The job that came with a warning


Tim Caster was a cop who worked in Boston for more than 22 years. He started out working a foot patrol in the downtown section during the swing shift, from 3 PM until 11 PM. This was a very busy shift which included a lot of petty crime, such as pickpockets, store thefts, and other such things. Tim usually ended up arresting at least one person each day.

This was a very frustrating job because sometimes he would arrest someone for shoplifting from a convenience store during the first part of his shift, then before his shift was over, he would see the same person walking down the street, looking for his next victim.

Tim didn’t like the relationship he had with the DOJ

Tim would make jokes about the Department of Justice to his fellow cop friends. He referred to the DOJ as just a “Turnstile Door System” where he arrest crooks, they pay a fine and are returned to the street within hours. Once he even arrested the same guy, two separate times for two separate charges, during one shift.

It seemed like it was a game, and he was just one of the players. The crooks robbed the citizens, the cops catch the crooks, and the DOJ fines the crooks and takes their money, then let them go back to the streets. So the money actually goes from the citizens to the DOJ and everyone in between just plays their part.

One day in September, Tim was called to a robbery in progress, which was just a block away. Tim started running toward the crime scene when he stumbled over a curb and fell hard to the ground. At first, he thought that he just got the air knocked out of him, but quickly realized a great deal of pain coming from his left leg.

He looked down and noticed his leg bone sticking through the skin, just above his left ankle. He called for backup and waited until help arrived. An ambulance arrived and took Tim to a local hospital where he had emergency surgery to repair his leg.

After the swing shift was over, several of his coworkers stopped by the hospital to check on him. At this point, Tim was just laying in bed with his leg in a cast. The other cops who were visiting Tim said they caught the person who was robbing the store and he was armed with a gun, a well-known local crook who has been arrested multiple times before, and of course the DOJ always just let him go free after paying a fine and spending a month or two in jail.

This news made Tim very mad because he had just broken his leg chasing a crook that the DOJ was just going to eventually turn loose only to rob again and again. Tim felt like he was just a small piece of a giant puzzle and he was starting to question his desire to be a policeman.

A career change for Tim

Why am I doing this? What is the point? When will this end? These are questions that Tim was asking himself as he laid in bed, waiting to be released to go home. Tim was released the next day, however, he wouldn’t be able to work for at least eight more weeks. He also had several weeks of physical therapy to endure for the next 2 months.

While Tim was healing from his on-the-job injury, he started considering retiring from the Boston Police Department. Maybe it was time to do something that was less stressful. A job that made you feel like you were contributing more to society, instead of just being a small cog-wheel in the Department of Justice’s turnstile money laundering scheme.

He was tired of risking his life, and health to catch bad guys, only to see them returned to the street hours later. He followed up on the crook that he was chasing on the day he broke his leg and noted that this crook was already on the street, while he was still out of commission, stuck at home in a leg cast.

Tim’s wife pushed Tim to retire early

Tim talked to his wife who encourages him to seek employment that didn’t include chasing people through the streets of Boston. Since Tim had worked more than 20 years with the Boston Police Department, he had a retirement package available to him, and since he was injured on the job, he was entitled to a life-long bonus.

Tim decided to take his retirement bonus and he quit being a policeman. He wasn’t ready to completely retire, so he started looking for another job. He talked to some of his friends who had also retired, and one of them mentioned becoming a security patrolman.

This was a very easy job when compared to being a policeman. It didn’t pay as much, but he had his retirement, and the combination of these two incomes actually gave Tim a raise.

Tim becomes a security guard

Tim applied to a security firm and was hired on the spot. He went through a 2-week training session and was ready to start. Dave, Tim’s new boss asked him to come into his office and close the door. This is where the story gets a little strange.

Dave started asking Tim some really strange questions., such as, do you believe in the paranormal? Tim asked, “you mean ghosts and spirits?” Dave said, “yes.” Tim said, “well my wife believes in that kind of stuff, but I don’t really think much about it.” Tim asked, “Why are you asking this kind of question?”

Dave said, “well we have an old building that is about 75% unoccupied and is scheduled to be demolished sometime during the next two years. There is only one company occupying the building and they have a 2-year lease on their offices. As soon as their lease expires, the building will be torn down.

