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Tonight’s story Roland doe. Now, the name Rollin do is a fictitious name given to a boy who was born in 1935. He was believed to be possessed by Satan Roland, the family who was living in a Cottage City. Maryland Rowland was an only child who depended on adults for friends,

he didn’t usually play with other children, but he did spend a lot of time with his aunt, Harriet

Roland’s, Aunt Harriet was a lot of fun because she was into Spirits. She would spend time with Roland playing on the Ouija board. Herion would tell Roland spooky stories and conduct paranormal experiments, but one day Aunt, Harriet passed away. And this had a dramatic effect on Roland’s entire family.

Strange paranormal events started happening at Roland’s. House it seemed at Roland had some kind of connection with his dead Aunt. When Rolen would walk into a room, something unexplainable would happen such as furniture moving on its own books. Would fly off the shelves and drawers would pop open at first. They confronted real them because they believed that he was

Regain things to move like a practical joke of some kind.

But Roland goes into a very deep depression. After all his favorite, the aunt was dead and ruin had no one to play with his mom and dad, just didn’t share and Roland’s paranormal interest. So he felt all alone and completely isolated, not only did his mom and dad, not relate to Rolen, but they started showing signs of animosity because of

Roland’s, interest in the spirit world, they believed that Rowland was trying to scare them into believing that evil spirits were lurking about Roland’s, mom and dad would sit down and interrogate rolling on several occasions. They would often go into Roland’s room and do a complete search for anything suspicious like wires or strings or something. They could make books fly off as shells or Furniture move on.

Their own nothing was found, nothing. That would explain, all of the weird stuff that was going on. Roland’s, mom and dad got rid of all of the Paranormal stuff, such as books and Roland’s Ouija board. Roland’s mental health starts to deteriorate under all of the pressure with no evidence of wrongdoing. On Rowland’s part. His mom and dad had no choice but to believe that something.

For was living with them and it had a deep connection with Roland.

They turned to their religion and invited their Pastor, Luke their miles Schultz, a Lutheran priest to come over to the house Luther recommended that Roland should come home with him. And this would give the family a day of rest, while the priest got a chance to observe Rollin overnight.

It was a night of spiritual unrest, during the night, Luther witness furniture moving and things, flying off the shelf and smash it against the wall Luther. Also noticed that some of the rooms in his house got freezing cold in a matter of a few seconds. There were knocking sounds like someone was using hammers between the walls.

Luther had several Jesus crosses above all of the bedroom doors and as soon as rolling entered, the house, all of the crosses fell to the floor. There is simply no way that Roland could have rigged. All of this Luther took rolling back home early in the next morning and the family noticed that Luther looked like he had aged 10 years in one night.

Luther said that this is beyond his ability to help or even understand Luther recommended that the family contact a Catholic priest.

So the family contacted the Catholic church. And after meeting with the family, it was decided that an exorcism was needed to be performed. So in 1949, Rowland was checked into Georgetown University Hospital under an assumed name which was Roland doe. A Roman Catholic priest by the name of Edward Hughes was a sign.

To help perform the exorcism.

Hughes served as an assistant, pastor from June 16th, 1948 to June 18th, 1960 at st. James Church at Mount Ranier, Maryland.

Now The Exorcist itself was dramatic Rollin with strapped down because he seemed dangerous to the attending physicians, as well as the priest who was conducting the exorcism during the procedure. Roland pulled one hand out of his restraints. He reached under the bed and broke off a mattress spring. He used the spring to slash the arm of Edward Hughes because

This injury, the exorcism ritual had to be halted.

Roland’s family was advised to try again at a later date. They were directed to William, S Bode earn an associate of college church. He and a colleague visited Rollin where he was strapped to the bed. They witness Roland’s bed, shaking, violently and objects flying from shelves. Rowland was speaking in a very low guttural voice and seem to fear anything

Sacred bouldering was granted permission from the Archbishop to perform another exorcism. This time. The exorcism took place at the Alexian Brothers Hospital and st. Louis, Missouri to other priests assisted bowed earn in the exorcism. They were Walter hollering and William Van. Roo, now hollering stated that during the exorcism words such as evil and Hell along.

Other various marks appeared on Roland’s body. Also, his mattress began to shake. And somehow during all of this role, I managed to break hollering snows after the exorcism Roland doe ended up having a normal life married with kids. In fact, Rowland is alive and well and has never spoken publicly about this case.

Do you remember the movie The Exorcist will? This is the Roland doe case. This true case inspired me. William Peter Blatty write a novel in 1971, called The Exorcist. It was turned into a movie in 1973. One of the main differences is in the movie, they turned the rolling dough into a girl played by Linda.

Edible are many of the special effects in the movie are a reenactment of actual events. We hope you have enjoyed tonight’s show. We’ll see you next time.

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