigfoot just because he is different, why would an alien spaceship want to make contact?

Let’s apply some common sense here. Let’s turn things around. Suppose you are traveling in a spacecraft, and you come across a planet with beings. Are you going to just land and say “hi?”  Probably not, right? You would send something or someone else down. Are they just going to say “hi”, or are going to eat you?

It reminds me of the old camping joke.

Person #1: I’m going camping in Colorado, with my friend Billy

Person #2: Aren’t you afraid of being eaten by bears?

Person #1: If I see a bear, I’ll just run.

Person #2: You can’t outrun a bear.

Person #1: I don’t have to, I just need to outrun Billy.

UFOs and Bigfoot are the subject of other encounters

After researching this topic I have discovered that UFOs and Bigfoot have been linked together many times. There seem to be a lot of encounters with this combination. As far back as 1888 between cattle ranchers and Native Americans in northern California. You can do a google search and find lots of examples of Bigfoot and UFOs together.

There is even a movie called UFOs, Bigfoot and Jesus. This movie was released in May 2021  There is also another movie called: THE BIGFOOT ALIEN CONNECTION REVEALED. We are not alone in the universe. Alien life is here right now, contacting us in the form of Bigfoot, UFOs, orbs, and other inter-dimensional paranormal phenomena.

If you get the chance to see these movies, let me know your thoughts.

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