Digital Money Slave

Will you become a slave to Digital Money

Just about everyone likes money. The more money you have the more options you have. With that being said, there is a very scary and creepy thing coming on the horizon called digital money.

Our government along with most other governments is trying its best to convert completely to digital money. In other words, no more cash. No more paper money, no more coins.

What might seem like a convenience will someday be the demise of your freedom. You are destined to become a slave. Something that you thought ended a long time ago. Except for this time, everyone will be a slave to the government.

Most people are already participating in digital money

They are called debit cards, payment apps, and electronic checks. Any kind of payment system where the value is determined by what you have in your account. It’s just a number in a computer somewhere.

So what happens when someone trips over the cord and unplugs the power? Then you can’t buy anything. You go from being rich to being poor in a matter of seconds.

How many times have you been to the store, and for some reason your debit card decided to stop working? It’s happened to all of us. You know you have money in your account, but for some reason, the system isn’t working. This situation is usually considered an inconvenience because it’s usually resolved in just a few minutes. It might take a phone call to the bank, or just waiting until someone fixes the system.

Let's talk about slavery

So what is a slave? As a noun, a person who is the property of and wholly subject to another and forced to provide unpaid labor. a person entirely under the domination of some influence or person.

The basic idea is, “You have something that I want, so I am going to simply take it from you.”  This could mean sex, money, effort, allegiance, and freedom.

Do governments own slaves? Ever heard of taxes?

For as long as people have walked the earth, there have been slaves. It’s not about the color of your skin, as some people have decided to believe. The real culprit is control and power.

Slavery is often camouflaged, sometimes it is wrapped in good intentions, but at the end of the day, someone is taking something from somebody else without paying for it.

What happens when cash and coins are gone?

Digital currency is coming. It’s the new world’s economic monetary system. What is really going on here is the elites of the world have finally found a way to completely control all wealth. My prediction is that eventually there will only be two classes of people. The elites and the rest of us.

Already you can see this happening. Do you agree that there are two different sets of rules? There are the rules for you and me, then there are the rules for elites. You are either in or out. As George Carlin once said, It’s one big country club, and you are not a member.

So what happens when the digital takeover is complete? Then you will start to see some really bad things happen.  Such as rules and regulations of what you can buy, when you can buy, and how much you can buy. Yes, you will lose all freedom concerning how you can spend your money. The money you worked to earn, and someone else is going to determine what you can do with it.

Oh, it will all be painted as “for your own good,” 

Governments will decide what products can or can not be produced

Of course, this is already being done. There are certain products that can’t be manufactured, such as certain drugs and weapons. This will eventually be taken a step further, such as specifically who can make certain products or services. Allowing those who agree with the government’s ideology to produce and those who do not agree will be stripped of all customers and financial backing.

They can do this when they control how you spend your own money. Someday you will have to apply for permission to buy things that you want. Someone else will determine if you need these things, and it won’t be based on your ability to pay for them.

You will have to apply for things like:

Recreational items, such as boats, gliders, planes, motorcycles, cars, camping equipment, drones, cameras, cell phones, and ATVs.  In fact, just about everything you do will be under the control of the government.

Yes everyone who is allowed to have power over others will definitely abuse it.

I can just hear it now, Mr. Jones, why do you think you need a new fishing boat? We already have enough people with fishing boats, maybe you should just put a new roof on your house instead.  Oh, and by the way, here’s a business card, my brother is a roofer.

Mr. Smith, right now we don’t think you need to be buying a new home and moving to Wyoming. You should stay in your smaller house and continue to work at your present job as an auto mechanic.

Miss Stacy, I am looking at your last voting record and it seems that you opposed the new spending bill in congress. So I am going to have to take that into consideration before approving your new vacation plans for taking a world cruise.

Mr. Johnson, why are you trying to buy 6 steaks, you only have 4 members in your household. Are you planning a party? If so, what is the purpose? Are you going to be discussing politics?

Miss Davis, at this time we don’t believe that you should be starting a new business. We already have enough cupcakes in your community, we don’t really need them anymore, perhaps if you decided to bake bread instead, then maybe I could approve your request. Oh, by the way, here is a business card from my sister-in-law, she sells bread pans.

