The Mystery of 427

Mystery of 427

At exactly 4:27 AM every light in the house came on. Everyone was sleeping and the sudden light was an abrupt wake-up for the entire family. “Dad yelled out while still half asleep “Who turned on the lights?”

This was a large home in Chicago’s Lincoln Park area. The house had 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and 1 office, more than 6000 sqft. total space. There were 27 separate light switches, and all of them were turned on at the exact same time.

The Jones family, consisting of 4 kids and 3 adults living in the house took more than 10 minutes to turn all of the lights back off. Mom and Dad just stayed up and had an early morning snack in the kitchen and talked about the event.

How did this happen? This wasn’t just a case where the electric power was cut and turned back on, we are talking about 27 separate switches that had to be turned at the same time.

Spencer Jones, the head of the household drove to work in Downtown Chicago later that morning. Spencer was an attorney at a law firm that dealt with class-action lawsuits against larger companies, mostly for product failures and injury claims.

Sarah, Spencer’s wife, was a homemaker. Cleaning up after 4 kids, a husband, and a mother-in-law was a full-time job. They also had a maid that came in once a week to help out.

Even the maid gets involved with the strange occurrence.

It just so happened that the maid was scheduled to work that day. While cleaning one of the mirrors in the house, the maid asked Sarah, what’s with the 427 on the mirror?

It looks like someone wrote with their finger dipped in some kind of light grease, like lipstick, only clear, the number 427, and she had to clean it off. Sarah said, “Show me what you are talking about.” The maid said, “well I already cleaned it off, so now it’s not there anymore.”

Sarah said “That’s strange because this morning at exactly 4:27 all of our lights came on. Maybe we have a ghost.” The maid said, “Oh that’s freaky.” Maybe someone is playing a prank on you. Sarah said, “how can someone turn on all of the lights at the same time?”

The maid reminded Sarah that today was Wednesday, April 27th, 1994 that would also be 4/27. Sarah said, “this is really getting weird.” When Sarah’s husband returned home from work, she told him about what the maid had said. Spenser said, “this was probably just a coincidence.”

In fact, there is a name for this phenomenon, it’s called synchronicity.

Sarah looked up the word “Synchronicity” and learned it was first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung. Synchronicity is
the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

Sarah started noticing the number 427 everywhere. Every time she came across the number 427, she would point it out to Spenser. “See it happened again, there’s that number again!” Spenser said, “You see 427 because you are looking for it. You could pick any 3 numbers, and if you are looking for them, you will see them everywhere”

Sarah went to a coffee shop and the bill came to $4.27, Sarah went to the store and noticed that ground beef was on sale for only $4.27 a pound. She just couldn’t get 427 out of her mind.

Sarah started learning about Numerology

She refused to accept that the number 427 which kept popping into her life was a coincidence. Sarah learned that In numerology the 427 is a master number that cannot be reduced. This very powerful number is the symbol of ambition, genius, or madness … It offers great possibilities, however, it is a double-edged sword. It can bring you glory, wealth, success but also excess tension, depression, and destruction.

Sarah tried to talk to Spenser about this, but he seemed very dismissive about the whole subject. He would shut her down every time she brought up any number of coincidences. Spenser said, look I don’t really believe in any of this, and I don’t want to discuss it right now.”

Sarah’s agony seemed to be getting out of hand. She really wanted to discuss the possibilities of this number which seems to be haunting her life. She even started going to a numerology discussion group. There she found other people who had similar experiences. Not with the number 427, but each person had their own number that would pop in and out of their lives randomly.

Sarah told the group and they seemed to understand, and more importantly, they believed her. It seemed like these people are the only ones who would pay attention to Sarah’s concern.

She was driving the rest of her family nuts with her constant relationship with the number 427. As time passed, the number 427 stuck with her. During that summer in 1994, Sarah would run into the number 427 just about everywhere she would go.

Her family started making fun of her 427 obsession.

Her kids would make jokes, how much am I going to get for my allowance, $4.27? It was a running constant joke in the Jones household. Sarah would laugh too, but deep down she was disturbed. She didn’t know the meaning of 427, however, she felt that someday it will be meaningful.

She learned quickly not to bring up the subject because of all the jokes and ridicules. She grew tired and resentful of all of the jokes about her obsession with 427.

Just because she stopped talking about it, didn’t mean that 427 was out of her mind. The number kept coming up in everyday life. Some days were better than others, but a day didn’t go by without 427 popping up.

Sarah kept going to the numerology group for support, and each member had a different opinion about her 427. She only talked about this to her group because all of her friends and family were tired of the obsession.

