The haunted doll on the shelf

haunted doll

A haunted doll shouldn’t be sold without a warning. Vicky was the assistant manager at a very large second-hand store in Portland Oregon. This store received unwanted items to resale on a daily basis.

Sometimes people would bring items into the store to sell on consignment, but most of the stuff was simply donated. They would often be called to pick up items by the truckload after a large garage sale.

We sold everything from clothes, kitchen appliances, lawnmowers, and furniture. One of our best selling items is toys. Our store had two sections. The front of the store is where we display and sell items to the general public. The back of the store was for employees only. This is where we collected items for sale. We also used the back of the store to repair, clean, and price items before putting them out for sale.

We have regular customers who come in every day.

Many of our customers buy items to resale them on E-Bay and Amazon. We have more than 100 of these types of buyers. Our customers usually specialize in certain items, such as clothes, toys, kitchen items, or furniture. They often buy hundreds of items at a time.

We had one customer, Jim who only bought DVD players, microwave ovens, and VCRs that were broken. He would get these items extremely cheap, like for a dollar. Then he would fix the items and resale them on Craig’s list. We had a special section in the back of the store where we piled up all of the broken electronics, and Jim would come in and take the entire pile each week.

How we acquired our haunted doll.

Katherine Snider was a doll collector. She had more than 500 dolls in her collection. Katherine would visit our store about once a week to look for new dolls. She also bought many dolls on e-bay.

One day we found out that Katherine had passed away. Her family contacted us to see if we would be willing to sell her doll collection. Katherine seemed to be too young to die of natural causes, she was only about 50 years old. I was later told that she stumbled and fell down a flight of stairs in her home and broke her neck.

We dispatched our truck to her house and picked up all of her dolls. Most of them were in great shape because she kept them clean and repaired the ones that were broken. All we had to do is tag them and put them on the sales floor.

Many of her dolls were originally purchased at our store so we had an idea concerning their value. We ended up buying her entire doll collection so that we could resale them.

I remember Janet, one of our employees, talking about the dolls as she was tagging them for resale. It was kind of funny because she was actually talking to the dolls, saying things like “Welcome back,” or “I remember you.”

She came to the haunted doll and said “Here’s a new one, I don’t remember you at all.”

The first clue we were in possession of a haunted doll.

Janet placed many of the dolls that were tagged onto the shelves in the front of the store. These dolls started selling right away. We ran a special ad in the newspaper about acquiring the entire doll collection which drew many doll collectors into our store.

One of our customers mentioned that Katherine had a blog, where she listed each doll in her collection. To our surprise, her blog was still active, so we used the blog to learn more about her dolls. This information was very useful in determining the value of each doll.

We saw a particular creepy looking doll that was listed as a “Haunted Doll” Janet said, “I had no idea that Katherine collected haunted dolls.” There it was on her blog, and we now have it in our store. Janet said, “I don’t believe in haunted dolls.”

We read about the haunted doll from Katherine’s blog and learned that it was purchased from a fire sale from a nearby town. Katherine bought the doll from the family who owned the house that was burnt down. This family warned Katherine that the doll was haunted, in fact, they believe that the doll has something to do with the house burning down.

In her blog, Katherine first thought the haunted doll theory was ridiculous, but then she mentioned several instances concerning the doll which changed her mind.

Katherine also wrote about how the doll seemed to move on its own. She would remember leaving the doll in a certain place, later she would see that the doll had moved several feet.

She noted that it was strange how the doll seemed unscathed from the fire, while everything else had smoke damage.

Our haunted doll started causing problems.

We place our doll on the shelf for sale but didn’t mention anything about it being haunted. This was actually a very valuable antique doll. We did some research and found that this doll was probably made in Germany around 1900. We removed the doll from the toy section, and put it into the antique section, and priced it at $75. Our opinion was the doll would bring a higher price among the other antique items.

Our haunted doll had the sleepy eye feature, so when you placed the doll on its back, the eyes would close. Back in the early 1900s, dolls were mostly made out of wood, so the sleepy eye feature was considered high tech.

Our doll was on the shelf for about a week when a lady screamed. I thought she was having a heart attack. I ran back to the antique section and this lady claimed that the doll’s head turned and looked at her when she walked by, and it blinked.

She was mad at us for rigging up the doll to scare people. I assured her that we didn’t do things like that. The lady left her half-filled shopping cart and walked out of the store.