The people are revolting, what can we do?

Let’s shut down all of their cash cards and cash apps so that they can’t buy food anymore, or gas for their cars. We will show them who is boss. Let them go without electric power for a few days, let’s cut their communication systems down then let’s see how much they protest.

Do you see this pattern already happening? By dissecting the population into smaller groups, they are easily manipulated, and controlled.  They they distract these groups by promoting the idea of inequality. Pitting them against each other so they lose focus on the real culprit.

When the masses depend on technology, and the government has full control over technology, then you can kiss your freedom goodbye. Submit or suffer, you choose.

The government doesn't need money, they just need dependents

Why would they need more money? If they wanted more money, they would simply add more zeros to their accounts. This can be done with a simple keyboard and access to the banking system, which they already have.

No, what the government really needs are slaves. In other words, people who are dependent on them. In exchange for votes, the government gives away wealth that the productive, or working population is forced to absorb in the form of inflation.

This is the way the government stays in power. By literally buying votes from those in need, giving the country’s citizens the illusion that they were elected in a democratically fair election.

Someday they will actually do away with voting altogether. Just watch, it might take another century, but at some point, there won’t be any need for voting. After years of having full control over everyone’s wealth, the government can do whatever it wants without repercussions. I mean “really, what the hell are you going to do about it?” Not participate? You have to eat, you need a house to live in. You need a source of income or at least access to society.

Your inability to vote will be replaced with the idea that you are not smart enough to be part of the process.

What is really sad is the fact that you will agree with the powerful elites. They will convenience you that they know best, and that they are looking out for your best interest. This is what happens when you turn your life over to the government, in exchange for a comfortable, and safe place to exist.

All human advancement will come through the government. It will be controlled and manufactured by the government. It will use its citizens as a workforce in exchange for just enough money to keep them fed, clothed, and a roof over their heads.

It’s modern-day slavery entwined through technological control

If you think that episode is political, it's not

This is about power, greed, and the implementation of a two-class system of people, and two completely different sets of rules. It can be applied to politics, but it really runs much deeper. Politics is nothing more than an instrument for powerful people to control the masses. It gives you the illusion that you have a voice, a vote that controls the future.

The sad fact is, most people are like sheep. They are easily manipulated and controlled. Most of them conform to society’s rules without giving them much thought. This is not being hidden, in fact, it’s taking place right in front of your eyes.

I call it Incremental Devourment of Freedom. They take a tiny piece at a time, so small and so constant that the masses don’t notice the difference, because it happens so slowly.

How do you cut down a forest? One tree at a time.  If you looked at a forest on Monday and saw a million trees, On Tuesday 999,999 trees, are you going to see a difference?  Nope, its decline is invisible to you. In fact, the entire forest will look unchanged for many years. Slowly but surely, someday every tree will be chopped down, and you won’t even remember how it all got started.

It starts with Digital Money

Have you actually read what it says on a US Dollar billl?


Well, guess what my little creepies? Once we go all digital, there will never be “Private Debts.”   It will all be public, and not only that, it will be government controlled.

What’s that? You want to buy a new car, you just bought a new 7 years ago. You don’t need a new car. Do you want to buy a gallon of ice cream? The government thinks you should buy broccoli instead. Do you want to buy Christmas lights? You know we can’t allow that. Your neighbors who are not Christians might get offended.

Do you want to buy a big soda pop at the movies? You know you can’t do that. The limit is 16 ounces maximum.

I know what you are saying, Master of Creep, you are exaggerating! It will never come to that much control!  Jul 3, 2019 “Big Gulp” ban. AB 766 by Assemblyman David Chiu (D-San Francisco) prohibits a retailer from selling an unsealed beverage container that is able to contain more than 16 fluid ounces, except for a container for water.


The government has decided to take your money

Effective as of today. The government has noticed that you have a lot more money than you need, so we are extracting $74,000 from your savings account. So what are you going to do about it? Call the police? HA HA HA HA

You see my friends, Slavery never ended, it just changed owners. Once the government goes all digital money, your ass has just been bought and sold!

Have a nice day!

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