AI Aliens

What if aliens are AI?

This is a very interesting question.  Let’s apply some common sense to this line of thinking. Just for the sake of conversation, let’s set some conditions and assume a set of facts. Not real facts, a hypothetical set of facts just for your consideration.

OK here we go, now follow along:

Hypothetical Facts:

  • Earth has been visited by aliens from another planet.
  • These aliens are 5000 years ahead of us in technology.
  • These aliens have solved the distance/time problem of visiting other galaxies and planets.
  • These aliens have developed time travel and have the capacity to go back in time and make different choices.

Using just these 4 conditions, let’s continue the conversation. So now we are going to play a little game of “What If.”

First of all, let's consider the advancement of technology.

Exactly when did our modern technology begin? Some would say Bell laboratories in 1947 when John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley developed the first transistor.  Others might believe that it began in 1904 when John Ambrose invented the first vacuum tube.

Either way, we can all agree that it was less than 125 years ago. Look how far we have advanced since the first computer was invented in 1946.  In 1956 IBM developed the first hard drive which could store up to 5 megs.  It weighed more than 2000 pounds.

Look at us now, we can make a terabyte that can hold 200,000 times the data and is the size of a postage stamp. Let’s put this into perspective. What is 2000 pounds times 200,000?  That would equal 400,000,000 pounds compared to today’s same data storage of  2 grams.  It takes 227 SD cards to equal one pound.

So the question is this” If we have advanced this much in the past 70 years, how far could we go during the next 4930 years?  It’s more than anyone can predict or even imagine.

So if aliens are 5000 years ahead of us in technology, don’t you think they could manage to come and go to earth without being seen?

Let's talk about Artificial Intelligence.

If we could send a spaceship to a nearby planet, would we send a human or an AI computer? Let’s look at the advantages of sending an AI robot. First of all, we wouldn’t need to risk someone getting killed in the process. We could send an AI Robot without worrying about providing water, food, or oxygen. This would mean that our spaceship could be much smaller, lighter, and faster, plus the travel time could be extended for hundreds of years if needed.

What about the size?

If aliens are 5000 years ahead of us, who is to say they couldn’t make an AI robot the size of a mosquito? Plus, have the capacity to store billions of terabyte data in something the size of a pinhead.

You know, humans are already studying the possibility of making micro-sized robots that could be used in surgery. Small enough to be injected through a needle. Then they could repair the human body at the cellular level. Or even identify cancer cells and destroy them, just like a video space game.

So what about AI robots in space?

In fact, the AI robot could be the spaceship, all built into one device. Maybe it wouldn’t need energy to travel because the aliens have learned how to capture and use energy from space, stealing light from stars and converting it into usable energy to run all of the necessary electronics.

If the spaceship was the size of a mosquito, then no one would even notice or ever see coming and going between us and another planet.

Maybe the aliens don’t intend to interact with humans, maybe they just want to observe us for a few thousand years. After all, what would be the point of interacting with us? They already have everything that we have, and a lot more.

How could aliens solve the time/distance problem?

This is the one thing that most scientists claim that we have never been visited by aliens. the fact that even if we could travel at the speed of light, it would take hundreds of years just to reach some of the nearest stars.

But what if:

  • What if aliens have discovered a way to travel many thousands of times the speed of light?
  • What if aliens sent AI robots instead of life? Then time wouldn’t matter, because AI Robots wouldn’t die during the long journey.
  • What if aliens had developed time travel, then they could go back in time and launch futuristic spaceships many millions of years before, and get almost instant results?

As you can see, if you simply remove a few of the restraints from modern human’s ability to use space travel, then anything is possible. 

Overcoming the "That's Impossible" way of thinking.

Let’s travel back in time, just a few decades ago. Let’s go back to 1950. In 1950 only one in 10 families owned a television set. I am talking about black and white TVs. It wasn’t until 1954 when RCA mass-produced the first color TV called the  CT-100 and only 5000 were made, costing $400. ($400 in 1954 equals more than $6,000 today’s money)

So if you were able to go back in time and talk to your parents in 1950, what would you tell them about life in 2022?