We need a security guard to can watch the building starting at 10 PM to 6 AM Monday through Friday. I think you might be perfect for this assignment. Mostly you will be just checking doors and make sure they are locked, and doing a security walk-around to make sure lights are turned off. It’s a very easy job, but you would spend about 95% of your time alone in the building. Once in a while, you might run into maintenance workers changing filters, but all in all, you will be the only person in the building.

Tim said, “sure, I’d love to do that kind of work. So what were all the questions about ghosts and stuff.” Dave said, “well he has had several other security patrolmen take on this job and quit within a week or two, claiming that the place is haunted.”

Tim is told about paranormal activity

Tim was smiling and rolling his eyes as he made the following statement, “oh, well I’m not really a believer in all of that kind of stuff, I’m sure I would be ok with the place being haunted.” So with that being said, Tim was assigned to the old building, which was located on the south side of Boston on Upton Street.

Tim started on a Sunday, working with another guard that watched the building on the weekends. The other guard was named Sam, and he had been watching the building for the past several months and knew the layout. Sam was to spend just one night with Tim so he could learn all of the procedures required to guard the building.

Tim asked Sam in a joking manner, “so, is this building really haunted?” Sam said, “well, let’s put it this way, I am glad that I am leaving next month. There is a lot of unexplained activity going on in this building. I wasn’t a believer in all the paranormal crap, but after working here, I’m starting to change my opinion about all of this.”

Tim asked, “what kind of things are going on?” Sam said, “lights are coming on after I turned them off, sometimes I hear someone walking up and down the emergency staircase, but no one is ever there. I hear a lot of noises and sometimes voices like someone is arguing in the distance.

When I go to check on it, the voices stop. One night a large glass ashtray fell off my security desk and smashed on the floor right in front of me. It looked like it just lifted up about an inch off the desk, and flew across the room, just like someone was throwing it.”

Sam said, “either this place is haunted, or someone is going through a lot of effort to make it look like it’s haunted.” Sam said, “this is a very easy job if you don’t scare easily. I’ve never been hurt or felt threatened by ghosts, but they do seem to make sure you know they are present.

Tim’s first paranormal experience

Tim started his first night alone the following day. He unlocked the front door and entered the building at about 9:45 PM for his first eight-hour shift. He noticed that there were a lot of lights turned on on the upper floors of the 14 story building. He walked up the emergency fire escape stairs to turn out the lights when he noticed a cold breeze rush by him. It was like standing in front of a refrigerator with a fan turned on it, blowing out all of the cold air.

Tim said out loud, “holy shit, what was that?” Since he had already been warned about paranormal activity, he was expecting lights going off and on, but no one said anything about cold winds on the staircase. As he got closer to the floor where the lights were on, he heard a very strange eerie voice ask “Why are you here?”

Tim was the kind of person who didn’t scare easily, but he had to admit to himself, this is really freaky. He even said out loud to the ghosts, “if you are trying to get my attention, you got it.” Over the next few weeks, Tim witnessed a lot of paranormal activity, such as things flying off his desk and smashing into a wall, lights turning off and on, voices up and down the halls when no one was there.

Tim learns that not all spirits are bad

On one occasion, Tim put a dollar into a coke machine and tried to get a drink, but the machine malfunctioned and just ate his dollar. He was cursing under his breath, now he had to eat his lunch without a drink. As he walked past the machine about 30 minutes later, it started rumbling and an ice-cold drink came out. Tim just looked up and said, “Thank You.”

With everything going on, Tim became a believer very fast. He even purchased paranormal measuring equipment and started trying to communicate with the many spirits that lurked within the old building. He bought an infrared thermal image camera, plus an EMF magnetic field detector, and a high-quality digital voice recorder.

Tim even bought an Ouija board and took it to work. He became very interested in learning more about the paranormal. With all of Tim’s new equipment, he started communicating with several spirits who occupied the building for many years.

Tim changes career again

Tim got so interested in the paranormal that he decided to make another career change. He started his own paranormal investigation business on the side. He kept his security job for two more years because it gave him access to many spirits that seemed to be trapped inside the old building.

Then the building was demolished, releasing the bond that held the spirits together. At this point, Tim went full-time into paranormal investigations. Tim learned that he had a personal angel spirit that had been following him most of his adult life.

He was using an Ouija board to talk to his spirit angel. His spirit angel told him that on many occasions, she intervened on his behalf, keeping him safe at work when he was an officer in the Boston Police Department. Tim was half-kidding when he said, “I guess you took the day off when I broke my leg.” The spirit angle replied, No, I was the one who tripped you, you were headed toward your death”