Unusual Ways to Die

Unusual Ways To Die

While most of us will die from cancer, heart attacks, diseases, auto accidents, and other such things, some people have found a unique way to the grave.

I can only imagine the stories being told in heaven when the number one question is asked, “How did you die?”

For example, if you ask Denver Lee St. Clair, he will explain the fight he had with his step-son, Brad Davis. Somehow during the fight, Brad grabbed Denver’s under ware and gave him the “champion of all wedgies.”

Brad pulled Denver’s under ware up over his head and caused the elastic waistband to stretch around his neck causing his airway to become blocked. The death was ruled as murder, and Brad accepted a plea deal for a 30-year prison vacation.

Snack Machines kill 2.8 people per year.

37 people were killed trying to get a snack from a vending machine from 1978 to 1995. These machines weigh from 500 to 900 pounds, and people have been known to try to shake the machine into giving them a snack. People are just dying to try one of those candy bars.

Killed by a turtle

Aeschylus was born in 525 BC in a small town about 27 kilometers northwest of Athens Greece. He was known as “The father of Tradigy” because he wrote many plays consisting of many different characters.
He died in 455 BC when hit in the head by a turtle. Eagles and larger birds have been known to pick up turtles and drop them onto rocks to crack them open. This eagle thought the top of Aeschylus’s bald head was a rock.

Consider the death of Jimi Heselden

Jimi Heselden was a British entrepreneur and a millionaire. In 2009 he purchased Segway Inc. The makers of the Segway personal transport system. You have seen these devices, and maybe you have even used one of these things to get around. The Segway is a self-balancing scooter, consisting of two wheels connected by a small platform where you can stand. It has a handle that comes up that you hold onto. When you lean forward, the segway rolls forward, when you lean back, it backs up.

On September 26th, 2010, Jimi was riding his own segway and accidentally backed off a steep cliff and fell to his death.

The case of Michael Godwin is shocking.

Michael Godwin was in prison for murder. He was scheduled to die in the electric chair, but his lawyer got his death sentence reduced to life in prison. It seems that Michael had a TV connected to a set of earphones in his cell. His earphones had developed a short, so he attempted to fix them.

He didn’t have any tools, so he used his teeth to strip the shorted wire. The wire happened to be a live wire, and Michael was sitting on a metal toilet. After being saved from the electric chair by his lawyer, he accidentally created his own personal electric chair, electrocuted himself in his cell.

More strange deaths in the USA

  • Lighting kills an estimated 49 people per year.
  • Sharks killed 12 people between 1970 -2000.
  • Cows kill about 20 people a year.
  • Bears kill about 3 people per year
  • Dogs kill about 15 people per year

Death by Carrots

In 1974, Basil Brown who was into healthy foods died by consuming too many carrots. According to the New York Times, Basil had taken 70 million units of Vitamin A in the space of 10 days. His skin turned yellow

Basil’s liver was destroyed says Dr. David Haler, the pathologist who performed an autopsy.

Dr. Haler said that the effect of the enormous intake of Vitamin A from carrots and tablets was indistinguishable from alcoholic poisoning. It produces the same result, “cirrhosis of the liver.”

Man in Russia wanted to live forever.

Alexander Bogdonov was experimenting in an attempt to create immortality by using blood transfusions. He was convinced that blood transfusions could rejuvenate humans, extend their lives, and possibly even make them immortal.

Alexander performed a number of transfusions on himself in pursuit of being immortal. When he was 54 years old, he swapped blood with a young student. He was unaware this student had been exposed to tuberculosis and malaria. This was a fatal mistake.

Death by Beard

Hans Steininger, An Austrian man from the mid-1500s. His beard was about 4.5 feet long. One day in 1567, he was in a building that had caught on fire. On the way out of the building, he tripped over his beard, fell, and broke his neck.

What a sweet way to go

January 1919 Northern Boston, Massachusetts, a large tank containing about 2.5 million gallons of molasses exploded. This tank was about 50 feet high, with a diameter of 90 feet.

For some unknown reason, the tank exploded. The blast knocked 21 people to the ground and they were quickly covered by a twenty-five-foot wall of molasses. A few of them probably died from the blast, but most of them drowned in molasses.