The only people who didn’t make fun of her were the group members. They seemed to understand and were willing to talk about it. Some of the group members claimed that different numbers had different meanings.

They claimed that everyone had Angel numbers. Something about certain numbers such as 1111, or 222, 333, 444, 555, and so on. They claimed that each set of numbers has its own meaning.

In numerology, this sequential repetition is referred to as angel numbers. “Angels speak to us in synchronistic ways, which basically means that we will see something over and over again so much so that it goes beyond mere coincidence,

All of this kind of talk was way over Sarah’s head. She was starting to think that some of the people in her group were a little crazy. This gave her a little insight into how her family must feel about her always talking about the number 427.

Spenser gives Sarah a test.

Spenser asked Sarah, “are you willing to try something? Let’s just see what happens. I believe that you can take any set of three numbers, and if you focus on them, you will start seeing them all the time.”

Spenser said, “Let’s pick 529. I want you to focus on 529 for the next few days, and lets see if that number starts popping up in your life”

Sarah agreed and she wrote down 529 and started looking at it before going to bed each night. She intentionally started looking for the number 529 everywhere she went.

After an entire week, the number of 529 only came up once, at the grocery store, where $5.29 was on a price tag on a package of tilapia fish sticks. But this wasn’t the same, the number 427 would come up daily, not just once a week.

She understood Spenser’s thinking, but it just wasn’t the same thing. I guess unless you are living it, you won’t be able to understand it.

Spenser travels a lot in his business.

Spenser had a business meeting scheduled for Friday, September 9th, in Pittsburgh. He was going to stay over the weekend and was scheduled to return home to Chicago on the following Monday, September 12th.

Spenser did a lot of traveling for business. He would fly all over the country talking to clients. He was away from home about 25% of the time. His secretary would make all of the travel arrangements, and Sarah would take him to the airport so that he didn’t have to pay for parking.

The day before Spenser was scheduled to leave, he had his plane ticket on the kitchen table. Sarah saw the ticket and opened it up, and there it was USAir Flight 427 Scheduled to leave for Pittsburg on Thursday, September 8th.

Sarah said, “Oh Hell No, you’re not taking this flight!”

Spenser said, “what are you talking about?” Sarah said, “Look at the flight number, it’s flight 427!” Spenser said, “Are you kidding? You’re not going to start that again are you?” Sarah and Spenser argued for the next couple of hours.

Sarah said, “I have been very quiet for the past few months about this 427 thing, but I have been seeing way too many coincidences lately about this, and I feel very strongly about this. I’m not taking you to the airport unless you change flight”.

Spenser was red in the face mad, he said, “fine, I’ll call and get another flight, but when I get home, we need to take you to a psychiatrist or something.” Sarah called and made the change, Spenser was taking an earlier flight with a different flight number.

Thursday, September 8th, 1994

Sarah took Spenser to the airport. They were still mad at each other and the ride to the airport was mostly silent. Spenser got out of the car at the airport and said, “Bye, I’ll call you tonight.” and with that, he was gone.

Later that night, Spenser called Sarah. Spenser said, “OK, I’m here, I got in about 5 pm and went to the hotel and took a nap. I think I’ll go downstairs and get some dinner. I’m sorry we had that argument before I left.”

Sarah said “aha, so have you turned on your TV yet? Spenser said, “No, why?” Sarah said, why don’t you turn on your TV, then call me back later.” Then Sarah just hung up the phone.

Spenser wondered, what the hell was that all about? He turned on his TV and saw a local emergency on almost every channel. USAir Flight 427 crashed on final approach into Pittsburgh, killing everyone on board.

It seems that USAir flight 427 lost control and went into a steep dive resulting in more than 4Gs before impact. The 737 hit the ground traveling about 300 MPH. All 132 people on board the aircraft were killed resulting as the deadliest plane crash in Pennsylvania history

Spenser called Sarah back and apologized profusely, he asked for forgiveness. Sarah accepted the apology and said, “I’m glad we got your flight changed, otherwise I would be getting a call from USAir.

From that day on, the number 427 stopped appearing randomly in Sarah’s life. She no longer sees 427 everywhere she looks. Her family stopped teasing her about numbers.

Sarah stopped going to the numerology group because she felt that it was no longer needed. She finally got her answer to the 427 questions. She does recall one of the group members talking about a personal spiritual angel looking out for you. and using numbers to communicate with you.

At the time, she thought this person was a little crazy, but now, she has a different opinion.

Do you see numbers? Is there a number haunting you in your life? If you ask Sarah, she would tell you not to ignore it.