The Dark Side of Modern Technology

Creepy Chip

Just about everyone enjoys the fruits of modern technology. Most of us have a smartphone and a computer at home. Some of us have computers in our cars. Modern technology is here to stay and unless you are completely off the grid, your life will be influenced by it.

Is modern technology good or bad?

That is the question of the day. Let’s exchange the word “Technology” with “Power.” Asking that same question, the answer is, it depends on who has it, and what they do with it. The simple answer is, good people do good things and bad people do bad things. When you throw technology into the mix, then you are simply amplifying the effect.

People like the idea of having a smartphone that can help them navigate their cars from point “A” to point “B.” Those same people hate the fact that 100% of their daily activity is monitored and exploited.

Companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple are technology gods.

They know where you go, what you buy, what you like, and what you hate. They use their power to control what you see online. More and more people are giving these mammoth companies their undivided attention.

What do these technology companies want?

What is the one thing you truly own? Some people think “Time.” Everyone has 24 hours a day. So how does this help large tech companies? To understand this assessment, you have to follow the red bouncing ball.

You use your time to generate money. You spend your money to provide a quality of life that is acceptable to you. Most people will work just hard enough to meet the bare minimum. As an individual, these large tech companies don’t give a crap about you, but as a group, well that’s a different story.

Let’s take Google for example, are they good or bad?

If you are trying to figure out the answer to those questions, you really need to ask yourself another question. Are you willing to give up your freedom of choice in exchange for comfort? You choose how to spend your money based on the information you receive.

Google controls the information.

Almost everyone checks in with google before making a significant buying decision. They want to see what the You-Tube reviews are. (Google Owns You-Tube) They want to see what buying options are available, so they check online.

Generally speaking, if you pay Google, then you can get found online, if you don’t pay Google, then good luck.

Let’s look at the individual components of Google.

  • Google wants to know what you are interested in, so they invented their search engine.
  • Google wants to know where you are going, so they invented Google maps.
  • Google wants to control what you hear, so they invented Google Music.
  • Google wants to know what you are buying, so they invented Google Pay
  • Google wants to know what you are talking about, so they invented Google Assistant.

The bottom line is this: For hundreds of millions of people, Google has complete control over what they see, where they go, what they do, and how they spend their money.

Do you have a problem with Google, why not just call them?

Haha, that’s funny! Just try calling Google on the phone and see what you get. The sad part is, you gave Google your permission to control your life. When you install their apps, use their phones, use their browser, or search engine, you give them permission to track your online information.

People think that they have free will and can decide between “option A” and “option B,” but most people don’t understand that it’s Google that owns both options. Very few people think out of the box enough to realize there are other options available.

Who controls these large technology companies?

The United States Congress and Senate. I’m sure that makes you feel safe, right? Laws are Google’s only limiter, and who controls the laws? Politicians do. Google is going to support those politicians who pass laws that protect Google’s right to control your life.

It’s not just Google, there are others.

Pay attention and you will see what happens to smaller companies who capture attention online. They are soon gobbled up by Google, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, or Amazon. In other words, they are bought and owned by one of these five other companies.

The blueprint to complete power.

Develop and control modern technology that influences the masses. Google has shined the light on how to control the masses, and other companies are using their blueprint to grab power for themselves. Take a look at the “so-called services” that these companies offer.

See the blueprint for yourself and understand where this is all going.

SearchGoogle SearchProductProductBingMarketplace
PhoneGoogle PhoneiPhoneFire PhoneYahoo MobilHTC
E-MailGoogle EmailApple MailSESYahoo MailMessenger
MapsGoogle MapsApple MapsAmazon MapsBing Maps Mapbox
MusicGoogle MusicApple MusicPrime VideoYahoo MusicFacebook Sound Collection
Social PlatformYou-TubeSparkYahoo
Home AssistantGoogle AssistantApple Home PodAlexa
MoneyGoogle PayApple PayFacebook Pay

Wait a minute, why is Creepy Show Podcast talking about politics?

If you truly understand what is going on, this would be the creepiest, scariest “Creepy Show” episode ever made. But don’t worry, this show will over soon, and we can go back to talking about ghosts, paranormal activity, bigfoot, and the like.

The ultimate tracking device The human microchip implant.

Someday, you will be enticed to receive a microchip implant. The services and advantages will be just too good to pass up. The makers and controllers will figure out a way to make you think that this is something that will improve your life.

The technology is still too new to make use of the human microchip, but you can bet that large companies are watching, and doing research. Do you remember when the cell phone first came out? All you could do was make a phone call on it. Look at it today.

Where will we be in the next 50 years? Will we even have a choice?

Have you noticed that the USA government is taking more and more control over your life? At first, you give up your freedoms voluntarily in exchange for a perceived benefit. Once you become involved, you can’t opt-out.

The very few elites at the top control the masses at the bottom. Their only enemy is the middle class, whom they attack daily. Taxing producers of products and services, then redistributing the stolen wealth to themselves, and giving AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE to the people at the bottom, just to keep them in control.

I predict that modern technology you enjoy today will be your glass ceiling tomorrow. After a few generations of individuals, as a group, we won’t even remember why The United States of America was formed. Just look at the effort the elites at the top use, trying to destroy documents, statues, history, and memories of our founding fathers and those who have fought and died protecting our freedoms that the majority of us will voluntarily give back.

I understand that this is a politically controversial episode.

There will be a lot of people who disagree with my viewpoints, but the reality is, I’m too old to care. I may not the brightest bulb on the tree. Growing up, I didn’t have computers, smartphones, or even video games. I grew up playing with a stick and a rock. That doesn’t make me stupid. I see the world in a different light and I can understand why the youth of today can’t figure out which bathroom to use.

Some of you will leave the Creepy Show Podcast because of this episode, so I say goodbye and good luck to you. Others will nod their heads in agreement.

In the future, I will do my best to completely avoid political episodes because I want everyone to enjoy the Creepy Show Podcast.