The Ouija Board Twins

The Ouija Board Twins

The Ouija Board Twins was submitted by Jimmy Smith, one of our listeners at

Jimmy tells a story about his family going camping. At the time Jimmy was 14. He had an older brother, Paul who was 16, and twin sisters, Sara and LeAnn who were 12. We also had a german shepherd named Kelly.

Our family loved to go camping at Shawnee National Forest, which is about an hour’s drive from our home in Madisonville Kentucky.

Dad, Paul, and I would go camping a lot there, and we would rough it. We would bring tents and fishing equipment and would usually catch and eat our dinner each night.

However, when the entire family would go, we would rent one of the available cabins at the park. These cabins were really nice, with all the comforts of home. The bigger two-story cabins had 3 bedrooms, a fireplace, and a big kitchen.

When the whole family went camping, we would bring lots of games and puzzles. Mom and the twins didn’t really like camping, but they did enjoy getting away from home and playing games all day long. My brother and I would go with Dad to a small lake and go fishing.

Each night we would get together as a family and cook dinner. After dinner, we would usually play games or tell ghost stories. Paul and I really liked to tell spooky stories just to scare mom and the twins.

A Thanksgiving to remember

The last time we went camping was Thanksgiving weekend in 1987. This was to be a 5-day camping trip starting on Wednesday, through Thanksgiving day, and leaving on Sunday. We rented the biggest 3 bedroom cabin available. Mom and dad got the downstairs bedroom, my sisters shared an upstairs room, and I shared the other upstairs bedroom with Paul. Kelly, our dog would sleep in our room.

We arrived on Wednesday and unloaded the car. We brought a turkey with all of the trimmings for a Thanksgiving meal, plus enough food for the other 4 days. By the time we got the car unloaded it was starting to turn dark. We had dinner and built a nice fire in the fireplace.

We had to bring our own firewood because you aren’t allowed to burn wood from the park, even if it has fallen on the ground. That wasn’t a big problem for us because we lived near a wooded lot, and had lots of free firewood available.

Each cabin had a guest journal

A large book full of blank pages so you could write about your camping experience for future guests to read. Our journal was about half full of previous guests. After dinner, we read the journal out loud for the entire family to read. It was fun to hear about other families who shared the same cabin.

Our journal had 24 previous entries, so we decided to read about 6 entries each night, just before going to bed. Starting with the first one which was more than 2 years ago. Most of the entries were pretty boring with things like: “We were here for the weekend and had a great time.” Some of the entries were very descriptive and fun to read.

Both Wednesday and Thursday were uneventful. We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving meal and everyone took a nap in the middle of the day. By the time we were all awake from our nap, the sun was starting to set.

I remember Dad saying “I hope you like games because we will all probably be awake past midnight.” Yes, probably so, since we slept several hours after our big meal.

Someone left a Ouija board in my closet.

I assumed that one of the previous guests had left it. I brought the Ouija board downstairs and Paul and I started playing with it. We got Sara and LeAnn to try it out too. This seems to be a very old Ouija board, not the kind you buy at the toy store. This one had an old wooden box and almost looked handmade.

Mom and dad didn’t want anything to do with the Ouija board. Dad said, “Those things don’t really work.” So Paul and I set out to prove him wrong.

We asked the Ouija board obvious questions.

Questions such as “What color is our car?” Then Paul and I would make the pointer spell out “silver.” Are Sara and LeAnn twins? Then we would push the pointer to “YES.”

We let the twins try it, and to our surprise, the Ouija board actually worked. Sara and Leann asked several questions and the Ouija board gave correct answers.

We finally started getting tired and everyone went to bed at about 11 PM. Everyone except our twin sisters stayed awake several hours giggling in their room. I asked Paul, “What the heck is so funny?” The twins laughed almost all night long. Even our dog, Kelly noticed them laughing.

The next morning, we confronted Sara and LeAnn

Paul and I asked, “Why were you laughing all night long? What was so funny?” Sara said, “We weren’t laughing, we went to sleep.” I said, “No you were laughing almost all night long, we heard you.” Mom said, “Just drop it, what difference does it make?”

Later that afternoon, the guys went fishing while the girls did craft projects in the cabin. We caught more than a dozen fish and decided to have a fish fry. After dinner, we played games. I brought out the Ouija board again and we fooled around with it, but it didn’t seem to be accurate as the night before.

For example, we asked it how many people were staying at the cabin, and the Ouija board said “8.” LeAnn said, “See, that thing doesn’t work, there are only 6 of us here.”

Just before bed, Mom read six more entries from the guest journal. We learned about some trails we didn’t know from previous guests. Paul said, “We need to out check those new trails tomorrow.”

Paul and I went to bed, and again we woke up to more giggling. It was so loud that Kelly started barking. Paul and I went down the hall toward the girl’s room. we got closer, we realized the giggling was coming from somewhere else. In fact, it seemed to be coming from our room. I said, “that’s impossible, we were just in there.”

