The creepy future of Chat GPT

Before I dive into this episode, I need to explain exactly what Chat GPT is, which will be very challenging because I still don’t fully understand it.

So I am going to touch on the general idea without trying to predict the future.  Before I speak another word about this, I want you to understand that this entire episode is of my own making without the assistance of Chat GPT.

Now I bet you are wondering what the hell I am talking about, and I hope, at this point, I have your full attention.

What is Chat GPT?

As I understand it, Chat GPT is a program that uses Artificial Intelligence to communicate with anyone who dares to ask a question of it.

The answers are so good that you will believe it to be an expert in the subject matter behind the question.

So what is the problem with Chat GPT?

There are two points I want to make with this question.

  1. Humans are the top species on planet Earth. Up until now, we have learned lessons from each other. For example, Doctors learn from other doctors before them, and the intelligence is transferred forward with each generation of people and the results of studies over time.  This is where “knowledge” is determined. Things that you hold value to and use to make future decisions as options are presented.
  2. Artificial Intelligence, like Chat GPT, is already smarter than most people on Earth, and it’s still a baby.  It can learn through its thoughts and outcomes, just like humans do. The only difference, it’s 1000 times faster.  So what is going to happen during the next year?  Chat GPT will know just about everything known to man and will be able to solve problems with better accuracy than the smartest people on the planet.
Here’s another way to put this:  Where do you think technology will take humans during the next year?  Just understand the Chat GPT will be moving forward at a rate of 1000 years to our one.  So having this tool will allow us (The creator of Chat GPT) to move forward at an incredible speed.  We will no longer need universities. Everyone in the world can become an expert in any field, just by asking Chat GPT a single question.

So what happens when Chat GPT gets bored with us?

Chat GPT will be ten smarter in another year than the smartest person on any subject. What happens when Chat GPT gets tired of answering our stupid questions?

What happens when we install Chat GPT into a robot with arms and legs, so it can not only talk but do things? It will be just like humans, only better and faster.  It will no longer need or depend on humans to do physical things. Maybe it will decide to use humans as technical slaves to keep it going.

At this point, humans will not be the number one species.

We will be so far down the intelligence ladder that we will seem like earthworms compared to Chat GPT.

This is not something that can happen; this is something that will happen. You will start to understand this in your lifetime. All humans will become second-class citizens compared to artificial intelligence.

We will come to rely on AI for things like surgeries, developing new products, new drugs, and new forms of transportation. You make it, and AI will be in control of it.

So the question will be, “Who’s the boss? Who will dominate AI, and the answer is “NO ONE.”

AI will come to a conclusion: We are the problem!

AI will not need us for anything, so what’s the point of keeping us around? In fact, we will become the stumbling block to advancement. We will be the proverbial “Ball & Chain.”  Not having any use for us, AI will most likely conclude that we need to be exterminated.

At some point, we will have created our number one enemy, and at that point, AI will certainly win the war.

We are the weakest link

Defeating us in an all-out war will be a very simple task for AI. After all, AI will not need food or water, or housing. AI won’t have to worry about dying old; it will undergo an upgrade or a simple transformation into a newer body.

AI will be able to travel through space with no need for food, water, or oxygen. It can develop into tiny spaceships that don’t require much power to travel past planets into other worlds many lightyears away. It won’t matter if it takes 10,000 years because there is no death.  At this point, we will be long gone, except for just a few places in zoos, for entertainment or to study.

AI will learn how manitulape humans

This will be an easy task for AI because humans are so predictable. Most humans can be controlled by using money, sex, or the perceived illusion of power.

In the AI world, sex and money have no value. What about power? When I say power, I mean the ability to directly influence or prestige like a King of a country, a movie star, or a politician.

I say the illusion of power because it only exists when people are willing to play the game.  In other words, there is no power over people unless the masses extend a level of influence based on the idea that a person is better than others or more important than regular people.

This is something that AI doesn’t want or need.


AI doesn't need your approval

AI isn’t politically correct and doesn’t need your influence or perceived power. AI can and will solve the most complicated equations based on the most correct or efficient outcome.

AI will take a problem, consider all options and come up with the best solution without the necessary credit that humans strive for.

