When pets go bad


Do you happen to have pets at home? Do you ever find yourself having to scold your pet?

Well, that’s not what I’m talking about tonight. I’m talking about really, really bad pets.

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In tonight’s story when pets go bad, many people have pets. Dogs and cats make up the majority of animals who live with people, but some people insist on keeping wild animals as pets. These animals might seem to be tamed or harmless, but maybe they’re just waiting for the right moment to attack their owners on June.

The 10th 2020, a woman and Halifax. Nova Scotia was simply walking her dog when the white Pit Bull decided he didn’t want to walk anymore. Evidently. He thought it would be more fun to attack the owner. The dog killed his owner and then bolted from the scene.

The news quickly, spread and a passing motorist, saw the dog and ran it down with his car. He said, I’m glad I came across the dog and took care of it because it really bothered me to think about what else could have happened to the people who didn’t know that this was going on. So, I’m very thankful. What about a black bear as a pet? Well, what could possibly go wrong?

Kellyanne walls had several exotic pets, including a black bear. Now, black bear is a pet. What would you think about that? Well, she was feeding the Baird dog food, and she was in the process of cleaning, out his cage. She turned her back on the bear and he decided to eat her instead of the dog food. Neighbors, saw the attack and they called the police. But when

They arrived, it was too late. Maybe she should have read her own sign, don’t feed the Bears. Pam, Weaver received a pet camel on her 60th birthday. Yes, that’s right. A camel. This camel was only about 10 months old, and he weighed about 330 pounds. Now, I’m not sure if this camel is a one hump or a to hump, but

Camel decided to hump. Damn. He didn’t ask her for a date. He didn’t bring any flowers or anything like that. He just wanted to skip all of that stuff. That’s right. He just wanted to have sex with her. The camel jumped on top of him and knocked her to the ground and then he straddled her to the point where she couldn’t breathe. Well, I guess you could say he loved her to death.

50% wolf.

50% dog, 100% hungry, it didn’t turn out. Well, when Sandra pelvis and decided to raise a pack of nine animals, half wolf and half, dog hybrids. She kept the pack of animals and a large cage, but the only problem was she was in the cage with them. Her body was discovered by her.

Who was contacted by his daughter, when Sandra didn’t show up for a scheduled meeting? It seems that the wolf dogs had Sandra for lunch ferrets, like babies will, I didn’t know that. But in Missouri, a couple and their newborn baby lived in a home with a pet ferret late at night, the baby started crying. Nothing unusual about that.

That the couple figured that the baby was probably hungry, but they didn’t know what was going on. But actually, it was the ferret who was hungry and when they went to check on the baby, they discovered a lot of blood in the crib, along with the pet ferret who had already eaten, seven of the baby’s fingers.

The baby was rushed to the hospital and survived the attack. The baby-eating fear. It was killed just as a public service. Announcement parents. If you have babies at home, don’t have a pet ferret.

Snakes in New York. Some people just don’t seem to have any common sense. A couple kept more than 75 snakes in their home. One of the snakes was a black mamba. One of the deadliest snakes in the world. The snakes were kept in glass aquariums and acrylic snake pins, but it seems that the snake pan with the black mamba was left unlocked and the snake.


Elitist, a see, the snakes, owner located, the snake when it bit her on the forearm. The snake is known for its venom because nearly 100% of the bite victims would die within 20 minutes if not treated. And for some unknown reason, Stacey never called for help. And of course, she died. Don’t monkey around with monkeys.

It was 2019 when a pig tailed macaque monkey turned on its owners who were trying to get him to climb trees and retrieve coconuts and Malaysia. Evidently. This is an actual thing they call it monkey school. And that’s where they trained monkeys as coconut Pickers.

It seems that this has been going on for more than a hundred years and you thought your job sucked. How would you like to be an instructor at the monkey school and teach monkeys how to pick coconuts. I doubt if they’re paid very much, maybe this particular monkey confused coconuts with the owners bald head, or maybe he just decided to quit his job. And rather than give a two-week notice. He simply killed his

Owner by biting him in the neck. I don’t think we will ever know since the monkey was fired on the spot.

Crocodile gets evicted in January 2019. In Indonesia, a woman named dz2 to was illegally. Keeping a crocodile that she had named Mary. She fed the Croc like a pet, given him chicken, but one day, while feeding the Croc, she lost her footing and fell into the pond. Well, I guess the crocodile got tired of eating chicken and decided to try ending.

Asian woman, he ate her hand. And most of her midsection, his Mill was interrupted when the police along with conservation officials captured. The crocodile and moved him to a wildlife rescue center. They retrieve what was left of DZ and I assume they gave her a proper burial was far. As I know the crocodile went back to eating chicken again.

Political elephants in India. There’s a particular political party that has an elephant for a mascot. And it just so happens that a politician named Ram, Verma owned, a pet elephant, that he used is a gimmick. He would take the elephant with him on campaign speeches, but in 2003, the elephant was having a bad day, or maybe he just didn’t agree.

Burma’s, political ideology, and he became agitated and started acting out Verma. Try to discipline the elephant without much success. He hit the elephant with a metal rod and somehow got it stuck in the elephant’s ear. And this action only made the elephant more aggressive and to the Delight of the opposite party. The Elephant mascot stomped, the living shit out of Verma leaving.

Him graveyard dead. The police opened fire with more than 200 bullets, killing the elephant. Now, you might think that this action would be detrimental to the political party involved, but they ended up winning the election.

Humphrey, the hippo kills his owner. He was in South Africa, a farmer named Marcel’s. He kept a pet hippopotamus who he named Humphrey, and Humphrey was quite famous. Having been featured on news and, and many videos on YouTube. Morris said that, Humphrey was like a son to him. He was warned by many people that keeping up hippo for

Pitt was very dangerous. In fact, hippos are considered the most dangerous animals in Africa. Killing more people than any other animal. Nevertheless, Morris often played with Humphrey riding on his back and brushing his teeth. The hippo would come when he called him just like a dog. But unlike a dog Humphrey weighed about 2,000 pounds.

Morris reported to say it’s a little bit dangerous but I trust him with my heart that he will not harm anybody. Well, I guess Morris was wrong about that statement. One day. While swimming with Humphrey Morris became a human chew toy as the hippo mauled, his owner to death, Cynthia Lee. Gamble found dead and her Tiger’s cage.

A 500-pound Bengal tiger in Minnesota mauled and killed Cynthia who edited in wrote about Wildlife documentaries and was involved in television and featured films. Cynthia. Gamble had kept tigers on her property for the past 10 years without ever having a problem.

Tammy Quist executive director at the wildlife sanctuary in Minnesota, said, authorities called her to come to the scene with the tranquilizer gun. We were notified by the sheriff when we arrived that she was already gone. You know, it only takes one mistake to turn a large exotic cat situation into a deadly outcome.

Gamble was the operator of the center for endangered cats for a profit USDA licensed facility that breeds and sells Tigers. Now, if an expert like Cynthia gets killed by her large exotic cat. Then the average person doesn’t stand a chance. There are called wild animals for a reason trying to tame a wild animal is like a car accident. Looking for an intersection.

It’s not a matter of if, but when your exotic pet turns on you and kills you, you know, listening to this deadly animal. Stories reminds me of some camping advice. I got at an early age. I was told whenever you go camping, bring a friend for safety.

In other words, never go camping alone. And while choosing a camping friend, make sure that you can beat them in a foot race because you don’t have to run faster than the bear. You just have to run faster than your friend.

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