We went back into our room, and the instant we opened the door, the giggling stopped. I noticed that our room was freezing cold. We were actually exhaling vapor smoke from the cold. Paul and I decided to sleep downstairs in the living room, on the couches.

The Ouija Board Warning

Saturday was our last full day of camping, but the weather had turned stormy. We woke up to thunder and rain and decided to do indoor activities, which meant games.

The entire family started a monopoly game that lasted more than 4 hours, with Dad winning it all. Then we broke up into smaller groups. The twins and mom started doing crafts, dad started reading a book, so Paul and I started fooling around with the Ouija board.

We asked the board who was giggling last night, and it spelled out “Cindy” and “Becky.” That was strange, who was Cindy and Becky? We wanted to know more so we started asking the Ouija board follow-up questions.

It seems that Cindy and Becky died a few years ago in an auto accident in Vermont. We learned that they were 5-year-old twins. What in the heck are they doing here? We are in a cabin in Kentucky.

We told Dad about what we had learned, and for the first time, he seemed interested in the Ouija board. He started asking it questions about the accident, and the Ouija provided answers.

Soon the entire family was asking questions and we started writing down the answers. It was like doing a puzzle. Some of the things the Ouija board made sense, and other times it was a complete mystery.

We played the Ouija board way into the night, just stopping long enough to eat dinner in between.

The Ouija board started to paint a complete picture.

We gathered more information about the dead girls, learning about their favorite colors, favorite foods, and their favorite games. These ghosts seem to be harmless enough. I was a little freaked out that ghosts were living in the cabin.

Why the ghost was here in Kentucky, more than 900 miles from their home. We asked the Ouija board, “Why are you here?” and the girls didn’t really have an answer.

Mom said, “I don’t believe any of this” and she wanted to stop playing with the board. Soon after Dad lost interest too. So Paul, myself, and the twins kept asking more questions.

Paul asked the Ouija board, “do you mean to harm us?” It didn’t answer. Paul asked what do you want? and the board said, “Go Home.” “What do you mean Go Home, you want to go home, or you want us to go home?” Dad said, “I think you kids should do something else.

You have been playing with that Ouija board long enough.

The Ouija planchette, the small heart-shaped piece of wood that points out the answers, flew across the room and smashed on the fireplace. We all jumped and screamed. Dad was very angry. He asked, “who threw that?”

Paul said “No one, it just took off on its own.” All of us backed up Paul’s answer. “We swear we didn’t throw it.” I understand that was hard to believe, but it was the truth. I could tell that Mom and dad didn’t believe our story.

Mom said, “Let’s all just settle down, it’s almost time for bed so I will read the last entries of the cabin journal.” I could tell that mom just wanted to diffuse the situation and move on to something else that wasn’t so controversial.

We put the Ouija board and what was left of the planchette back into its box and back in the closet where we found it.

Mom started reading the cabin journal out loud. She read the next entries and they seemed to be more of the same, “We had a great time camping and fishing.”

A connection to the ghosts and Ouija board become known

Mom started on the last entry on the cabin journal which was very long. It was written by Dale Garrison and his wife Anita. They describe their vacation at the cabin as a break from their normal life. They mentioned that they also found the Ouija board and started using it to try to talk to their two daughters, Cindy and Becky who died in an auto accident.

Apparently, Dale and his wife took a vacation to try to get back together and repair their lives after the accident. They mentioned they were from Vermont.

The last paragraph in the cabin journal was a warning: Please whatever you do, don’t play with the Ouija board. They went on to say that some evil spirits, pretending to be their dead children were coming through the board.

Just as mom finished reading the last journal entry, we all heard the girls giggling upstairs. I think dad finally believes us, we didn’t throw the planchette across the room.

Well, that advice was too late, we have been playing with it for 3 days now. We don’t want to stay here anymore, let’s get out of here! Even Kelly our dog was ready to go, he was sitting in the corner of the room and trembling.

Dad agreed and we started loading up the car. The rain had stopped and a low fog had settled in, making the entire cabin seem eerie. Although it took us an hour to unload the car, we had it loaded back up in about 15 minutes. We were motivated to get out of there.

One last look back at the haunted cabin

Just as we were pulling out of the cabin driveway, Mom said “CRAP.” She said, look, we left one of the upstairs bedroom windows open. It’s probably going to rain more and we are responsible for any water damage.

Who opened up their window? None of us had anything to do with the window being open. We could all see the drape blowing in the wind.

Dad said, “I’ll go back and close the window, leave the car running, I’ll be back in a few seconds”

After a minute, dad returned. He looked very pale and was visibility shaken up. He said, “the window wasn’t open, but something was making the drapes move.” He said that he could hear giggling just like before, only this time it seemed to be deeper and more evil sounding. My dad also said he felt someone try to push him down the stairs when he left. He had to grab the handrail to keep from falling.

As we were leaving, we took one last look at the cabin, and in the upstairs bedroom window we saw the silhouette of a young girl, and standing above her, looking over her shoulder was the silhouette of a man.

Dad floored the gas and we left the driveway and drove straight home. We have never used another Ouija board again.