I thought the lady was a little crazy, but it happened again. This time it wasn’t so dramatic. One of our regular customers come up to the front cashier and asked, “why are you trying to scare customers with a remote-controlled doll?”

We need to get rid of this haunted doll.

I told my manager, “we need to get rid of this freaky doll.” So we agreed to put the doll back into the toy section with the other dolls and get rid of it. I remember seeing the doll in someone’s cart. After the customer bought the doll and left the store, all of the employees started cheering.

Finally, it’s gone and out of our way. Now we can go back to our normal lives. I had no idea that the other employees were talking so much about this haunted doll. During a lunch break, I sat down with several other employees and learned that each one of them had a creepy personal experience with the doll. One of them even claimed that the doll started whispering at her while she was working. She just didn’t say anything because she believed that we would think she was crazy and fire her.

I assured her, your job is secure and now the doll is gone and out of our lives. Everything was back to normal and the haunted doll was soon forgotten.

Our collection crew brings the haunted doll back.

We have a few collection boxes located around town where people can leave unwanted clothes and small items. About once a week we have a collection team that empties the boxes and brings the stuff back to the store for processing, cleaning, repairs, and listing.

In one of our collection boxes, we stumbled across our doll again. “Oh My God NO” The haunted doll was back. The entire staff groaned just at the thought of having to deal with the doll again. I asked if anyone wanted to take the doll home with them, and of course, no one volunteered.

This haunted doll was like a living nightmare. We just couldn’t get rid of it. One of our customers who does psychic readings replied, “You know, haunted dolls choose you, you don’t choose them.” She also mentioned that if you simply threw the doll away, or tried to destroy the doll, that it will haunt you forever. “Oh great, that’s just what I needed to hear.”

Keep the haunted doll out of the front of the store.

I talked to my manager and we decided to just store the doll in the back room with a batch of other dolls, it was causing too many problems on the sales floor. If someone ever asked about a haunted doll, we were to sell it to them for one dollar.

Crazy things were going on each night in the back of the store. I would unlock the door in the morning, then go into the back room where the doll was, and find that the other dolls were scattered all over the floor. All except the haunted doll, which seemed to be smiling. Things like this were a regular occurrence.

One night, as I was closing up the store, I heard someone giggling in the back. It freaked me out because I thought someone was still in the store. I actually called the police and they showed up in less than 3 minutes and checked the store out. No one was there.

It’s inventory time at the store

This was something that I was dreading. Since I was the assistant manager, I had to do the inventory. We had to do this once a year for tax purposes. This means that I had to spend the night at the store and count everything, including the haunted doll. I was allowed to pick one employee to help me, so I asked Janet, and she said, “ok.”

What made things worse, there was a big storm that night, with lots of thunder and lighting. We have an emergency generator at the store, so if our power goes out, we will still have limited lighting.

All hell breaks loose.

At 2:00 AM, all hell broke loose. Someone or something turned on a radio in the back of the room. It scared the crap out of us. How did that radio just start playing? It turned out to be a clock radio and the alarm was set for 2:00 AM. I guess someone was testing an old radio we received and didn’t unplug it. It’s even possible that this happens every night, but no one is here to hear it.

Well, that freaked us out, as you can imagine. We unplugged the radio and went on with our inventory. We even joked about what happened, and how it scared us.

Just as things started settling down, we heard glass breaking at the back of the store. We investigated and found a large glass picture frame smashed on the floor. We looked up and saw our haunted doll, sitting on a shelf all alone, everything else on the shelf was pushed off, onto the floor.

Janet said, “that’s it, I’m done. I am leaving.” Well, I am certainly not going to stay here by myself, so we both decided to leave. As we were locking the front door to leave, we heard the radio come on again in the back. We both screamed in terror, for we knew that we had unplugged that radio an hour earlier.

We finally got rid of the haunted doll.

The next morning I called the manager and told her about what had happened. I said, “Either that doll has to leave, or I am going to quit, and so are most of the other employees.”

The manager agreed and we placed an ad on E-Bay and stated that this was really a haunted doll. We started the bid at one penny, and to our surprise, people started bidding on it like crazy.

This was just a 1-day auction, and by the end of the day, the doll was sold for a whopping $124. I was shocked! Whoever bought that doll had better be prepared to deal with it. Our haunted doll sold “AS-IS – NO RETURNS – NO REFUNDS.