The Kennedy Assassination Dollar Bill Conspiracy

The Kennedy Assassination dollar bill conspiracy

The Kennedy assassination dollar bill is either a coincidence or a conspiracy. The bill accurately predicted the future assassination of a United States President. So many details of the prediction come to pass that it is very hard to dismiss as a coincidence.

The only other conclusion is it must be a conspiracy. Meaning that someone knew this was going to happen and tried to warn us by designing a dollar bill filled with details of the attack and murder of John F. Kennedy in Dallas Texas on Friday, November 22, 1963

This bill was printed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas which is indicated by the letter “K.” The printing was a series 1963. ( K= Kennedy)

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas is identified by the number 11. The bill had four 11s, one on each corner.

President Kennedy was assassinated in the 11th, month, November, on the 22nd day (11 + 11). President Kennedy was 44 years old (11 + 11 +11 + 11). This was all printed on the face of the bill.

The serial number starts with the letter “K” and ends with the letter “A” (Kennedy Assassination)

President Kennedy was killed in front of the Texas Book Depository at 411 S. Elm St. (4 – 11) Just like the 4 -11s on the dollar bill.

The assassination dollar bill was printed 16 days BEFORE the assassination.

The dollar bill accurately warned the general public about the upcoming assassination. However, no one was able to decipher the meaning, or even make the connection.

Many people discovered the hidden message Immediately after the shooting, but by then it was too late.

To sum this all up, the Kennedy assassination dollar bill had the following information printed on the face of the bill.

  • The target of the assassination, John F. Kennedy
  • The age of the target, 44
  • The month of the assassination, November
  • The day of the attack, 22.
  • The year of the attack 1963
  • The place of the attack, Dallas Texas
  • The street address, 411 Elm st.

The bill contains the who, what, when, where. The only thing missing is the “Why.”

There are 14 reasons for the why – Take your pick.

Some people believe this was a coincidence while others think it was a conspiracy. Either way, you have to agree, because the Kennedy assassination dollar bill was very creepy, it belongs on the Creepy Show Podcast.