Are you a hoarder? Pay close attention to this:

Many of you have watched Hoarder reality shows on TV so you know how bad this can get.

In New York City, a couple of brothers lived together, Langley and Homer Collyer. They moved to the Harlem area in 1909 when they were in their mid-twenties. These two were collecting everything from old newspapers, furniture, broken things which held no value. They just couldn’t throw anything away. Over the years their apartment became a junk-yard completely full of crap. By the 1930s, Holmer went blind and depended on his brother, Langley to provide an income, groceries, and cooked meals. There was an estimated 163 tons of junk in their apartment.

These brothers were obviously mentally ill, and by 1940, their apartment was full. They had a fear of people breaking in and stealing their stuff, so they made booby-traps that would cause you to trip and be covered in junk. One day Langley accidentally tripped over one of his own boobie traps and was killed beneath an avalanche of baby carriages, broken chandeliers, pianos, bicycles parts, pots and pans, tools, radiators, sewing machines, paint cans, bowling balls, thousands of magazines and newspapers and other such valuable items.

Of course, Langley didn’t show up for work and after a week was reported missing by his employer. The police looked for Langley for several more weeks before discovering him, buried in his own apartment. His brother, Homer who totally depended on him, had starved to death before authorities discovered the situation.

What happened to Gary Hoy

Garry Hoy was a corporate lawyer in Canada. He was also an engineer. He was giving a tour of the Toronto-Dominion Centre to a group of students, when he attempted to demonstrate the strength of the window glass by running and jumping against a window, slamming himself against the glass.

He had successfully done this stunt many times in the past, bouncing harmlessly off the glass. On July 9th, 1993, he wasn’t so lucky. His stunt went south when he slammed his body into the window glass on the 24th floor. The entire window popped out and fell to the ground. He was right about one thing, the window didn’t break, but the one thing that wasn’t unbreakable was Hoy.

Paul Stiller’s explosive death

On September 30th, 1996, Paul and his wife were bored and drunk. They decided to take a drive with a couple of sticks of dynamite. They thought it might be fun to drive around and find something to blow up.

Their fun idea was to drive by, throw out a stick of lit dynamite just to see what would happen. The only problem is, they forgot to roll down the window.

The stick of dynamite blew the car up and killed Paul. His wife was critically wounded but survived the blast. Maybe her next husband will have a little more intelligence.

18 year-olds don’t always make the best decisions.

In March 2008 in Orlando Florida, Cameron Bieberle thought it would be fun to ride in a shopping cart, holding on to a vehicle traveling at 42 MPH. They were going to just stay in the parking lot.

Maybe they didn’t see the speed bump, maybe they just thought the bump would make it even more fun, or maybe Cameron wasn’t thinking at all. In any case, he hit the speed bump and went flying. He slammed into the pavement with a thud and died a short time later.

Sand Castle of death

It was August 7th, 1997 in Buxton North Carolina, when Daniel Jones thought it would be cool to dig an eight-foot hole on the beach, then sit in the bottom of the hole. As you might have already guessed, the hole caved in and buried Daniel. People at the beach who witnessed this tried to dig him out, but the hole kept collapsing. Later they used a backhoe. but by then Daniel was already dead.

The death of Sarah Jones

In Georga, a movie called Midnight Rider was being filmed. They had a scene on an old railroad track bridge that was 110 years old. The movie producers failed to get permission to film on the old bridge that crossed the Altamaha River.

They posted someone to watch for a train and warn the cast. They were told that in the event of a train, they would have about a minute to clear the tracks. Many in the crew said “What? A minute?” Keep in mind that these people had lots of equipment, including props and cameras. There were about 20 people in the filming crew.

A light appeared in the distance. It was a train and it was moving about 60 MPH. A warning was given, but it just wasn’t enough time to clear the tracks. Several in the crew just held on to metal beams outside the bridge, hanging over the river, while the train passed.

The problem was, there was a movie prop still on the tracks and the train hit the prop and sent it flying. It is thought to have struck Sarah Jones, causing her to fall onto the tracks where she was killed. Five other members of the cast had various injuries.

We can’t choose how we die, but we can choose how we live. My hope for you is to live a long fruit-filled happy life, which includes listening to the Creepy Show Podcast.