Would you mention the Internet? Would they even be able to understand it? What about a common smartphone? A small handheld device is able to take video and send it anywhere in the world in a few minutes. A device is able to talk to anyone in the world without any wires. A device that can instantly translate spoken words into any other language, plus thousands of other seemly impossible tasks. Would they be able to visualize this, or understand it?

The main question is, would they believe you?  Probably not!

So consider this, if we have developed this much in less than 80 years, what would our technology look like in 4920 more years?

We are the same as our parents and grandparents in 1950. We can’t even begin to believe what is possible in the future.

So trying to understand how aliens who are 5000 years ahead of us in technology would truly be mind-blowing.

Possibilities in the year 7022

Maybe by then, we would have learned how to cure all diseases, and the average life could be extended to 400 years old.  Especially if we were able to make better working artificial body parts.  In fact, as we age beyond 120 years old, we would actually transform into AI robots one organ at a time, until we are 100% AI robots. Then we could live forever. A real mind-blowing concept.

I guess we would stop reproducing since there would be no need for preserving a legacy.

We would probably make other non-human robots that would do everything for us. Like cooking, cleaning, driving, or anything else we might need. As the entire population grows older, life, as we know it would transform into a total, AI robot civilization.  We might make kids, just because they are fun to watch, like entertainment.

So when you consider that aliens are 5000 years ahead of this, there is no way of knowing exactly who or even what they are.

Another possibility maybe WE are the aliens

As long as we are considering everything, let’s consider this possibility.

What if:

  • What if we advance our technology to the point where we can travel to distant planets and organize colonies?
  • What if we developed “time travel” by using space and speed?
  • What if we send ourselves back in time from 5000 years in the future, and we arrive in vehicles that resemble spaceships?  Then we might be viewed as aliens from other planets.

No wonder governments hid information from us. Maybe they already have the truth and exposing it would mean their loss of power. Or perhaps we are gaining knowledge from our future through time travel, and those who become powerful are really humans who have traveled back in time.

If you could go back to the 1020s, you would be the most popular person in the world, with the ability to predict world events, and solve worldly problems. Not because you are any smarter, but because you have already lived through this, or have access to future information.

That would make for a very interesting life. It would be very desirable to be in that position.

The problem is, if you were exposed to the real truth, you probably wouldn't believe it.

The truth doesn’t care if you believe it or not. It’s like a natural law, if you jump off a building, you are going to fall, even if you believe you can fly.  If you walk into a bank and rob it, believing that you are invisible, then you’re probably going to get caught.

If you call into work and take the day off because your mother has died (Again) then your story probably won’t hold up, no matter what you believe.

We are all susceptible to the truth, even if we don’t want to be. Our own personal truths come from our way of thinking and this molds us into who we are, however, nature’s truths don’t care who you are or what you believe.

If you try to tell someone the truth and they choose not to believe you, then eventually you quit trying. You simply let them continue living in ignorance. 

The word “gullible” is in the dictionary for a reason. Letting people believe what they want to believe is often the route to take.  You might care about them, but you realize that they are not open-minded enough to consider the other side of the story.


As you look up into the sky a night, and see something that you don't understand.

When you consider this episode of the Creepy Show, then aliens traveling to earth don’t seem to be out of the realm of possibilities. When you remove just a few of the walls of misbelief and just consider the “What ifs” then your mind starts to open up to some really crazy outcomes.

Is this considered a “Conspiracy Theory?” You bet it is, and it’s fun to consider everything. Maybe we, as a society only need to open our minds up a little more and apply some good old common sense to some of these questions.

In the future, if someone claims they saw something that seems to be impossible, maybe we should believe them. Maybe there is a connection between the afterlife and the paranormal that involves aliens and space travel. maybe there is a connection between amazing discoveries and past, or ancient civilizations.  Maybe our great-great ancestors didn’t die, maybe they just left. Perhaps they found a better place to dwell.

Maybe they are the space aliens coming back to check on how we are doing? maybe they are just curious like we are.

I think some of the most powerful discoveries were invented by someone saying “What If.”

I have a “What if” question for you to ponder. What if you subscribed to the Creepy Show podcast, and you never missed an exciting episode, now wouldn’t that be mind-blowing?

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