UFO Encounter Crew Missing from Ship

UFO Encounter Crew Missing

I never believed in UFO sightings until this happened. My name is Jake and I served in the US Navy. After serving for 4 years, I left the Navy and got a job as a merchant marine. The year was 1957 and we were hired for buoy inspections in the North Atlantic Sea Lanes.

These shipping lanes were established in the mid to late 1800s The North Atlantic sea lanes was inspired by the sinking of the US mail steamer SS Arctic which collision with a French steamer SS Vesta in October 1854. More than 300 saliors lost their lives.

Our job was to inspect, repair, or replace buoys that marked the shipping lanes. In October of 1957, we were 90 nautical miles west of North Scotland in search of several buoys that had broken away and were floating outside of the shipping lanes.

We found an abandon ship

Our job was to find these bouys, re-cable, and anchor them back into place. While looking for the buoys, we came across an older Echo class ship that was abandoned and slightly listing the starboard side. Several of us took a smaller dingy over to check out the ship and found that no one was onboard.

The older ship looked like it had been just floating without power for years. There was no sign of anyone on board, as though they had all just vanished. There were still unopened cans of food in the galley, and dirty plates broken on the floor. It looked like someone had a fight in here, and started throwing plates at each other.

We decided to tow the vessel back into the port of Ness Bay, which was the closest port from our location. I think I found out what happened to the crew, but I would like to just read from the captain’s journal, in his own words.

Captain's journal about the UFO sighting

I found the captain’s journal and started reading entries about a UFO incident.

The last entry was made on Thursday, February 21, 1957. That was more than 6 months ago!

Apparently, Captain Williams was in the habit of writing a detailed daily entry into his journal.

While creating this podcast I have changed the names of the captain, and crew in addition to the name of the ship upon request of the British Secret Intelligence Service, also known as MI6. Apparently, they didn’t want this story to see the light of day.

Upon reading the journal, I discovered that there were 7 sailors aboard the vessel including the captain.

Starting at the first sign of trouble on Sunday, February 17th, 1957, the Captain recorded seeing another ship on the horizon. It seems to be about 10 miles away. All you could see were lights and they seemed to be flickering, as though they were signaling a distress call.

Captain Williams Sees a UFO

The captain ordered the ship to make a straight course to investigate the lights. As the ship got closer, the captain realized that the lights weren’t coming from another ship. The lights seemed to be in the air. But this wasn’t an airplane, this was something else.

The lights were coming from a saucer-shaped airship that was spinning. This was why the lights seemed to flicker. The captain and crew were stunned upon seeing this air-ship. One of the crew members said: “This is a UFO.” This was the first time the captain had heard that term used.

A UFO, you know “An Unidentified Flying Object”

The captain decided to turn his ship around to get away from this thing, but as his ship reversed course, the UFO started following them.

Monday, Feb 18th, 1957 UFO Report

The captain’s journal reads: We continued to move back toward the North Atlantic Shipping Lanes, but this UFO just won’t leave us alone. The captain notes that he doesn’t intend to report this because of fear of losing his position as captain.

The UFO seems to be following us, but staying a few miles to our stern. As though they were just curious, and wanted to see what we were up to.

I directed two of our crew members to stay awake all night and watch this thing, and wake me up if it gets closer, or if anything changes.

Tuesday, Feb 19th, 1957 UFO Report

When I woke up everything seemed normal, no reports of anything out of the ordinary. I went up on the top deck to check on the two crew members and found that they were not at their assigned post. I didn’t see the UFO and assumed that it went away.

What the hell! I was furious, where were the two crew members I posted just the night before. I had already decided to dock their pay for a day because they didn’t follow my orders. They were suppose to keep an eye on the UFO and let me know if something changes.

Assuming they left their post, They probably found a place to sleep on the ship. I called “All Crew Attention” over the ship’s intercom, and the other crew members gathered on the top deck, but the two missing crew members were in fact gone.

I went from being mad to being worried. Where were they? What happened to them. There were no storms, and it seemed to be a quiet night, and yet they are missing.

None of the lifeboats were gone, none of the lift preservers were missing. This is a complete mystery.

I called a meeting of all crew members together and we decided to search every inch of the ship and look for the missing crew members. Nothing was found.

Many of the crew members started talking about the UFO, and speculating that it had something to do with the missing crew. At this point I was inclined to agree with them.

We reversed course to go back and look for them, but never found any trace of them. I used the ship’s shortwave radio to report the two missing crew members, but still didn’t mentioned anything about the UFO.

That night the UFO returned off our stern. It seemed to be just a few miles away, and it seemed to be following us.

At this point I broke down and reported seeing the craft. I was ordered to immediately return to port. I assigned 2 more crew members to maintain a watch, but this time I made sure they were armed.

Wednesday, Feb 20th, 1957 UFO Report

I woke up to the sound of screams and gunfire. Jumped from my bed, I grabbed a gun and ran to the ship’s top-side. I was met by 2 other crew members who also woke up because of the turmoil. It was about 5:00 AM and it was still dark.

The two crew members I posted the night before were gone. Now I have lost 4 of my 6 crew members. Now it’s just me, Taylor and Pete, the ships cook.

We searched the ship and found one of our lost crew member’s severed hand. This was very disturbing and scared the hell out of all. It looks like one of our crew members fought back and got their hand cut off.

The hand looked like it was sliced off with a single blow. Like you would expect from a samurai sword, except it had burn marks at the wrist. I couldn’t tell whose hand it was.

We could still see the UFO several miles away, still following us.

Everyone was completely exhausted, but none of us could sleep. We spent the entire day and into the evening, speculating about what had happened. We were only about 48 hours out of port and decided to try and stay awake until we were safely home.

Thursday, Feb 21st 1957

It’s 2:00 AM, I have locked myself into my cabin. I have a gun and several rounds of ammo. I can hear that something is not right. Sounds like a fight in the galley, but I am too scared to leave my cabin. I am documenting everything because I don’t know what is going to happen to me.

Taylor was screaming “Keep Away, Keep Away.” Then one last scream and a very loud thud on the top of my cabin room. “He must be right over me! What the hell is going on?”

Generally, I’m not afraid of anything, but this is just too much. This has me trembling so much I’m having a hard time writing. I am not going to unlock my door for anything, even if I have to stay here for days.

I can’t even imaging what is… (The the journal ends here, in mid sentence).

Something happened to Captain Williams, something very evil.

After reading the Captain’s journal, I revisited the ship we were towing. I went to the room where he made his last stand. I noticed that his door was on the floor and damaged, something broke in, something very strong. The hinges on his cabin door were pulled away from the wood like something just blasted through it in one swift move.

I looked in the galley and determined that was where Pete, the cook made his last stand. Looks like he ran out of rounds and started throwing dishes.

What ever attacked the crew must have been overwhelming and powerful. The only clue that anyone was there was the left over severed hand, still in the ship’s freezer.

When we towed the crippled ship into the port of Ness Bay. We were met by the British Secret Intelligence Service who confiscated the journal and the ship.

They interview each of the crew members of my ship, including me. They instructed us to not share this information with anyone, but I had already copied the journal down for my own personal interest.

That was more than 63 years ago, so I am just now releasing this story exclusively for Creepy Show Podcast. Even though I have never personally seen a UFO, I do believe in the captain’s report. The name of the ships and crew changed for self-preservation.