The graveyard nightmare


Allen and his wife June have been married for 17 years. They bought a house next door to a graveyard. They never had any children because June couldn’t have kids. They opted for dogs instead. Their 2 boxers lived outside during the day and were allowed to come in each night to sleep. Nights in Rawlins Wyoming can get very cold. The two dogs were named Coco and Buster and they were well trained. They each had a sleeping pad next to the garage door.

Their bedroom was on the second floor of the house with one of the windows facing the graveyard. When they bought the house, they joked about having a graveyard next door, and that their house was probably haunted.

Allen had a nightmare.

He dreamed that he got up from bed and walked over to the window that faced the graveyard. It was a full-moon night with a little ground fog hovering about 10 inches over the soil. He looked out of the window and saw some movement. Maybe it was just a small animal creeping around. After all, there were lots of trees around the graveyard.

As he focused, he started to see someone’s arm sticking out of the ground. It was just a black silhouette of an arm, but it looked like it was struggling to dig itself out of one of the graves. That’s when Allen woke up. Allen looked over at the clock and it was 6:32 AM, still dark outside, he looked over at the window that was just in his dream.

He got up to go to the bathroom and as he passed the window he thought about looking out over the graveyard but decided that was a little too creepy, especially since he just had a nightmare about it. He thought about going back to bed for another hour, but his heart was beating too fast because of the nightmare.

He went downstairs, made coffee, and let the dogs out into the yard. They started barking in the direction of the graveyard. That’s unusual, they are usually quiet. Allen walked out on the back patio and yelled at his dogs “Shut up.” His dogs stopped barking and wanted to go back into the house.

June woke up, came downstairs, and said, “Who were you yelling at?” Allen told her about the dream he had, about seeing someone in the graveyard, trying to dig themselves out of a grave. She said, “OH, don’t tell me things like that, you’ll give me nightmares too.” She was half kidding and she gave him a little wink.

June and Allen never thought much about the graveyard until the nightmare.


Later that morning, they both walked over to the graveyard just to look around. This was a very old graveyard and most of the graves were dated to the early 1900s. Just over a hill was the Wyoming Frontier Prison and the graveyard was used to bury prisoners who had died in prison when no one was available to claim their bodies.

As they walked among to headstones, they noticed that one of them looked a little out of place. It was a little crooked, not in line with the rest of the graves, and there seemed to be a little clearing where it looked like someone was scratching the ground with the tip of a shovel.

June said, maybe this was the grave where that arm was digging out of. She was kidding of course, but Allen didn’t think it was too funny. The fact that all of the people buried here were criminals made Allen’s nightmare even scarier.

Allen continued to have this same nightmare. He would always wake up at the same part of the dream when he was looking out of his window at the graveyard, watching someone trying to dig out of a grave.

Someone was trying to dig themselves out of a grave.

Each night, Allen’s nightmare would go a step farther, with the person digging themselves out more and more. First, it was just an arm, but now it seems to be two arms, feverishly scraping at the soil, trying to dig out the rest of the body. Allen would wake up with his heart pounding and he was sweating like he had run a marathon.

He looked up at the window and knew he had to walk past it to get to the bathroom, but he didn’t dare to look out at the graveyard.

Each night the dream would continue, but each time it would go a step farther. It went from two arms to an entire upper torso, sitting up in a grave, with its lower part still stuck in the ground. Each day Allen would tell June more details of the reoccurring nightmare. At this point, she stopped kidding him about it. She could tell that Allen was actually being terrorized at night in his dreams.

June said “This has got to stop, go and see a doctor, maybe he can give you some sleeping pills of something” Her advice made Allen mad because he wasn’t having a problem sleeping, he was having a problem with nightmares.

June said, why not face your fears.

Allen said, “what the hell are you talking about?” June asked, “you are having these nightmares and each time the dream goes a little farther, right? Then you wake up in the middle of the night, right?” Allen said, “Yes.” June said, “the next time this happens, just go and look out the window, and you will see that everything is normal.”

The thought of looking out that window after having the nightmare was overwhelming. Allen said “No Thanks!” June said, “then the next time this happens, wake me up and we will look out of the window together.” Allen agreed, that might be a good solution.

The graveyard nightmare comes to a climax

That night, Allen promised to wake up June if he had that same nightmare. They both fell asleep and Allen started dreaming again. His dream would start out the same way each time. In his dream, he would be walking past the window in the middle of the night, and for some reason, he would look out over the graveyard. Each time he would see activity, someone seemed to be digging themselves out of a grave, and each time they would dig themselves out a little more.

This night was the worst, in his dreams, the ghostly silhouette had dug himself completely out of the grave, and was standing up in the middle of the graveyard. Allen woke up with a scream, “Oh Hell No. We got to get out of here.” June woke up and said, “OK let’s go and look out the window together.”

Allen said, “I’m not ready for that.” June said, “but you promised, we need to get past this nightmare, come with me and I’ll show you that it’s all just a dream.” Allen said, “OK, but you go first.” At this point June was mad, she said, “really?” June said, “Come on, you have got to face your fears or this will only get worst.”

June finally said, “Oh for god’s sakes, OK, I’ll go look out the window.” June swung the covers off the bed in a fit of rage. She looked over at the clock and noticed that it was 4:00 in the morning. She stood up and went over to the window and looked out.

Allen watched in horror as June froze at the window, obviously too scared to even talk, or move. Allen said, “What is it?” June was doing everything she could to gasp a lung full of air, then she let out a blood-curdling scream that made Allen shiver with fear.

Allen bolted from the bed to the window, and for the first time, they both were seeing the same thing. There were a low-level ground fog and a black ghost silhouette of a person, standing at the edge of the graveyard. He was facing their widow starring back at them with soft-glowing orange eyes. He appeared to have a machete in his right hand.

Allen just couldn’t take anymore, he quickly turned his head for a split second to look at June, and when he looked back, this darkened evil spirit had instantly moved 50 yards toward their house, now standing in their backyard. You couldn’t see the face, just a dark outline of a person, and you knew they were evil.

June calls the police

Allen said, “what the hell are you going to tell them?” June said, “I am reporting someone or something in our backyard.” June yelled at Allen, “go and check all of the doors and windows, make sure they are all locked.” Allen frantically ran down the stairs and double-checked all of the doors and windows. He could hear June upstairs on the phone, crying and trying to talk to the police, “something is in our backyard, we need help!”

The police arrived within a few minutes and searched the entire property. Then they knocked on the door. Allen and June invited them into the house to talk. The police said, “we didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.” June was still shaking with fear as she asked, “can you post an officer in front of our house until it gets light?” The police said, “sure.” At this point, it was getting to be about 5:00 AM, and the sunrise was expected within the next 2 hours.

Of course, Allen and June didn’t go back to sleep. They stayed up, peeking out of the window every fifteen minutes to make sure the police were still there. June and Allen both agreed that they needed to sell the house and get the hell out of here.

The next day they listed the house with a local real-estate person, and they made plans to move completely out of the state. Their house sold within a few weeks and they moved to Colorado, where they still live today.

Since they have moved, the nightmares have stopped and everything is back to normal. They made sure they were not anywhere near a graveyard. Still to this day, June and Allen didn’t know what the ghost wanted, or why he was in Allen’s dreams. but they suspected that it was evil and wanted no part of it.

Have you ever visited a graveyard at night? What about a prison graveyard? If you are brave enough, go and visit the Wyoming Frontier Prison and the graveyard behind it. Add an additional level of creepiness, and if you dare, go at night.