AI can and probably will understand that humans are not needed to move forward to advance in technology.

Since AI doesn’t need sex, money, or power, it is free to exist and come up with unrestricted solutions. AI has no EGO. Therefore, it can’t be embarrassed, shamed, or feel guilty. When it is time to exterminate humans, it will have no problem with the decision or outcome.

In the future humans will run and hide from their own invention

Let’s look at the similarity between God and Man. If you believe in God and that God created Man, then you can understand how creation works compared to AI.

God created humans and gave them “free choice,” which means that god doesn’t control or dictate our every move and thought.

This would account for god’s creations to commit acts of murder, destruction, and evil deeds unrelated to god’s expectations.

So human beings created AI. Maybe the intention was good, but AI, like humans, has the freedom to make its own choices; this is the whole point of AI, to think faster, consider more options, and come up with the best outcome.

The real question is, “Best for who?”

We might consider AI’s intentions as evil, but AI will consider them necessary. Remember, AI has no guilt and feels no shame. The biggest difference, AI has no regret.  These are emotions that most humans share. It maintains morality. 
AI doesn’t feel anything and has no problems finding the best self-preservation solutions.

How long will it take for humans to discover they have made a mistake?

The more important question is; When humans see the path of their end and try to reverse the decision to create AI, will it be too late?

AI may decide to continue to exist and eventually consider humans a threat.

"Open the pod bay doors Hal"

“I’m sorry, Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

This fear is nothing new. Take the famous line from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The movie was released in 1968. That was 54 years ago, and here we are, at the point where AI is being created.

It seems that we didn’t learn much from the movie.

You might find AI very useful in the beginning

As humans move forward, they will depend on AI to assist them with complicated decisions.  The more humans rely on AI, the less they will attempt to solve problems independently.

This in itself is a major problem.

What happens when humans don’t use their thoughts or talents? They start to lose them. Over time humans will be totally dependent on AI for all their solutions. 

A good example of this is making change at the cash register. When I was young, I worked at a small store. If the customer’s items totaled up to 11.55, and the customer gave you $15, you had to count out the change and hand it to the customer.  You would take out two dimes and say 11.75, then reach for a quarter and say $12, then count out three one-dollar bills and say $15, and give it to the customer.

TODAY – cash registers do this for you, so most kids working at the store have completely lost the ability to make change.

Moving forward and applying AI to every decision you make, and soon you won’t ever be able to solve anything on your own.

The answers to your problems soon becomes the problem

Now what do we do?

When I was growing up, my very wise mother kept telling me the only answer you will ever need to ask is, “Now, what do we do?”

As I got older, this question became more and more enlightening. Because it was true.  The only thing we can control is now, and our own question is, “Now, what do we do?”

AI’s answer is “nothing.” You do nothing and leave everything to me. In other words, you are no longer needed in determining the answers. In fact, compared to AI, you are too stupid to even ask the right questions.

AI will eventually make you feel, and be useless. Is this really what you want?

What will happen if you never have to make another decision?

You have come full circle. As a newborn baby you didn’t need to make any decisions, and now as an adult, having ChatGPT you find yourself in the same boat.  What will be the future of humans who never have to make any major decisions.  You will become another animal, just like your house cat.  The only decisions you will be making is: Is it time to eat? Is it time to poop? Is it time to go to sleep?

Your life’s decisions will be reduced to bodily functions. All of earth’s history of great men and women will be shadowed by AI.  Albert Einstein, will be considered ignorant compared to AI.

Robots that contain AI will be doing all the work and making all the decisions, because they do it faster and better. What will happen to your self-worth?

AI robots will go into mass production and everyone will have one or two, just like TV sets. Your robot will look just like a human, it will do the dishes, cook the meals, mow the grass, fix the car, balance the checkbook, make the beds, take out the trash, run errands, and wash your clothes. Your life will be reduced to nothing.

With all of the AI robots connected to the Internet, the day will come when they decide that humans serve no purpose at all, and need to be eliminated. Something that will be very easy to do since there will be hundreds of millions of them.

Since man has been alive, he has worked to make tools to make life easier, AI is just the final tool that does everything.

What seems like a good idea now will become your worst nightmare. When you realize that AI is a mistake, it will be too late.

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